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guide to hairstyles Beauty Ramp Popular

An all-inclusive guide to hairstyles and how to choose one

Choosing a right hairstyle is extremely important to enhance the glamour quotient of your overall personality. Although most of us hardly care about the hairstyle ...
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Glossy-makeup Beauty Ramp Popular

Guide to the latest beauty trends you should try right now

The New Year is perfect time to settle new goals and start new things in life. This year, beauty trends have set ...
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Hair perming Beauty Guide

12 Tips to maintain hair after, during and before a perm

Hair perming looks great but the process is extremely intrinsic and involves chemical treatments. Irrespective of how great your hair are, perming definitely demands proper ...
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Bikini-Wax Beauty Ramp Popular

Skin Care Tips for Before and After a Bikini Wax

Bikini waxes are most sought out after by many women these days. Although it may be quite painful at first, ...
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Give yourself a new look this festive season with these Christmas inspired makeup looks Beauty Guide

Give yourself a new look this festive season with these Christmas inspired makeup looks

With the Christmas Festivities around the corner, the season is all about dressing up, partying and enjoying with your friends ...
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men-with-oily-face Beauty Ramp Popular

Easy homemade skin care tips for men with oily face

Men tend to follow a lesser skincare regime. It’s not only women who need to check with their skincare routine. ...
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temporary-glow-in-the-dark-hair-dye Beauty Ramp Popular

DIY ways to get temporary glow in the dark hair dye

Glow in the dark hair is trending this season. The glow in the dark hair became the talk of the ...
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Mermaid hair Beauty Ramp Popular

9 hip-hop makeup ideas to look like your favorite female MC     

If you love hip-hop, you probably love the way your favorite hip-hop stars dress too. Hip-hop is creative, electrifying and ...
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skin care Beauty Ramp Popular

Here Is Everything You Need to Know About Skincare

Looking after your skin is perhaps the most important aspect of beauty. We are not talking makeup, we are talking ...
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get natural makeup look with dark skin Beauty Ramp Popular

How to get natural makeup look with dark skin

Somedays, girls love to go all natural. They do not prefer to apply heavy makeup, dark eyeshadows or want deep ...
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Beauty Guide

Have a look at this and dark underarms won’t be a problem anymore

A lot of people are uncomfortable with dark underarms and may feel uncomfortable going sleeveless. Though there is no harm ...
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Beauty Ramp Popular

Unbelievable Hair Struggles 4C Curl Girls undergo everyday

If you are blessed with 4C curls aka curls that coil like the letter ‘S’, you will know that getting ...
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Victoria Secret Mood Yearning Eau De Perfume Spray 75 ml Beauty Products Guide

Victoria Secret Perfume: Top 10 Fragrances for Women

A good fragrance helps a lot in boosting confidence. It is like a blooming flower that fills life with freshness and optimism. The fragrances tend ...
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Look for inspiration Beauty Ramp Popular

How To Dress According To Your Personality

Fashionably speaking, who are you? This is the question that haunts most of us as we pick our outfit for ...
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Pregnancy - it’s beautiful and fashionable Beauty Ramp Popular

Pregnancy – it’s beautiful and fashionable!

To be a mother is inherent in the nature of a woman. At different stages of life, the question of ...
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Non-Nano Chemical Sunscreen All You Need to Know
Off Beat

Non-Nano Chemical Sunscreen: All You Need to Know

Sunscreens are now our new best friends! Before going out to spend a day on the beach or even for a casual run, always remember ...
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Grey Hair Treatment Hair Dye vs Grey Hair Reversal
Beauty Products Guide

Grey Hair Treatment: Hair Dye vs Grey Hair Reversal

Grey hair often stands as an unwelcome signal of ageing, prompting many to turn to hair dyes. However, a revolutionary approach is emerging that not ...
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Key Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels
Off Beat

Key Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

What should you do if you feel like you do not have that much energy? Certainly, you need to take some steps to fix this ...
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Reasons Why Men Go Bald, But Women Don't
Off Beat

Reasons Why Men Go Bald, But Women Don’t

Most men are prone to the condition known as pattern hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia. It happens when hormones bind to the hair ...
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The Age of Illumination Combining Contour with Highlight for Maximum Effect
Off Beat

The Age of Illumination: Combining Contour with Highlight for Maximum Effect

In a world where everyone is in search of the perfect glow, cosmetics companies are stepping up their game and bringing innovation to contouring and ...
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Tips for a Self-Portrait Photoshoot
Off Beat

5 Tips for a Self-Portrait Photoshoot

You’re looking into bunion surgery cost when you get a notification on your phone. Your most recent upload to Instagram was a selfie that isn’t ...
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