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Makeup tips to cover burn scars Beauty Ramp Popular

4 Makeup tips to cover burn scars

Burns generally leave a nasty scar behind. Some scars take longer than others to dissolve. Some scars remain raised and discolored. The ones that are of concern are the ones on the face, neck, arms etc. Even though cosmetic surgery is the quick and perman

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Bvlgari Aqua Marine Pour Homme Cologne Beauty Products Guide

Bvlgari Perfume: Top 10 Fragrances for Men

Perfumes represent and carry the style statement of the user in a very attractive and aromatic manner. To get the best fragrance that matches desired personality and carries the same in a very attractive manner is what a person wants. There are many compa

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Enhance-your-make-up-regime Beauty Ramp Popular

Enhance your make up regime by using Face gloss and face serum

Applying the right type of make up at the right place and for the right reasons  can really improve your …

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skin product Beauty Products Guide

Anti-wrinkle creams are useful and popular – Know them better

We want to look beautiful and young forever. However, erratic lifestyle has resulted in our skin ageing faster. Those fine …

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best body lotions and organic moisturizer for your skin Beauty Products Guide

Useful tips and recommendations for the best body lotions and organic moisturizer for your skin

Body lotions help to enhance and improve the condition and texture of your skin. A good quality body lotion can be a boon for dry, scaly, and dehydrated skin. Body lotions rehydrate the dried skin, replenish the rough spots on the skin (primarily around k

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Premature grey hair Beauty Ramp Popular

Premature grey hair can be cured with these Ayurvedic tips

It’s natural for one to develop grey hair when one ages, but some people may develop this problem at a …

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gym hairstyle Beauty Ramp Popular

Worried about hair damage in gym? – Here’s what you can do

As much as it is important to maintain a Healthy lifestyle by following a good regime, it is equally important …

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Beauty Guide

Interesting, weird and amazing beauty secrets from Japan

Coming across a Japanese woman with a bad and unhealthy skin is rare. Japanese women in 50s look as youthful …

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bomber-jacket Beauty Ramp Popular

8 Fashion trends that won’t make it to 2018

We talked a lot about vintage fashion trends making huge comebacks in 2017 but what about the trends that should …

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Beauty Ramp Popular

Super impressive short hairstyles for thick hair

There could be no better beauty boon than to have thick black hair that simply work wonders for you and …

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remove dead skin cells Beauty Guide

Here is how you can pamper yourself with a home spa

A trip to the spa can be very expensive and it is something that not everybody can afford. Well now, …

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Beauty Products Guide

Pumpkin Beauty Products You Must Lay Hands On This Fall

With the fall approaching and the Halloween fun in the air, pumpkins automatically start coming into our minds. However, pumpkins …

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know about women shoes Beauty Ramp Popular

All you need to know about women shoes

Women are very particular when it comes to styling. It is very rare that you will see a shabbily dressed …

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rainy day Beauty Guide

What is your makeup trick for the rainy day?

The monsoons are just around the corner and it is a nightmare for all the girls to get drenched with …

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organic lip balm Beauty Ramp Popular

Guide on how to regain natural lip color naturally at home

Sometimes, application of lip balm, exposure to sun, lipsticks and other products can often result in losing the natural lip color. A few home remedies can come to your rescue. Adopting some simple home remedies and taking suitable precautions can help yo

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