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Everything you need to know about facial cupping and more

Facial cupping has emerged as a tool for lifting and facial draining. It is assumed to be one of the finest techniques of healing. The history of facial cupping goes long back in time. Its modern evolved version is catching pace in today’s time when

Easy facial exercises for a slim face and a beautiful smile

Beauty lies in the beholder. While we agree, we also consider a very simple fact. Your smile is an amazing enhancer of your beauty. To have a nice and graceful…

Tips and how-to tricks to make your ponytail look stylish

Ponytail holders are essential hair accessories for your daughters. When you go to a store for purchasing them, you may always find it very difficult to get ones that are matching to your daughter’s color preferences. They are also very expensive. Instead

Guide to the latest beauty trends you should try right now

The New Year is perfect time to settle new goals and start new things in life. This year, beauty trends have set the new records to going into more eco-friendly and back…

Ways to get rid of stomach hair and other hair removal tips

There are many people who face the problem of unwanted hair growth on their stomach. This problem is more evident in those who have dark colored hair as compared to those with blonde hair. There are ways to get rid of unwanted hair growth. There are both

All-inclusive guide on hair extensions and much more

Hair extensions is a modern day solution for those who want long hair but fall short of time to maintain it. Hair extensions can be clipped to hair or have to glued. Protein glue is a preferred option to combine natural hair and hair extensions. While th

Summer Camp Fashion: Everything you need to know about it

Summer camp was the place where you made new friends, hiked and trekked, swam and got soaked in the rain. You shivered by the campfire telling each other the scariest…

Best Ayurvedic skin care brands, products, and beauty routines

Ayurveda is one of the wellness therapies of India which is centuries old. Its formulations have helped people to regain their health and maintain their beauty. Ayurveda functions on the…

Guide covering blemishes and acne scars using concealer

A concealer is a trendy option that you can go for without worrying for the side effects on your skin. A concealer offers multiple benefits by giving you an amazing look and hiding the black spots and darker areas easily visible on your skin. Here, we hav

Ancient natural beauty tips and rituals for the perfect skin

The beauty treatments around the worlds are so numerous and abundant especially the natural beauty rituals that are coming from the ages. They were discovered by the ancients. These natural…

Guide to a strong rugged look for men more trendy tips

The mere imagination about the rugged looks of a guy makes us visualize a completely mature scruffy-sexy version of a man, with stubble and unkempt hair, having a kind of weathered and rough skin and being a little rough around the edge. The opposite sex

Guide on how to regain natural lip color naturally at home

Sometimes, application of lip balm, exposure to sun, lipsticks and other products can often result in losing the natural lip color. A few home remedies can come to your rescue. Adopting some simple home remedies and taking suitable precautions can help yo

Latest Make-up and beauty trends in India to watch out

When it comes to makeup, we all want to look good and stylish. Just like clothes, shoes and other fashion trends, makeup trends keep changing with the time. Every year…

Is cold shower an anti-aging remedy? And Much More

There have been numerous discussions that emphasize on the effectiveness of cold shower in lowering down the aging process in an individual. But there are controversies too in this respect that state that cold shower can be detrimental for the skin and he

A Complete Guide to Scalp Massage for Organic Hair Spa

Massage has been used to reduce stress since time immemorial. It basically involves kneading soft tissues in the body, which increase blood circulation and results in tension release. Scalp massage is especially popular because of its myriad benefits. Mas

Your guide to selecting and making your own body lotion

Most of us consider to use body lotion only in winters when our skin gets dry. This is wrong. Body lotion is beneficial in all seasons and is one of the most inexpensive ways to nourish our skin. It is suitable for all skin types. Even if used at-least on

Beginner’s guide to the best eye makeup for older hooded eyes

The trick to apply makeup on your hooded eyes is to enhance your eyes, not to create a younger look, which might appear garish. As you age, makeup should make…

Amazing DIY beauty hacks for women to make life easier

In today’s fast-paced world, one doesn’t get enough time to follow the everyday beauty routine. Women, usually enclosed with so many house chores, hardly gets time to invest every morning…