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Choosing the best between gel, body wash and bar soap

A refreshing bath is incomplete without cleaning your body thoroughly with a good cleaning agent. Today we have plenty of …

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tighten loose skin Beauty Ramp Popular

Guide to tighten loose skin

Age affects the skin. The skin over the knees is mostly affected. There are many elements contributing to loose skin situation. A major problem with loose skin over knees is, that it is extremely difficult to get it back in shape. However, if given proper

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cold shower Beauty Ramp Popular

Is cold shower an anti-aging remedy? And Much More

There have been numerous discussions that emphasize on the effectiveness of cold shower in lowering down the aging process in an individual. But there are controversies too in this respect that state that cold shower can be detrimental for the skin and he

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wrinkled eyelids Beauty Ramp Popular

Get rid of dark circles, eye wrinkles and puffiness with Eye Serum

Dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles are big problems, which cause us to look older than our actual age. …

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Makeup Tips and tricks to apply white eyeliner to all skin tones Beauty Guide

Makeup Tips and tricks to apply white eyeliner to all skin tones

The craze at one time, white eyeliners have made a comeback again in the present year. This is one of …

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ummer-camp-fashion-ideas- Beauty Ramp Popular

Summer Camp Fashion: Everything you need to know about it

Summer camp was the place where you made new friends, hiked and trekked, swam and got soaked in the rain. …

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Obagi Nu-Derm Toner Beauty Products Guide

Top 10 skin toners

After returning from the busy schedule or parties, the skin of the people is most affected and is damaged. So, the need to tone up the skin is felt to remove the makeup and dust thus, varieties of skin toning methods are applied. Skin toners have become t

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Pregnancy - it’s beautiful and fashionable Beauty Ramp Popular

Pregnancy – it’s beautiful and fashionable!

To be a mother is inherent in the nature of a woman. At different stages of life, the question of …

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woman make up Beauty Ramp Popular

Interesting and useful Make up hacks for women on the move

When you are a busy mom and/or a working woman ensuring that you look your best at all times can …

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Lipstick-in 3 different ways Beauty Ramp Popular

6 – Makeover tips to be party ready in 5 minutes

No time for make-up for after office Christmas party? Imagine, you just have to get ready in 5 minutes? Well, …

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Plastic-surgery-trends-for-2019 Beauty Ramp Popular

8 – Plastic surgery trends for 2019

People are really conscious about their look these days. They try various methods to look sexy, beautiful and attractive. In …

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get rid of stomach hair Beauty Ramp Popular

Ways to get rid of stomach hair and other hair removal tips

There are many people who face the problem of unwanted hair growth on their stomach. This problem is more evident in those who have dark colored hair as compared to those with blonde hair. There are ways to get rid of unwanted hair growth. There are both

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Narciso Rodriguez Perfume  for Him Eau De Toilette Beauty Products Guide

Narciso Rodriguez Perfume: Top 7 Fragrances

Narciso Rodriguez is famous for his clothing brand for women, but over the years he has diversified and ventured into arenas like perfume development. In order to create some of the most enticing fragrances, he has used his ideology of combining together

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Chemical free DIY face mist that will rejuvenate you Beauty Guide

Chemical free DIY face mist that will rejuvenate you

Facial mists rejuvenate your face like no other thing. They cool you down after a hot day at the beach. …

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know about women shoes Beauty Ramp Popular

All you need to know about women shoes

Women are very particular when it comes to styling. It is very rare that you will see a shabbily dressed …

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