4 home remedies which will help you get plumper lips naturally

get plumper lips naturally

Almost every girl on this planet wishes to have luscious lips. It has become a trend to have bolder and glossy lips. It is a well-known psychological fact that bigger lips give a mysterious, glamorous, and sexy look to a lady. Many people go through lip injections, lip fillers,and other surgical procedures to achieve fuller lips. However, what many people don’t realize is that there are plenty of natural home remedies one can implement to get healthy plumper lips naturally.

get plumper lips naturallyThis article talks about the various alternatives like natural lip plumper DIYthat are in trend these days. Instead of subjecting your body to cosmetic methods of getting thicker lips, try out the following tips and suggestions.

Brushing off the flakes:

Brushing off is one of the best home remedies for bigger lips that you can use. Flaking is nothing but peeling off dead lip skin. This will surely help in making the lips smoother. Scour the lips gently with a dry toothbrush to get rid of the rough flakiness that accommodates over it.

It is also advisable to put a bit of honey or Vaseline on it for enhancement. Getting rid of the flakes regularly massages your lips which, in turn, improves blood flow in them giving them a natural, plumper look over a certain period of time.You can even apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on the lips 30 minutes prior to brushing or at night before going to bed.

This helps in removing the dead cells easily. While rubbing your lips to get rid of the flaking, you must bear in mind to be a little gentle. The skin on your lips is extremely sensitive and cannot withstand brutal force. Sugar and rice also make great scrubs for lips and can give you a set of plumper lips naturally.

Using ice cubes:


Ice cubes are a very good option for enlarging lips. It has the ability to flake off the dead cells from the lips. For making your lips smoother and hotter, massage your lips with ice cubes for 2 minutes daily.

The skin on your lips looks reddish on applying ice as it increases the flow of blood in the lip skin. It affects dry skin to a great extent. The increased blood flow is extremely beneficial for dry skin and can give you plumper lips naturally if done well regularly.

Doing some Lip exercises:

If you are wondering how to get how to get bigger lips naturally at home, then lip exercises will help to a great extent. Lip exercises mainly involve massaging of the lips. With the help of a good skin massaging oil, make it a point torub it ontoyour lips well. This has multiple advantages like improving blood circulation, moisturizing, and bringing a subtle shine and soft glow to your lips, along with giving it a thicker appearance than before and plumper lips naturally.

Pick an oil as per your preference or the one which suits your skin. Olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil are good choices. Massage it on for about 5-6 minutes. Then leave it on the lips until it is absorbed. Once this is done, wash your face off with lukewarm water. This would help you get a reddish and smooth lip texture naturally.

Applying homemade lip balms:


These are some kind of homemade lip balms are important if you are looking to gain plumper lips naturally:

  • Salt and cinnamon balm: This balm can be used before going to bed. It is prepared by taking half teaspoon of salt and cinnamon and combining it with 1teaspoon of petroleum jelly. Apply it with your finger properly and wipe it in some minutes. Later, apply a bit of beetroot juice or food coloring.
  • Essential oil lip balm: This balm can be made by adding drops of menthol, wintergreen, and cinnamon oil to petroleum jelly and blending them. Apply this balm on the lips daily.
  • Beeswax lip balm: It can be prepared by taking a 1 teaspoon of bee’s wax and combining it with 2 teaspoons of Vaseline and then adding some essential oils like cinnamon and wintergreen oil. Apply it daily.

How to make your own natural lip plumper DIY?

The trick of how to get bigger lips naturally at home starts with making your own lip plumper. The main ingredients required are 1/3 teaspoon ginger powder, ½ teaspoon cayenne powder, 1/3 teaspoon cinnamon powder or oil as per your choice, 1 drop peppermint oil, 1 teaspoon oil as per preference(almond or olive), a small mixing bowl or kind of small container, and a mixing tool.

The first step is to take a small container and mix the powdered ingredients – ginger powder, cayenne powder, and cinnamon powder along with peppermint oil. Next, keep stirring for a while and then add olive oil. See to it that everything is mixed up well.

When the balm is ready, take a little amount of it and massage it for around 20 to 25 seconds properly. Leave it for some 2-3 minutes. After that gently wipe it off and see the actual difference.

Makeup tips for plump lips:


True that getting a healthy and thick set of plumper lips naturally takes time, but if you are looking for something immediate, learn a few makeup tricks to highlight your lips for a big event. There are some makeup tips for getting a plumper lip look:

  • Highlighting: You should always know where to apply your gloss. Applying highlighter in a light contrast on the Cupid’s bow which is just above the upper lip can make the upper lip stand out.
  • Using a darker shade: To get a three-dimensional look, you can try a little darker eyeshade or blush than your skin complexion under the middle of the bottom lip.
  • Lip plumper: Applying a lighter layer of perfect lip plumper over the lips can give a glossy looking lip. Stick to a moisturizing one.
  • Keep it neat: Always use a lip liner to line your lips, it can prevent your lip gloss from bleeding.
  • Keep your focus: You should always concentrate on the center of the lips by spreading the gloss outwards which helps to give a bolder look to the lips.


It should be taken into consideration that there are many home remedies or tricks which can help you in getting bigger or bolder lips. Taking lips injections and other surgical methods are quite expensive and not safe when compared to natural methods. The above mentioned home remedies for bigger lips may not get you a bee-stung look, but these natural remedies can definitely get you fuller and plumper lips naturally without making youspend a bomb.

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