Top 10 best beauty blogs

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, provided the beholder knows what beauty is”. That’s the extended version of the old adage, aka, in today’s world. Acquaint yourself with the trendiest of colors you have never laid eyes on before. With t

Get straight hair effortlessly..

Your hair needs extra care to retain its charm. So, great care should be taken while selecting styling products for your hair. Straighteners, commonly used these days to straighten your hair, should be of good quality and should leave least adverse impact

11 Effortless beauty apps you must download

Fashion apps prove immensely useful in keeping abreast of the latest products and trends. The innovation that has gone into building these apps ensures that you have the latest information available to you at your fingertips. This is in keeping with the w

Has anyone ever used lauren hutton makeup foundation?

My mother always says that whenever you apply make do not forget to apply makeup foundation as it is a base that will prevent your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation or any kind of frost and air pollution. And says that choice of the correct foundati

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