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Tips and how-to tricks to make your ponytail look stylish

Ponytail holders are essential hair accessories for your daughters. When you go to a store for purchasing them, you may always find it very difficult to get ones that are matching to your daughter’s color preferences. They are also very expensive. Instead

make your ponytail look stylish

Guide on how to regain natural lip color naturally at home

Sometimes, application of lip balm, exposure to sun, lipsticks and other products can often result in losing the natural lip color. A few home remedies can come to your rescue. Adopting some simple home remedies and taking suitable precautions can help yo

organic lip balm

Tips for a bad hair day- tame a cowlick and try these tricks

Cowlicks are mostly formed in the crown area of the head. If you’re looking for a solution to fix these crazy strands of hair, here are few ways of how you can manage your unmanageable hair. 1. Hair waxing, electrolysis, or plastic surgery Now a day i

treating the hair
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