4 Makeup tips to cover burn scars

Makeup tips to cover burn scars

Burns generally leave a nasty scar behind. Some scars take longer than others to dissolve. Some scars remain raised and discolored. The ones that are of concern are the ones on the face, neck, arms etc. Even though cosmetic surgery is the quick and permanent solution, there are some ways to conceal burn scars with cosmetic products as well. Special cosmetics are formulated to cover up and conceal burn scars, birthmarks, moles etc. The concept is to conceal the scars by changing the color of the scar to mix with skin color. Listed here, are a few makeup tips to cover burn scars.

1. Take a thick Concealer matching your skin tone

Benefits-of-concealerCompare a few brands before selecting one. Make sure you buy concealers specially made for burn scars or other skin defects, brands like Covermark and Dermablend are recommended. Thick concealers which match your skin tone will work the best. Extra light toned concealers will highlight your scars even more. Purchase professional concealers, because they contain more pigment which provides better coverage than the ones from the pharmacy store. Concealers with green hue undertones are good for covering blackish red scars and mauve hue undertone concealers to great to cover blueish scars. Apply the concealer over the scars. Take a small amount of concealer and dab it over the scar using the make-up sponge or applicator to blend it all over the skin surrounding the scar or scars. You can use your fingers if you find it easier, but generally an applicator blends the best.

2. Work on the texture

ealing-acne-scarsUsing a small amount of concealer at a time, work on covering the scar in small sections. This will help you get a better coverage. But be aware not to use too much concealer, it can make the scar look puffed, which will in turn draw even more attention to it.

3. Foundation:

FoundationSimilarly like the concealer and color corrector, choose professional make-up line foundation, matching your skin tone. Ask the salesperson to show you foundations with corrective color undertones for additional skin tone makeover. After the concealer has been properly applied, apply foundation all over the surrounding skin. Use the make-up sponge to apply instead of your hands. Apply only required amount of foundation to make your skin look smooth. Too much foundation will give you that unnatural glow which will make the scar(s) look more distinguished.

4. Translucent powder or Loose powder

The powder is used to set the makeupThe powder is used to set the makeup so that it stays longer and does not smear due to natural skin oil. The powder also gets rid of the glossy look of the concealer and foundation, giving you a more natural look. Smack the translucent powder over and around the scar, a puff brush or a large powder brush. The powder is suppose to take the shine or glossy look off your face, so as to offer you a more natural looking skin. Use rice paper sheets to wipe off excess oil and perspiration, when they occur. Use a make-up sponge or an applicator, to smear the foundation and concealer. it also helps distribute the make up evenly to match skin tone and texture.

How to pick and use a concealer

How to pick and use a concealerA concealer is a must have in most women’s makeup bag. For many, it is the go to solution for patchy skin, spots, scars and stubborn under eye lines and circles. Sadly, most women tend to rely on saleswomen to pick a concealer and since those ladies work on commission, they are likely to sell you a costly product that may not necessarily be right for you. Here are some basic tips that would help you find the right concealer for your needs.

·         Know how you want to use it

The first thing you need to remember when picking a concealer is how you are going to use it. See if you need it to cover dark circles, pigmentation or blemishes. For dark circles only, the concealer needs to be lightweight and oil based. For stubborn blemishes on the cheeks and forehead, a thicker, more potent concealer with illuminating particles may also be used.

·         Find a concealer suited to your age

Find a concealer suited to your age

A concealer should be undetectable on your face. Since it cannot be invisible per se, the trick would be to ensuring that it cannot be detected easily. Women with dark circles should pick a concealer that is closer to the shade of the under eye area though not too dark than the shade of the upper cheek. It won’t make your dark circles invisible but it also won’t highlight the problem area.

How to apply concealer perfectly

The trick to getting concealer right is to apply the foundation first and then use a concealer to cover up before finishing up with a compact powder. Always sweep from the center of the face outwards. If you have significant hair on your face, you may need to use a ball of cotton to ensure that the hair isn’t stuck to the face awkwardly. You may also use a dry, soft toothbrush to brush off excessive concealer stuck in eyebrows and eyelashes.

Also, avoid applying too much concealer in areas with very active expression as the concealer WILL settle around the crease and make it look very prominently, if you can do so, don’t apply a compact on the crease if you are using concealer.

Tips For Choosing The Right Makeup Foundation For Your Skin And How To Apply It

 The Right Makeup FoundationPicking the right foundation is a must for a beautiful, flawless skin.  The base for a perfect look -a well-matched foundation according to the skin shade provides the perfect colour, appearance, and texture of the skin. But the important point of concern here is to choose the correct shade of foundation according to the colour of skin.  It is very important to match the shade of foundation exactly with the underlying skin colour. Applying a shade which is even a single shade lighter or darker can eventually ruin the whole look of the makeup. The skin type varies for every woman and the underlying skin colour is always related to these skin tones. Here we are going to discuss the important tips for choosing the right makeup foundation for your skin and how to apply it.

Choosing the correct shade at the departmental store

It is always beneficial to try the shade of foundation before actually buying it. This is possible at some departmental or speciality stores only. Thus, when purchasing the foundation for the first time, always go for a trial in person and then choose the perfect shade. You can also ask for a help from a trained makeup artist in choosing the correct shade according to your skin tone.

The basic concept behind choosing the right make up foundation is that the perfect one should disappear into the skin without leaving any patches, marks, or spots. These are only caused when the colour is not correct according to the skin tone. Some shades can be tested by applying them along the jawline – which actually helps to differentiate between the colour of the face and that of the neck.

More tips for choosing the right makeup foundation for your skin and how to apply it

Foundation plays an important roleIt is very important to know how to apply makeup foundation properly. The skin tone may be of any shade – natural beige, dark brown, neutral ivory, or ebony. After choosing the right make up foundation according to the skin tone, the next step is to apply it perfectly.The most important thing while applying foundation on your face is to blend it perfectly. The excess should be removed and try to blend it perfectly for a smooth finish. Mini application of foundation can also be done to avoid the heavy makeup look.  By applying the foundation just over a mask shaped area between the eyes and the mouth, a smooth and perfect finish look can be achieved.

Some insights on how to apply makeup foundation properly

  • The best way to select the perfect shade of foundation according to the skin colour is to check it in the broad daylight.  Any flaws or mismatch can easily be detected in the sunlight rather than the bright bathroom lights that camouflage the shade with the skin tone.
  • The best way to apply foundation is to blend it with a sponge for a smoother application rather than with fingers. It should be placed over the central part of the face first in small dots or large patches over the cheeks, eyelids, or nose. Unless you want a full make up application, do not use it all over the face. Afterwards, it should be blended down and out using a sponge.
  • The main mantra of applying foundation is just blend, blend, and blend. If it is not blended properly, the whole make up look will be ruined and the wrinkles and other fine lines will be very clearly visible. The desired coverage can be built by blending and smoothening a thin layer of foundation with a sponge.

Some of the best make up concealers for a flawless look

Some-of-the-best-make-up-concealers-for-a-flawless-lookConcealers are the best friend of women, as they play a major role in bringing out the beauty thereby delivering a clear and smooth skin. The concealers hide the dark circles, burn and acne scars marks, blemishes, scars and give you an even skin tone. Consider reading about some of the best concealers for a flawless look.

1.    Elizabeth Arden ceramide lift and firm concealer

The ceramide lift and firm concealer works best to hide the dark circles. This concealer contains an ultra-creamy formulathat not only hides the under-eye dark circles and dark spots but also covers the fine lines on the face thereby nourishing the skin with vitamins A, C and E.

2.    Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer

The secret camouflage concealer has a two shades blending system that evens the darkest spots and under-eye circles so naturally that you cannot make out if there ever existed any dark spots.Its yellow undertones make it suitable for covering the redness of the skin including the broken capillaries.

3.    Cle de Peau Concealer

Cle de Peau ConcealerCle de Peau is a full coverage product with a light feel that does not leave any visible signs settled on the wrinkles and other facial lines. The concealer is made keeping in mind the various skin tones therefore, it complements all skin types giving a perfect radiant look.

4.    MAC studio finish SPF 35 concealer

MAC studio finish SPF 35 concealerThe MAC studio finish concealer comes in a range of eight different skin tones, ranging from fair to deep skin colors. This concealer has the quality of being water-resistant, non-burn and acne scarsgenic and is fragrance free. Moreover, the concealer has a good amount of SPF that protects the skin from sun damage causing skin cancer and fine lines.

5.    Murad acne scars treatment concealer

Murad acne scars treatment concealerThis concealer is best for those who are suffering burn and acne scars problems, as it contains around 2% salicylic acid, which is one of the powerful and effective ingredients used for treating burn and acne scars. Those who have blemishes can also use the Murad concealer, as it provides full coverage without making the skin dry.

6.    KOH GEN DO moisture concealer

If moisture is one of the main concerns, KOH GEN DO moisture concealer is the best to apply. The botanical ingredients present in the concealer provide an eventone to theundereye skin and lids thus, delivering a neutralized effect. You can also use the concealer to hide any kind of skin imperfections.

A final note on tips to cover burn scars

A perfect make up includes a flawless skin that is derived by correct use of the concealers depending on your skin tone. However, today concealers are available for all types of skin whether fair or black. These concealers act as the perfect cover-ups thereby blending into the skin and giving you a flawless look. By following these simple tips to cover burn scars and acne scars, you can get a flawless looking skin within no time.

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