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Everything you need to know about facial cupping and more

Facial cupping has emerged as a tool for lifting and facial draining. It is assumed to be one of the finest techniques of healing. The history of facial cupping goes long back in time. Its modern evolved version is catching pace in today’s time when

about facial cupping

Ways to get rid of stomach hair and other hair removal tips

There are many people who face the problem of unwanted hair growth on their stomach. This problem is more evident in those who have dark colored hair as compared to those with blonde hair. There are ways to get rid of unwanted hair growth. There are both

get rid of stomach hair

Is cold shower an anti-aging remedy? And Much More

There have been numerous discussions that emphasize on the effectiveness of cold shower in lowering down the aging process in an individual. But there are controversies too in this respect that state that cold shower can be detrimental for the skin and he

cold shower

Guide to tighten loose skin

Age affects the skin. The skin over the knees is mostly affected. There are many elements contributing to loose skin situation. A major problem with loose skin over knees is, that it is extremely difficult to get it back in shape. However, if given proper

tighten loose skin
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