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One of the most popular and must haves in any kitchen shelf is mustard seeds. As much as these seeds come with various health benefits, if you look back in time, mustard seeds were also used for beautification purposes. That is correct, as a natural form of therapy; the women of ancient civilizations used these seeds for the hair and beauty. As much as this may sound strange, however, here are a few reasons why you should consider using mustard seed scrubs for your hair and beauty regime. Not only will you get to know the benefits; however, you will also get a few tips on what you need to do to achieve the desired benefit.

Tips for skin hydration and moistening

mustard-scrubYou can keep your skin hydrated and moist by using mustard seeds. For this, all you have to do is take some aloe vera gel and mustard seeds and grind them together. Apply this mixture on your face, leave it for a while, and wash it with some luke warm water.

3 Tips to get rid of uneven skin tone

The key to a perfectly flawless face is an even skin tone. Most women pay attention to perfect makeup, but don’t realize that it is equally important to get your skin tone right. If you have soft and healthy skin, then you might not feel the need to wear makeup every day. An uneven skin tone is the result of an overproduction of melanin, excessive exposure to the sun, or it could be the result of hormonal changes. Skin tone problems can be avoided through proper care and by adopting certain preventive measures. Here are some tips that can help you get back that perfect look.

1. Regular exfoliation

Regular exfoliationDead skin cells are the biggest culprit here. There are some healthy and natural ways of exfoliating. One way is the application of a mixture of powdered dried orange peels and yogurt. This helps to polish and refine your skin texture. Another convenient option is scrubbing your face gently with a mixture of sugar and honey. Exfoliation shows best results if done only twice a week. It will also prevent skin irritation.

2. Lemon juice treatment

Lemon juice treatment is an effective and gentle method of getting rid of uneven pigmentation. It is suitable for both oily and dry skin. A high concentration of vitamin C in lemon makes it an effective antioxidant. This effectively bleaches the skin and removes skin discoloration. An easy way to make lemon juice face mask is: mix one tablespoon of milk powder with half a cup of lemon juice, and one tablespoon vitamin E oil. By applying this mixture on the face daily for about 15 to 20 minutes, you will notice a significant improvement in your skin tone.

3. Vitamin C usage

Vitamin C usageVitamin C is good for the skin as it provides multiple benefits. It suppresses skin pigmentation, halts the decomposition of melanin, and acts as a natural sunscreen. An effective remedy for uneven skin tone is the application of one teaspoon vitamin C powder mixed with water on your face for 10 minutes. This vitamin C peel result in your skin to become brighter, will make your complexion clear, and will also make the skin firm.

Things to keep in mind

  1. For an even skin tone, you really need to follow the above stated home remedies daily and in a persistent manner.
  2. Always use a good quality sunscreen before going out in the sun to protect your skin from tanning as well as from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  3. To get a glowing complexion, you need to clean your face regularly. Experts recommend washing your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day for best results.
  4. Irrespective of your skin type, the way you eat, do exercise and cope with stress has a direct impact on your skin. Following a balanced lifestyle regimen will help you look best inside and outside. Have cosmetic products as your last option. 

Remedies to remove dry and tanned skin

tanned-skinIf you want to take care of your dry and tanned skin, all you need is a pack made out yellow mustard seeds. For this, you would need a quarter cup of yellow mustard seeds as well as Chirauli nuts. You would also need a pinch of fresh turmeric roots or a little turmeric powder, a few almonds, one marigold flower and as a substitute, you can opt for rose or calendula. You would also need some lemon juice, fresh cream, milk or yogurt.

To make the paste you first need to boil the yellow mustard seeds for around 2 minutes and let them cool. Then blend this mixture with the rest of the ingredients into a smooth paste. Make sure that you use only the petals. This paste should be kept in the fridge for at least 2 weeks and then you should apply it all over your body before you have a bath. After that, you can wash the paste with warm water.

6 Other natural ways to remove tan

A majority of people look for methods which can help them remove the tan. The most common and easiest way is to apply a sunscreen with high SPF to your skin while going out. It is effective to some level. But the high chemical content can possibly lead to skin allergies. As a natural alternative, there are a few effective home remedies you can use to remove skin tan. Here are a few effective ones.

1. Tomato

Applying a sliced tomatoApplying a sliced tomato on the skin directly is one of the easiest and safest method to remove the tan. Tomatoes are readily available at home. Take them out from the refrigerator cut it into two slices and rub it directly to your skin. Do it for 5 minutes then leave it as it is for sometime. As it dries up, wash it with cold water. It gives a cooling effect to the skin and the skin feels fresh and rejuvenated. It doesn’t require much effort and is safe to use for all type of skin. You can try the same thing with cucumber and it’s juice. It also gives beneficial results.

2. Lemon juice

Make a paste of two teaspoon of milk powder, half teaspoon honey, a few drops of lemon juice, and half a teaspoon of almond oil. Lemon is famous for it’s bleaching properties. Apply this paste on your tanned skin and allow it to dry for 15 minutes. Wash it with cold water after it completely dries up. This pack helps in recovering the shine and removing tan. Applying baby oil on your skin before a bath also gives good results against tanning.

3. Oatmeal and curd

OatmealMake a paste of two teaspoon of oatmeal with half teaspoon curd and one teaspoon tomato juice. Apply this pack on your skin. Keep it for 20 minutes or till the time it gets dry. Then wash it away with water. If you are in a hurry then you apply curd and tomato juice using a slice of tomato or your finger tips. Leave it for 5 minutes and then wash off. Both curd and tomato are good cleanser. Adding Epsom salt to your bathing water and regular use of it also helps in fading the tan.

4. Orange peel

Take some dried powdered of orange peel and mix it with two teaspoon of gram flour. Add a teaspoon of curd in it and few drops of coconut oil. Make a fine paste and apply it as a mask on all over your skin. Allow it to dry. Wash it off after 10 minutes. It helps in reducing the tan as well as blemishes and scars on the face. Orange peel can be made at home very easily. Take orange peel and allow it to dry completely in direct sunlight. When it dries up completely then powder them in a grinder. This powder can be preserved for later use.

5. Almonds

AlmondTake four to five almonds and soak them in water overnight. Make a fine paste of soaked almonds using cold milk. Apply this paste all over your face and neck. You can leave it as it is overnight. Wash your face in the morning with cold water. It helps in reducing the tan, thereby nourishing the face. The skin becomes moisturized, soft and smooth.

6. Turmeric powder

Turmeric powder has got good bleaching properties. Make a paste of one teaspoon of turmeric powder with one and a half teaspoon of wheat flour and a few drops of lime juice. The paste will become red but it will bleach your skin naturally. Apply the paste on your tanned skin and leave it to dry. Wash off with water and rub a piece of ice on your skin. Turmeric may cause irritation to sensitive skin. Ice application will give a soothing effect. You can also try out application of a mashed or sliced raw potato on your skin to reduce tanning.

Mustard pack and ways for relaxing tired muscles

tiredThere are various reasons why our body may get tired, it could be due to constant walking, sitting or even due to excess stress, which might make our muscles feel tensed and tired. Well now, you can relax your muscles at home with the help of a nice mustard seed bath. For this, all you have to do is add some Epsom salt and mustard seeds in a hot water bathtub and soak yourself in it for a while. For those who do not have a bathtub, you can still do this by soaking your feet in a bucket or take a large tub and sit inside it.

Detox and remove the impurities of your skin

A perfect way to start your beauty regime is by making a scrub out of mustard seeds. This will help in detoxification of the skin as well as in removing the impurities in the skin. For this scrub, you would need a few mustard seeds and a few drops of any essential oil. You can use this scrub all over your body for exfoliating your skin as well as for detoxicating it. To get the maximum benefit of this scrub, use it at least once in a week. You can also detox yourself by drinking a cup of green tea.

How to cleanse your skin naturally using Green Tea

cleanse your skin naturally using Green TeaAre you looking for the best and effective cleansing agent? Well, green tea could be your best bet as it includes herbs that are well known for their detoxifying effects. Green tea contains caffeine-free ingredients and these are all natural. So, it’s a nice idea to having it regularly for enjoying its internal cleansing benefits.

How green tea helps cleanse the body?

Organic green tea strengthens and protects the liver, decreases swelling of the organ, stimulates the bile, boosts fat digestion and promotes excellent synthesis of protein. Green tea speeds up metabolism that ultimately gives you lots of health benefits.

  • It strengthens the blood through cleansing, aside from offering strong and effective treatment actions, especially for the deficient liver.
  • Doctors recommend consuming green tea daily to realize its myriad benefits. Sometimes, it causes minor illnesses like light headache, slight flu or short-lived fatigue. Once the body has adjusted to its cleansing quality, the immune systems will become stronger.
  • A wide variety of herbs included in the green tea ensure added benefits. Ginger is one of the most important herbs that you will find in green tea. It is a skin medicine that cleanses the skin and opens the pores to let the sweat come out with impurities that are choked under the skin.
  • Ginger helps stimulate regular bowel movement and flush out toxins from kidneys. Fenugreek is another important herb, which is a lung helper too. It helps cleanse the mucus and phlegm found inside the sinuses and bronchial tubes.
  • Fenugreek also helps the lymphatic systems to remove the dangerous substances. Echinacea is another important herb, quite famous for its best cleansing quality. It assists in healing infections and also fights attacks from viruses and bacteria.

Our body normally flushes out the toxins through stool, sweat and urine. With green tea, you can stimulate the bowel movement, skin pores and the kidneys to remove more waste materials from the body. However, choosing the best and most effective green tea plays a vital role in ensuring better results.

How to choose the best green tea?

choose the best green teaThere are a several varieties available to choose from. So, you will want to make a thorough research, while comparing and selecting the most effective brand from the bunch. Research will help you know more about the ingredients and their functions in the body.

Look for word of mouth advertisements with your friends and acquaintances. They may provide you first hand information about quality brands if they are using any and are enjoying positive results. Look at online review sites as well to find some relevant reviews and feedbacks for your reference.

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