Paint your nails anytime and anywhere with Tweexy

At a time when everything is going portable and mobile, how can your nail painting task stay behind?Now, there is an innovative gadget to help you paint your nails on the go.This is a genius product with a unique idea behind it. This new beauty gadget is called Tweexy. Find out how it tweaks your nail painting session.

How Tweexy came into existence

Two South Carolina residents, Liz and Mark, have designed this genuinely simple and useful gadget. They came to know that nail paint is used by more than 70 percent of women. This is much more than the number of women using any other beauty product. When they studied the issues such women face while painting their nails, they came to know that the top problem was of shaking or spilling of nail paint.

Women had troubles while painting their nails in a car, bus, and public restroom, as well as at work and on the bed.Considering such issues, it was planned to have a small and confortable, nail paint holder that could give them the freedom to paint nails anywhere.This is how the concept of Tweexy was designed to be a wearable and mobile option.

The design of Tweexy

Tweexy 2

Tweexy has a very simple and functional design. Thiscolorful silicone ring is soft and convenient to use with its smooth texture. It can be worn across just two of your fingers.Tweexy has a receptacle on top that looks like a tiny bowl. It actually has a grip with suction function at the bottom. Thus, it can hold your nail paint bottle quiet effectively, and you can open and close your bottle without spilling the paint.

Product usability

Since Tweexy has been tested on women with varied ring sizes and on nail paint bottles of different shapes and sizes, it can be used by anybody having nail paint from any brand. You simply need to insert your bottle into the tiny bowl, and the grip will keep it tightly held.Thus, you will not have a chance of spoiling your new bed sheet or car seat with your colorful nail paint.It is also great for painting on the go, as you can easily shift it from one hand to another by pulling open its finger rings using squeeze tabs. This $14.95 product can be highly useful to solve regular nail painting issues.

Tweexy is an effective and highly functional nail paint holder that will not let your paint spill. This wearable product is very useful for mobile use.

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