Curl your hair naturally with these tips

Curl your hair naturally

Thick, voluminous, shiny curls give you a glamorous look. Some girls have naturally curly hair, but those who don’t , you can use some tricks to have gorgeous curls. You can use curling irons to curl your straight hair. If you have unruly curls, you can get them to look great by ensuring that you use the right hair products. There are some natural ways to curl your hair too, some super simple tricks which you can use to get that glamorous look. Whether you want to control your unruly locks or want some great waves in your hair, everything is possible. Here are a few tips to help you do that:

Ponytail trick

Curl your hair naturally

You can have curly hair without chemicals, with this simple trick. This is a really super way to get those curls when you’re pressed for time. Just make a ponytail, separate into some sections and curl every section and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple!

Sock bun

For this one, you don’t need a curling iron. You have to follow this tip to curl your hair naturally. Create a sock bun and wrapping your hair around the sock bun, you have to sleep on it at night. You just have to spend a few minutes prepping and styling before getting ready to sleep.

Tease it out

Follow the lead of many celebs and tease out your curls. It adds volume and you’ll have gorgeous hair in no time.

Madonna style

If you’re an admirer of Madonna’s style, you can have the same hair with the help of a curling iron which has a big barrel. Curl your curls away from your face to get the same angular flick by your eyes. This is an incredible way to get curly hair without chemicals.

Scrunchy curls

Curl your hair naturally

Another tip to curl your hair naturally, is to use sea salt spray liberally. You can then scrunch up your hair to get that natural messy curl look. This is a look that is in fashion these days and is also ideal for those who have very curly hair.

Big sections, small iron

This trick throws the concept of big curls, big iron and small curls small iron out the window. You can wrap large sections of hair around your small curling iron barrel to get those enviable large ringlets. This tip is to get curly hair without chemicals, and still get the same look you want.

Use the flat iron for short hair

Girls with short hair can have stylish curls too, with this trick. Use a flat iron to get ringlets by curling the bottom portion of your hair, to get a soft blended look toward the ends. They look pretty natural and also super stylish.

Section wise curling

Curl your hair naturally

If you want the same glam look that celebs have on the red carpet, you can try this tip. It is one of the natural ways to curl your hair – all you have to do is separate your hair into two sections, top separate and bottom separate and curl them separately. You can do this whenever you have to attend any formal, black tie events and stand out in the crowd! 

Braid out curls

To get some really cool curls, you just have to braid your hair while it’s wet, and sleep with the wet braid overnight. It’ll be dry by morning and once you undo the braid, you’ll see your hair has curled into the curls you desire. 

Hair styling and softening products which can help you maintain your curl easily 

Paul Mitchell Sculpting and Styling Glaze

This is a gel specially created for curly hair, and keeps frizz at bay. It can make hair soft and can be used for straight hair, choppy or layered hair cuts as well.

Miss Jessie’s Soft Curls

Curl your hair naturally

It’s meant for textured hair and is a good curl enhancer, adding volume and depth. You have to use a little amount to get a good result.

Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

It’s a curl cream which can work all day without becoming greasy or sticky. It has a nice scent and can make your curls soft and bouncy.

To get curls naturally is not tough at all, as you can see from the tricks and tips above. Whatever the occasion, curls look glamorous and you can stand out with your lovely, glossy, curly mane.

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