Is Smoking Accelerating Your Signs of Aging? Try Using Rounds E Liquid to Help You Quit


Looking for the right reasons to quit smoking?

How about this one? Smoking is going to make your skin take on a pale, sallow appearance that no amount of makeup can hide. Long-term smoking can cause the skin around your lips to develop lines and wrinkles because of the constant puckering. You could also have thinning hair, and yellowing teeth and fingertips. Like this feature on the Health explains, smokers tend to look almost a year and a half older than people who don’t smoke.

Is that a scary enough reason for you?

Ready to consider techniques for kicking the habit? How about vaping using the Rounds e liquid?

For the Uninitiated – A Quick Low-Down!

smoking Vaping or smoking e-cigarettes is an effective technique that can help you phase out the nicotine habit. In place of lighting up the regular cigarette, you’ll use a device that looks like the real thing or is somewhat similar. This vaping device uses a small coil that heats up with an electric charge delivered by the rechargeable battery. The coil vaporizes the Rounds e liquid in the gadget that you can inhale much like cigarette smoke. The difference is that you’ll avoid the toxins and chemicals released during the burning of tobacco. Your body will get the nicotine kick it needs, but without most of the ill-effects that normally accompany smoking.

And, that’s not all. You can choose from an immense range of Rounds e liquid that contain natural or synthetic flavoring along with the artificial nicotine.

But, Can Vaping Help You Avoid the Signs of Aging?

While vaping can help you avoid the effects of tobacco smoke on your skin, you may want to use the Round e liquid with caution. Do, keep in mind that these solutions are intended to help you phase out the habit gradually with the minimum of withdrawal symptoms. Vaping is not to be considered or used as a substitute for actual smoking.

That being said, let’s explore the difference between smoking and vaping and how it can affect your skin as described by the experts at WebMD.

Nicotine Constricts Blood Vessels

When you smoke, the nicotine entering your body constricts the blood vessels so that circulation levels drop. Without the essential nutrients and oxygen flow to your facial skin, it is unable to repair and rejuvenate the dead and dying cells. As a result, you’ll notice that the skin is taking on a wrinkled, sallow look that adds years to your appearance. Experts also talk about how the reduced circulation makes your skin dry and lifeless.

Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide

The cigarette smoke hitting your skin contains high amounts of carbon monoxide along with various other toxic chemicals. These compounds remove the oxygen from the skin and prevent the regeneration of the layer of collagen and elastin under the skin. This is the layer of cells that prevents the wrinkles by keeping the skin plumped up and looking young.

Smoking Causes Lines and Wrinkles

Get Rid of WrinklesAs mentioned earlier, you may notice vertical lines around the lips along with drying, blackened skin caused by the effects of drawing on the cigarette. The smoke may also affect the thin, delicate skin around your eyes when you screw them again and again to prevent irritation from the acrid fumes. As a result, you could develop crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes.

Nicotine Can Cause Visible Spider Lines

Nicotine can dilate or shrink the blood capillaries under your skin so that they become more prominent. People with light skin may notice the spidery lines appearing on their necks and sides of the faces that are extremely unsightly.

Smoking Results in Bags under the Eyes and Puffy Skin

The nicotine hit in your blood interferes with your sleep patterns. Most addicts talk about how they have trouble sleeping. Over time, the lack of sound sleep may result in the accumulation of fluid under the eyes. This is also results in the appearance of puffiness and bags under the eyes; that make you look tired and older than you actually are.

So, How is Vaping Different?

e-cigarettesThe fundamental difference between smoking and vaping with Rounds e liquid is that you will have only the nicotine entering your bloodstream. In addition to the flavoring, you may also inhale Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG); both of which are safe when ingested. Here are a few other statistics you might find interesting:

  • According to studies conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, an average American cigarette contains anywhere from 6.17 to 12.65 mg of nicotine. Stronger brands may contain up to 20 mg apiece. However, since the combustion of the tobacco burns up most of the nicotine; you inhale about 1 mg of the drug with each cigarette.
  • When buying Rounds e liquid, you can choose from nicotine strengths that range from a maximum of 36 mg per cartridge to a minimum of 0 mg. This way you’ll get the physical and psychological satisfaction of smoking without any nicotine inhalation. As you’re weaning your body, you can choose from strengths such as 24 mg, 16 mg, 11 mg, and 8 mg.
  • An average cartridge for an e-cigarette can hold from 1 ml to 1.3 ml of e-liquids.
  • A 1 ml quantity of e-liquid is equivalent to 10 traditional cigarettes.
  • A typical vaping cartridge gives you around 200 to 400 puffs of smoke; this is way more than any smoker inhales at a given time. You will be inhaling very low amounts of actual nicotine to cause significant damage to your body.

These numbers clearly indicate that as long as you use Rounds e liquid with caution and in moderation; as well as with a careful control on the nicotine content; you can adopt it as an effective technique to quit smoking. And, that’s a fact corroborated by this article on the Financial Times. Protect your skin from the ill-effects of the smoke and you can preserve its youthful radiance for a longer while. However, do keep in mind that you still need to gradually reduce the nicotine content until you have broken the addiction completely.

Here’s to a younger, more gorgeous you!

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