5 Tips for a Self-Portrait Photoshoot

Tips for a Self-Portrait Photoshoot

You’re looking into bunion surgery cost when you get a notification on your phone. Your most recent upload to Instagram was a selfie that isn’t getting as much “love” on social media as you had hoped. That’s why we’re here to offer 5 tips for a self-portrait photoshoot. If you follow these tips, you’re sure to impress your following!

1. Self-Timer Apps

In order to have the perfect self-portrait photoshoot, you’re going to want to download a quality self-timer app. After all, this is more than a selfiephotoshoot! You want your photos to come out looking as professional and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Popular Self-Timer Apps:

Lens Buddy

Camera Timer

Photo Timer +



2. Choose Your Background Wisely

As far as your backdrop is concerned, you want to make sure that you get it just right. Consider what vibe you’re going for when it comes to your photoshoot. Are you wanting it to be indoors or outdoors? Whether you’re wanting it outside or inside, you want to be sure you don’t have any distractions in the background.

Tips for Outdoor Backdrop:

  • Lower angle with blue sky above
  • Empty field
  • Forest aesthetic
  • Laying in the grass

Tips for Indoor Backdrop:

  • Plain white or colored sheet
  • Open window
  • Chair with houseplants
  • Mirror reflection

3. Pick an Outfit

Your self-portrait photoshoot is your time to shine! You want to pick an outfit that both reflects your personality and will go well on camera. You probably don’t want to wear sweats and a baggy T-shirt. Instead, think of this photoshoot as you would a professional one. What do you see yourself wearing and what complements you the best?

Your outfit is one of the best ways to express your personality. Take some time picking out what you want to wear. Also, you should consider a few outfit choices. Once your photoshoot is wrapped up, you want to have as many photos to choose from as possible – outfit swaps help with this.

4. Play With Angles

Get creative when it comes to your photoshoot by playing with different camera angles. A good rule of thumb is that you usually don’t want the camera to be straight on you. Instead, photos can be more interesting if you shoot from different angles. You can think of it as another art form – because it is!

You’ll want to do a few test runs before you decide on one angle to go with. Similar to picking out a photoshoot outfit, the more options you have to choose from – the better. You’ll also want to factor in where you are in relation to the camera. You don’t have to be right in the center. Play around with camera angles and have fun with it.

5. Facial Expressions are Key

Your self-portrait photoshoot is all about you. That’s right – it’s time for you to be the center of attention. This is why you want to pay close attention to what you’re doing as far as your facial expressions are concerned.

Facial Expression Ideas:

Look away from the camera

Use your hands to touch your face in different ways

Avoid frowning or grimacing

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