How to get rid of face fat naturally


The double chin that you didn’t know you had but noticed in a selfie suddenly might be annoying you. Double chins and face fat need to be worked on so that your face appears to be in proportion with the rest of your body. You can get rid of face fat naturally with the help of facial exercises, and have the sculpted face you have always wanted.

How get rid of face fat naturally

1. Lion Pose

Lion-PoseThis asana or yogic exercise tones and stimulates the facial muscle. To perform this asana, you have to get down on your knees and place the palms on your thighs. Extend your tongue out as far as you can and at the same time stretch it towards the ground with some force. While doing this exhale and imagine you’re a lion and roar.

2. Fish face

This is one of the best exercises to lose face fat without surgery.Most selfie lovers who love to pout have done this exercise unconsciously many times, though in a modified form. The Fish Face stretches the muscles of the cheek and tones them.

Suck the cheeks inward and form a fish. Hold this position while trying to smile. The contradiction works wonders, especially if you do it several times in a day.

3. Mouthwash technique

Mouthwash-techniqueThis is another of the most recommended exercises to reduce face fat as it helps to get rid of the double chin. It’s quite easy to practice too. Just blow up your cheeks like a balloon, and then transfer air from the left to right side of the mouth and the right to left, just as you would clean the mouth with mouthwash. After doing it once, you can continue this for some time and then relax.

4. Neck roll

Double chin needs a bit of working out to disappear. One or two dedicated exercises every day will tone the jaw line, neck muscles and the chin. Bend the head to one side in line with the chin and turn the head in a circular movement. The shoulders and spine should be straight while doing this, and repeat this exercise in anti-clockwise as well as clockwise direction.

5. Jalandhara exercise

Jalandhara-exerciseThis will shape the face and tone the muscles in the jaw line. Sit in Lotus position and take a deep breath. Place you hands on the knees, lift the shoulders up and then bend forward. Stick the chin firmly against the chest between the collar bones. Hold the breath as long as possible. Relax and repeat for about 15 times. This is one of the best exercises tolose face fat without surgery.

6. Stretch the muscles

A similar exercise to the Jalandhara exercise, this one will tone the face muscles and stretch them. It’s a great exercise to lose fat from the face. Lower the chin down to your chest, then pull the skin away from your face. Say ‘ah’ when you have stretched the face completely and keep the face static for some time before repeating. If you do this 3 times every day, you will see your double chin and triple chin disappear.

7. Eye Focus

Eye FocusTo lose face fat, you have to concentrate all over the face, including the eye and eyebrow region. It’s a pretty simple exercise where you have to make sure that your eyebrows have to be un-wrinkled while you open your eyes as wide as possible. Keep the eyes straight, and focused at some point in the distance. Relax and then repeat for some time.

8. Jaw release

For those sculpted cheekbones, this is the perfect exercise. The first thing we notice in thin faces is an attractive and well-defined cheekbones. Within no time at all, you can have the striking cheekbones you have in mine. Sit comfortably and then move the jaws as though you are trying to eat with the mouth closed. Breathe through the nose while doing the exercise. Relax and repeat.

9. Smile

benefits of smilingThere are other benefits of smiling other than being pleasant or expressing your happiness. Smiling frequently also seems to have a slimming effect on the face. So all the more reason to laugh and smile and reduce face fat in this fun way.

10. Lip pull

Lip pulling is thought to give the complete facelift, with pointed chin and the sharp jawbones. The way to do this exercise is to lift your bottom lip upwards as best you can, by stretching the jaw line. Stay in this position for about 15-20 seconds and then repeat for about 15 times.

11. Lip pucker exercise

Lip pucker exerciseThis is the opposite of the mouthwash exercise, well almost. Pucker up your lips, then hold the pucker and then switch to the left and then to the right of your face. You will feel the stretch of muscles you didn’t know in your face!

What else can you do?

The exercises we listed above are certain to get the results you want. Complement them with some modifications to your diet, such as eating the foods which are beneficial for your health and conducive to losing weight.

1. Reduce the salt/sugar intake

Reduce the salt intakeIt’s not just sweet sugary foods which increase weight. The salt you consume also adds to the water retention in the body. When the body has excess water, some parts of the body become bloated, including the cheeks. You will need only a little bit of sugar as well as sodium to maintain the healthy levels in your body. More than that, which we usually fill up our bodies with, is due to the habit of gorging on snacks, both sugary and salty.

Store bought juices, pastries, cakes, sweets, chocolates will add to the calories you want to avoid. Even the delicious crisps, nachos and other savory junk food which we relish is harmful not only in adding extra calories but also as they loaded with salt. This would add to water retention in the body, making your body look heavier than you are. Avoid both salty and sugary snacks to prevent your face and other parts of the body bloating up.

2. Drink water

Drink waterOne of the home remedies is to drink lots of water and keep your body hydrated. You would already know that drinking water is good for the body for various reasons. But one of the reasons includes losing face fat. This is because the water flushes toxins from the body. It increases the health of hair and skin.

Drinking cold water and for some people, hot water works. Try drinking cold water, about 64 ounces every day, which would be enough to burn the calories, from your face and other parts of the body.

3. Exercise

couple-cyclingWork out every day to increase your body’s metabolism. This would help to burn unwanted fat faster. Do the exercises for the face, as well as whole body exercise. Walking, cycling, yoga and other exercises would reduce the overall fat and slim your face.

4. Sleep right

sleep scheduleSleep is important and there are many studies which have correlated weight gain to lack of sleep. This happens as fatigue may cause bloat and leads to sagging of the facial muscles. This makes the face look bigger than usual. Having a regular sleep schedule and comfortable bedroom would help you in getting around 7 hours sleep every day.

Till you achieve your weight loss goals, you could make your face look thinner with some effective make up tricks such as contouring, using blush and bronze, emphasizing your eyes, which would keep the viewers focused on your eyes and give the optical illusion of a slimmer face.

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