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How To Pluck Eyebrows

Hi, I am thirty years old. I want help with how to pluck eyebrows? I have thick eyebrows hair. I want an easy way to remove my excess eye brows hair.My skin is sensitive so would a good idea to pluck eyebrows at home? I am worried that will my skin &nb

How To Do Makeup

Hi, Tomorrow I am going for an interview I need to know how to do makeup? I don’t want to wear too much makeup. I want to look decent and simple. Suggest some ideas how to do makeup for the interview. It would be great that you could suggest step

How To Put On Eyeshadow

Hi, I don’t put makeup such frequently. I have to attend a marriage of close friend. There will be many functions and events. So,  I really need a tutorial for how to put on eye shadow as I want to look perfect for every function. Kindly tell me h

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