Guide on how to regain natural lip color naturally at home

organic lip balm

Sometimes, application of lip balm, exposure to sun, lipsticks and other products can often result in losing the natural lip color. A few home remedies can come to your rescue. Adopting some simple home remedies and taking suitable precautions can help you retain your natural lip color. Here are a few tips to regain your natural lip color.

 Tips to regain your natural lip color

1. Use sun lip balm

organic lip balmUse a high-quality SPF 15 lip balm that can shield your lips from the harsh sun. Just as the facial skin tans from intensive exposure to sun, in a similar way, our lips causes pigmentation in reaction to sun’s rays. So, don’t forget to apply sunscreen lip balm before you step out of your home.

2. Stop applying excessive lipstick

Wearing different bright and vibrant shades may enhance your lips beauty for a short while. However, they might make things ugly for a lifetime. Low-quality lipsticks and use of lipsticks in over abundance will spoil the natural lip glow. Additionally, persistent usage of lipsticks for a longer time span could leave a negative brunt.

3. Shun smoking

Shun smokingSmoking will only add and worsen the problem, rather than doing anything good. It will only fan the flames of pigmentation and weaken your body from within. Avoiding smoking is a sensible solution for the good health of your lips and body.

4. Orange juice and yogurt home remedy / instant lip balm

Orange juice and yogurt is a wonderful and influential remedy. Blend the combination in equal quantity and apply the output on your lips on every alternate day. Even, lemon juice can be used as a substitute for orange juice. However, the miraculous duo of orange juice and yogurt works phenomenally. Orange juice works as it doesn’t leave the stinging lemon sensation. The innate citric acid present within orange and lemon wipes out the pigmented layers appearing on the top, ultimately paving way for natural red color. This useful homespun treatment may take around eight weeks to show positive results. Nonetheless, the visible results will be worth your patience and you may feel envying sensation around you.

5. Apply almond oil

Almond oilApply almond oil for moisturizing the skin over your lips as dabbing orange juice and yogurt turns your skin dry. Not only will almond oil provide moisture, but also it will tone down the skin pigmentation.

6. Exfoliate your lips

Exfoliate your lips as it will cast away the dark skin cells appearing on your lips. Indulge in lip exfoliation occasionally to shed the dark spots occurring on your lips.

7. Scrub honey and sugar

honeyWith highly acidic and soluble inner properties, sugar is revered as a significant exfoliating agent. Prepare a combination of honey and sugar in a bowl and scrub the blend over your lips. The glycolic acid content within sugar penetrates into the skin and takes out the outer pigmented layers.

8. Treat yourself with Vitamin C foods

Increase your Vitamin C consumption by pampering yourself with Vitamin C rich foods. Vitamin C suppresses the production of melanin, the skin pigment that produces pigmentation. Apart from this, it lessens hyper pigmentation which is caused due to contact with sun. Vitamin C is a powerful remedy to resist dark lips. It also accelerates the growth of collagen and revitalizes wrinkled lips.

What to do when you have chapped or dry lips?

Problems like pigmentation, chapped and dry lips start becoming very noticeable. In some cases, even the color of our lips change. Well, if you are looking for natural ways to restore the pinkness of your lips as well as to make them soft, then these are a few DIY tips you can do at home.  They are not only natural; however, they are also very effective as you will see the immediate results. 

1. Using a toothbrush and lip balm

Using a toothbrushA once in a week remedy, this will help to exfoliate the lips by removing the layers of dead cells. While you are massaging, you need to ensure that you do not scrub very hard or for a long time. With this home remedy, you can take care of even problems like skin pigmentation on the lips.

  • This home remedy is very simple, all you have to do is take your lip balm and apply a thick layer of it on the lips. Leave the lip balm for sometime so that the skin can exfoliate and easily absorb the moisture.
  • The next step would be to circularly massage the lips using a toothbrush.
  • Once you have done the massage, you then need to wipe the lip balm off by taking some warm water and dipping a cloth in it. Just in case if you feel that even after the therapy your lips are dry, then you can apply a very thin layer of the lip balm and leave it. 

2. Sugar and Olive oil scrub

For moistening your lips naturally as well as taking care of the dead skin and cells on the lips, the sugar and olive oil scrub is a perfect combination. It is also a perfect cure for chapped lips during the winters. You can do this scrub every alternate day especially during the nights for better results. For this remedy you need to

  • Take a bowl and add a few drops of olive oil and a pinch of sugar. Make sure that this mixture is made fresh for better results.
  • Once you have made the mixture, you can then slowly and gently massage your lips with this mixture for a minute and then wash it off.
  • To give that special touch to your lips, you can also use a lip balm to give the added moisture and care. 

3. Fresh Raw Milk and rose petals

Fresh Raw MilkIf you were looking for a way to get soft baby lips, then this lip pack would be perfect for you. This easy to make lip pack will not only restore the moisture balance but also ensure that your skin is moisturized. For this pack, you would need a bowl of milk and a few rose petals

  • The first thing you need to do is to make a mixture out of the rose petals and milk, however, before doing that make sure you soak the petals for a while in the milk before you make the paste.
  • Once you have made the paste, apply the mixture on your lips for a maximum of 5 minutes and a minimum of 3 minutes.
  • Wash the pack off with warm water and then gently wipe your lips dry. To add to the beauty of your lips, you can use a moisturizer or a lip balm. 

4. Rose water and Coriander

There are many reasons why a person’s lips may darken. One of them is due to smoking; well there is a remedy to take out the dark skin color of your lips. For those looking for a perfect way to lighten dark lips and make them shiny and smooth, rose water and coriander pack is a perfect choice.  It’s another easy to make remedy, all you have to do is

  • Make a smooth paste by taking a few drops of rose water and some fresh coriander leaves.
  • Apply this paste for around 5 minutes on your lips and rinse it with lukewarm water.
  • For better results, you can do this remedy twice in a week. 

While there are plenty and more lip care products available in the market, you can’t trust them all. Rather than going for them, it’d be a better option to opt for an organic lip balm. 

Restoring natural lip color organic lip balm

organic lip balmYou can easily make a lip balm at home. A big plus when making the balm at home is that it will be free of harmful chemicals, preservatives, and irritants. You can add any ingredients you want, so feel free to pick ones that suit your skin. Also, you can use all clean and green products and make an eco-friendly and organic balm. Another advantage is that you can use only ingredients and flavors you like and omit any additives you are not fond of. Making a lip balm at home is real easy and can be done if a jiffy without much hassle.

Complexity Level: Easy

Time required: 20-30 minutes

Estimated cost: N/A

Resources required:

  1. Liquid vegetable oil
  2. Solid vegetable oil
  3. Beeswax
  4. Essential oils
  5. Double boiler or metal saucepan
  6. Goblet or small container
  7. Glass jar or tub


  1. Start by heating a liquid vegetable oil in a double boiler, metal pan or any other metallic container. Dont heat the oil in the pan directly over the flames. Add water into the metal container and float a goblet filled with the vegetable oil in the water.
  2. Now add a solid vegetable oil, preferably organic to the goblet.
  3. The ration in which the liquid and solid vegetable oil should be added in is 3:2.
  4. Then add in organic beeswax into the goblet floating on the heating water. The quantity of beeswax should be half the amount of liquid vegetable oil used.
  5. Next throw in organic cocoa butter. The amount of cocoa butter should be one quarter the amount of liquid vegetable oil added.
  6. Heat the mixture it melts and mixes well. Remove it from the heat and let it cool down.
  7. When it is lightly warm or close to room temperature, you can add in essential oils.
  8. Add any other scents, vitamin or mineral additives you want to.
  9. Blend all the ingredients well.
  10. Then fill the balm prepared in a jar or tub like container. Then allow it to cool sufficiently. It will be ready to use in a couple of days. 

Other homemade recipes for lip balm you can try

organic-lip-balmLip-glosses are available in countless varieties in the market. You can choose a flavor of your choice, and you get them in innumerable colors. Lip glosses and lip balms protects the lips from drying and chapping by offering sufficient moisturizing. Nevertheless, the lip balms available in the market are chemically laden and can adversely affect your lips. It is possible to make your favorite flavored lip balm at home. There are plenty options like jojoba out there. These would ensure that the lip balm is chemical free and thus safe to use. Here are 3 most popular lip balm recipes.

1. Vanilla lip-gloss for attractive lips

A transparent gloss, vanilla lip balm can be used over your lipstick to add sheer and shine to your lips. It suits perfectly for the official purposes.

a. Ingredients

  1. Almond oil or aloe vera gel or Vaseline 1 tbsp
  2. Canuba wax or bees wax 1 tbsp

iii. Vitamin E Capsule 1

  1. Vanilla extract to taste
  2. Honey a little, if required for added moisturizing

b. Procedure

In a heavy-bottomed pan cleaned pan, melt the first three ingredients. Mix the melted mixture until it turns smooth. Mix in vanilla extract as required. Add honey, if you wish to enjoy a more moisturizing lip balm. Transfer to an airtight container, allow it to cool thoroughly, and turn solid, and store. Use within 7 days for the best results.

2. Chocolate lip-gloss for chocoholics

This is a treat for all those who adore chocolate and its benefits. Studies have proven the rich moisturizing and skin-enriching benefits of chocolate. Along with protecting the lips, this lip-gloss renders a mesmerizing radiance to your lips as well.

a. Ingredients

  1. Chocolate bar ½
  2. Vitamin E capsule 1

iii. Cocoa butter or Jojoba oil 4 tbsp

b. Procedure

Melt chocolate bar with Vitamin E and cocoa butter. Mix the melted ingredients until a smooth mixture is formed. Transfer to an airtight container and allow the lip balm to cool until the mixture turns solid. Store the gloss in a dark place away from sunlight and use within one week, for the best results.

3. Fruity lip-gloss for sexy lips

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer, while the lemon and orange juice adds to the shine of the lips. Honey along with vitamin E enriches the lips, keeping it safe from the harsh UV rays. That is the secret of fruity lip-gloss.

a. Ingredients

  1. Coconut oil 2 tbsp
  2. Beeswax 1 tbsp

iii. Freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice or any other juice of your choice 3 to 4 drops

  1. Honey 1 tbsp
  2. Vitamin E capsule 1

b. Procedure

Melt coconut oil with beeswax and mix in the juice drops, honey, and vitamin E. Store in an airtight container away from sunlight. Use within one week for ideal results. 

Nothing can beat homemade lip-gloss for kids

Chapped lipsA child’s skin is very delicate and can easily be damaged if they use any kind of product that is not suitable for them. Even experts recommend that children should not apply makeup before a certain age. The more the skin is left natural, the better it is. Although there are, certain kinds of beauty products that you can still let you child use. One such product is lip-gloss. Well, instead of getting it from the market, you can make it very safe for your child by making it at home. Here are a few ideas of homemade lip-gloss that is perfect for your child.

1. Lip gloss from Kool Aid

Material Required

You can choose any Kool aid flavor that your child loves.



You can take some Vaseline and put it in the microwave oven and using the one minute intervals melt it down into a liquid form. Be sure that you do not let your child handle this bowl, as it will be very hot. After that, mix the Kool aid flavor of your choice. You would need to ensure that you do this fast since it can turn into its gel for very soon. Once it is ready, you can store it inside small containers and let your child use it.

2. Lemon lime lip gloss/balm

Coconut oil

Material Required

2 tablespoons of olive and coconut oil each

A tablespoon of beeswax (cosmetic graded)

5 drops of lime as well as lemon essential oil


Place all the ingredients in a pan and boil them over a low heat. For the stove heating process, it is advisable to take differently sized pots; the one that will be in direct contact with the stove will be filled with water while the other one will be placed over it. Considering that it is very difficult to take out beeswax, you can use an old pot that you no longer need for making lip balms in the future. Alternatively, you can also put the bowl in the microwave oven but be sure to keep a watch on the bowl.  If you want to add in some color to your lip balm, you can use a little eye shadow or lipstick while the mixture is boiling. Keep on steering regularly so that the mixture is a smooth paste and there are no lumps.

3. Healing lip balm/gloss for the winters

If you have cracked or chapped lips, this recommendation is ideal for you.

Material Required

Couple of drops of essential oils (optional)

Two Vitamin E capsules

A pinch of raw or organic honey

A tablespoon virgin coconut oil

A tablespoon of cosmetic grade beeswax


You have the choice of using a double boiler or taking two pans so that you can mix the mixture well. First, let the mixture heat over a medium heat, let the beeswax melt halfway, after which you can add the honey and coconut oil. Then you need to wait until the three melt completely, and you should add the vitamin E capsule then and mix it well. If you are using essential oils, this will be the right time for you to also mix that into the mixture. Once it is all mixed well, pour it into a container and let it cool down. You can use this mixture every night or even let your child carry it along with them.

4. Lavender lip balm

Lavender-OilLavender is not just a relaxing flavor but also has a lot of essential properties that make it a perfect choice for a lip balm/gloss.

Material Required

4 tbsp of olive, almond or jojoba oil

A tablespoon of beeswax pearls or grated beeswax

A tsp of honey

3 Vitamin E capsules or ¼ tsp of vitamin E oil

7 drops of essential oil (lavender)

A teaspoon of coco powder (optional)

A teaspoon of natural lipstick for the color (optional again)


First, you need to warm the honey; beeswax and essential oils in a bowl or stainless steel pot and let them melt over low heat.

Once everything has melted, remove it from the heat and mix the colored lipstick, cocoa powder, Vitamin E and essential oil.

Then take a shallow pan filled with ice cubes and water, or ice water and place the bowl above it. During this time, you can add the honey. Once you have done that, transfer this mixture into a container and set it aside for at least three hours.

Frequently asked questions:

organic lip balm

1. Which vegetable oil to use to prepare the lip balm?

Sunflower, olive, avocado, hemp seed, and almond oils are the best for making lip balms. A good idea is to use high quality cold pressed vegetable oils.

2. Which are the solid vegetable oils that can be used in this recipe?

  1. Shea butter, coconut oil and lanolin are really good solid oils for lip balms.

3. Which essential oils to add in the lip balm?

  1. If you like citrus flavors then citrus fruit oils like orange, Clementine, lime and lemons are a good idea. You can add in peppermint oil for its medicinal properties. Lavender oil has a light soothing aroma. Other oils you can add are grapefruit, carrot seed, chamomile, etc.

4. How can I add organic coloring to the balm?

  1. Most fruit and vegetable juices give color to the balm. Beet juice will add a rich hue to your lip conditioner.

Quick tips:

  1. To make an eco savvy balm, buy the beeswax from local stores.
  2. When you are heating the vegetable oils, cocoa butter and beeswax don’t turn the heat on high. Medium flames are best for preparing a lip balm. Keep stirring till the ingredients melt down completely. Even after they have just melted stir a bit so that all ingredients blend well into each other.
  3. Test the balm while you are heating it. If it appears very greasy or shiny then add in some more beeswax and continue to heat the balm.
  4. After preparing the balm fill it in a jar and let it cool down completely. After it has cooled down, you will need to test it. The balm should be semi solid, if it is too squashy or soft then you will need to heat it again. Add some more beeswax and vegetable oil if required and then reheat the balm.

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