Tips and how-to tricks to make your ponytail look stylish

make your ponytail look stylish

A ponytail is the most effortless styling you can do to your hair and yet look polished. It’s easy, its effortless, it flatters you, and you can even upgrade it. So what else do you need to convince you? As it is the easiest styling your hair can get, it may look a little simpler and plainer than you intend it to be. This can be tackled by styling your ponytail and adding an interesting angle to it. All you need to do is not stop by just arranging your hair in a ponytail. Take a step further and complete the look with a stylized finish. Here are a few tips and how-to tricks to make your ponytail look stylish.

1. Play it dirty

hair looks perfectA little dampness from unwashed hair can help you put up a style that you desire. So, you could style your hair which is a few days past washing, by applying a styling gel to prevent frizzy hair. If you want to camouflage thin hair then you can also use shampoo on clean hair. If your hair is very rough and unmanageable then you can use an oily serum. Then blow dry your hair. You can also use a straightener or straighten out your hair naturally. Divide your hair into various sections and then take every section of your hair and straighten them out to ensure that your hair looks perfect when you tie a pony.

2. Suit your type

Position your ponytail according to the features you don’t want to attract attention to. Strategic positioning of your ponytail can help you disguise a few of your flaws. If you want to accentuate your neckline and jaw, then you can try flaunting a low positioned pony. If you tie the pony in alignment to the top of your ears, then it will attract attention to your ears. You can tie your ponytail at the crown and this will give you a very youthful look. This style makes you look much younger as it elongates the line of your torso area. You can also use extensions if your ponytail lacks luster, volume or length and make your ponytail look stylish.

3. Brushing your hair

Brushing hairBrushing your hair in a proper manner when you are making a pony. Flipping your head over while brushing your hair is not advisable. This practice of flipping the head over doesn’t lend extra volume to your hair and centering it also becomes a huge problem. Use a paddle brush to brush your hair into place. Then take an elastic band which is not too harsh on your hair. They don’t pull at your hair and so does not create any tension which can cause hair breakage along the hairline. Also make sure that you don’t pull very hard while you are securing your pony. It can harm the hair roots and make them weak. You can also spray hair spray on your paddle brush before you brush your hair with it. This will smoothen out the possible frizzy hair or would be wispies.

4. Fine-tune the look

You can opt for two looks-sleek and elaborate. If you want to go for a sleeker look then you will have to use some styling gels. Apply gel or styling cream to your hair and then blow dry your entire hair. Then make a pony which will not look too severe. This will even out the sleek look and not let it completely dominate the ponytail look. If you blow dry your hair that will lend some lift to your hair and the hair won’t look too sleek.

If you have a wide face then you can give it an elongated look. This can be done by teasing the hair at the crown. If you brush over teased hair then the hair at the base gets manageable and you don’t need to sacrifice fullness for this as well. If you are flaunting necklines which are elaborate then you should refrain from wearing a low ponytail as that will get lost in the layers of extra cloth.

How to get an elegant ponytail in 5 minutes

get an elegant ponytail

Resources required:

  1. Hair spray
  2. Hair gel
  3. Comb
  4. Flat iron
  5. Scrunchie or hair elastic


Pre-styling preparation: 

Comb the entire head of hair to remove away any tangles or dead hair that might be there. While combing, it is preferable to comb the hair back rather than in front of the face. Use the flat iron in ‘medium’ setting to iron out the hair in 3-4 inches sections. At the end of this step, the hair must be fully flat.

Now, take a small dollop of hair gel on to the palms of your hand and gently run this gel through the hair. Apply it by moving the hands backwards from the face and upwards from the back towards the neck.

The actual combing and styling: 

Use your better hand to comb the hair from the sides and the front, using the other hand to hold the hair in place. Comb the hair upwards from the neck, into the other hand. Ensure that there are no bumps in the hair. Secure the ponytail with an elastic band. Pull the hair to ensure that the band is holding firmly.

Post-styling care: 

Hold the hair spray at a distance of 5-6 inches, spray the hair roots near the face and above the neck. As you spray, gently run your hand in the same flow direction as you combed. This will ensure that the hair sticks. Do not pull the elastic too tight as this can cause bumps. 

How to make a ribbon ponytail holder

make a ribbon ponytail holderPonytail holders are essential hair accessories for your daughters. When you go to a store for purchasing them, you may always find it very difficult to get ones that are matching to your daughter’s color preferences. They are also very expensive. Instead of using the store-bought varieties, you can as well make them at home using your favorite materials and colors. You can get a lot of ponytail holders for a cheaper price and make your ponytail look stylish.

Complexity level: Easy

Time required: 10-15 minutes

Resources required:

  1. Ribbons
  2. Needle
  3. Thread
  4. Beads
  5. Glue


1. Select the material you want to make the ponytail holder

Different material will be available at home. So, you need to select the right kind of material for making the ponytail holders. Choose from satin, sheer or grosgrain ribbons in the width and colors you need. It is better to choose thinner ribbons because it will be easier for tying.

2. Tie the ribbons around the ponytail holder

Use slanted cut and cut about 6-inch lengths of the ribbon. Seal the ends of the ribbons with a lighter. Lay all the ribbons in order according to which they are going to be tied. Take the ribbons and make a single knot on the plain holder and bunch up the ribbons as you tie. Continue to add the ribbons until the ponytail holder is hidden completely.

3. Streaming ribbon ponytail holder

If you want to make a streaming ponytail holder, cut 6-inch lengths of the ribbon and seal the ends using a lighter. Bunch the ribbons and bind them in the center using a thread and needle.

4. Use some decorative elements

For the streaming ribbon ponytail, you can make it look better by using some colorful buttons. Again, use the needle and thread to position the button in the center. Loop the thread about 5-6 times to make it strong. Tie it off with a double knot. Now your streaming ribbon ponytail holder is ready. 

Frequently asked questions about make your ponytail look stylish:

1. How to make a ponytail holder with socks and stockings?

make your ponytail look stylishYou can use the old socks and stockings lying in your home when your children outgrow them for making beautiful ponytail holders. In order to use the socks, first choose your favorite color and straighten it on a smooth surface. Use a scissor and cut of the tube from the sole part of the socks. Take the tube and trim it by making one-inch loops from it. For fatter holders you can cut fatter loops.

2. How to make silk flower ponytail holder?

While using a silk flower ponytail holder, it will look as if you are using real flowers on your head. For making this at home, you need to find some good silk flowers first. Use the glue gun for sticking the flowers to the band. Take small squares of felt with the size of the flowers you have chosen. One square is required for one holder. Cover the square with glue and then place it at the bottom of the ponytail holder and the silk flower. Press the square on to the bottom of the flower in such a way that the holder is in between the flower and the square. Let this dry completely before using it on your hair.

Quick tips:

  1. For making fully covered ponytail holders, use ribbons of different lengths and widths around the elastic band. Double knot each of the ribbons and use them alternately.
  2. Instead of ribbons you can also use balloons around the elastic.
  3. For making beaded ponytail holders, you need to use colorful beads by stringing them on the end of the strings.

Things to watch out for:

  1. While using the lighter you have to be very careful. It can either catch fire or burn your fingers. So handle this part with care.
  2. The glue guns are also very hot. Use a bowl of water to dip your hands to prevent the heat and other kinds of injuries.
  3. Avoid allowing the toddlers touching the ponytail holders because they may pull of the materials and put them in their mouth that can lead to choking hazards. 

How to do an organic ponytail and make your ponytail look stylish

using a hair dryer

Organic hairstyle is nothing but a ponytail worn without an elastic or a hair band. They are very much in style this season and are also known as single or double knots. These ponytails can be worn in a number of ways depending on how long or curly or straight your hair is. Hair texture counts a lot when you do an organic hairstyle. Here’s how you can achieve the organic effect on your hair to make a fashionable hair statement. This is also one of the most casual hairstyles which you can adorn while you are at home or rushing out to the supermarket.

Complexity level: Easy

Time required: 5-6 minutes

Resources required

Remember that an organic hairstyle can be done even without any of the things mentioned below if you want to achieve a completely casual look without much effort.


Spray in mousse

Hair dryer

Bobby pins


  1. First leave your hair open and comb your hair lightly with your fingers or with a comb if available. This will leave your hair neat and straight for the procedure.
  2. With your palm, slick back your hair form the front and take two thick chunks of hair from both the sides, about an inch in diameter.
  3. Bring it to the back of your head towards the middle. The higher you take the hair, the higher you organic ponytail will be.
  4. Now pull the two chunks of hair up and holding both in between your fingers, smoothen the hair which is underneath using your other hand. This is to ensure that this part does not get entangled with the two chinks while you tie it.
  5. Tie both the chunks to a simple knot as you would tie your shoelace, before you make a bow.
  6. Pull the knot tightly so that the strands are not loose and come apart. Holding both the ends pulled tight, slowly bring the ends down and take it underneath the remaining part of your hair.
  7. You now have to tie another knot underneath your hair. This is a bit difficult for beginners as the hair will slip from your hands initially. A better way to do this is to take the ends underneath and with your other hand and push the ponytail part of your hair towards one side, over your shoulders, to the front.
  8. This will leave your neck free from hair stands that can get entangled. Now tie the knot under the hair. Follow it up with 3-4 knots until you have reached the end of the hair.
  9. To keep the knots from untying, twist the knotted hair in your hand and take it through one of the top knots and pull it firmly down. This will ensure that the knot remains firm without opening.
  10. Now you can pull your ponytail back from the front and leave it open and well balanced.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can an organic ponytail be made more fashionable?

organic ponytailYes, for a fashionable organic ponytail suitable for all seasons, especially the summer months when you want your neck to be free from messy and sweaty hair. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep it in in winter.

  1. Comb your hair and part your hair into two sections at the back. You may use a spray in mousse to keep the knot firm.
  2. Now tie a simple knot high or low as per your need. This is a single knot. Place a bobby pin at the back to hold the knot in place.

2. Can organic ponytail be tried on medium length hair?

Yes, but this would be a single knot with much less volume for your ponytail. You might need more bobby pins to hold the knot in place.

Quick tips on make your ponytail look stylish

Place another knot over the first if you want a double knot and place the bobby pin at the back. Use your hair dryer attain a disheveled look or a hair spray for a neater look.

A final note on make your ponytail look stylish

A ponytail can turn to be very neat, stylish and sophisticated if you know the right way to style it. However, if you have short hair, you can still style them well. Always remember to accessorize it well without harming your hair and also use styling creams, lacefront wigs and gels when necessary.

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