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about facial cupping

Facial cupping has emerged as a tool for lifting and facial draining. It is assumed to be one of the finest techniques of healing. The history of facial cupping goes long back in time. Its modern evolved version is catching pace in today’s time when women and men both are benefiting from this wonder therapy. In fact, many big celebrities are known to indulge in facial cupping therapy for getting revitalized. This therapy is quite fun and inexpensive. As far as the results are concerned, they will surely take your breath away. Discover the new you by taking sessions of facial cupping and other facial treatments to look half your age.

Facial cupping has emerged as one of the most effective massage therapies which is attracting one and all because of its magical effects. You just need to take 5 session over a period of five weeks to see drastic results in your skin quality, do away with all the scars, fine lines and wrinkles on your skin by adoption facial cupping as your weekly skin care routine. Do not forget to ensure that you opt for a reputed facial cupping therapist to ensure great session. Alternatively, do it yourself at your home. Read on to know all about facial cupping.

The era of facial cupping

era of facial cuppingMany spa treatments, healing facilities, etc. have included facial cupping and other facial treatments as an essential part of their services. The results of facial cupping are quite impressive, cupping releases a soft tissue, loosens adhesion, lifts facial tissues, drains out excess fluid and toxins present on the skin. Besides facial cupping also brings blood to flow to the stagnant skin and muscles of the face, giving it an instant kick of youth. The whole process of therapy is fun and has a soothing effect on person taking the therapy. Many women along with some famous celebrities from the fashion world have adopted this therapy as a part of their personal skin care regime, thanks to the amazing results they have become loyal to this amazing and time-tested facial treatment.

The procedure

Facial cupping basically is usage of cups made of glass which are used to massage the facial skin, these cups need to be kept close on to the body by the technique of suction. The person taking the therapy will feel relaxed, this therapy has a sedating effect on the nervous system. The benefits are lasting and guaranteed. The blood supply on the skin is automatically improved as a result of facial cupping, this allows veins to take away the skin toxins and bring nourishment. Facial cupping basically applies a negative pressure on the skin, wherein the tissues are pulled outwards. Not many resources are required for facial cupping. This therapy does not take long hours to sow effect, just ten to fifteen-minute session is sufficient to uncover a new you.

The modernized evolution

Earlier people used hollow animal horn for draining out toxins out of skin lesions and snake bites. Eventually use of bamboo cups started which ultimately landed up in use of glass cups. With evolution of facial cupping, a new set of equipment’s have been developed which can be used perfectly for facial cupping and other facial treatments.

Small micro cup sets are used for the process of facial cupping. These help in stimulating and relaxing the face by loosening tight muscles of the face. It stimulates wellbeing and beauty from the very first session. Facial cupping therapy can be clubbed with other beauty treatments as well. The results are enhanced manifolds with the help of cupping therapy. Indulge in a sense of wellbeing by amalgamating facial cupping therapy with aromatherapy. Follow a nice cupping therapy session after getting facial done.

Average price for the therapy

facial cupping therapyThe facial cupping therapy is quite affordable. It might cost you just $5-15 per session of facial cupping. The results however are far beyond the price. You can club the facial cupping therapy with any other spa or healing treatment by paying the extra sum of money. You might not easily find the facility of facial cupping and other facial treatments center so it is important for you to research about the facial cupping service beforehand and try to get a session booked for yourself. You are recommended to take weekly session of twenty minutes for 5 consecutive weeks. This way you will get the desired results. Experience an ultimate of skin and body rejuvenation and wellbeing by indulging in the time trusted therapy of facial cupping.

DIY version of facial cupping and similar facial treatments

Some people like to enjoy therapies at their homes, for such there is a DIY facial cupping set. One can purchase this kit from the nearby store or else simply go online and place an order. You can start up facial cupping therapy the moment you get yourself a cupping kit. The cupping kit ideally comprises of a DVD with instructions, reflexology chart, carrying case, vacuum creating bulb, a pump and a manual.

Go through the DVD to understand various complexities about the facial cupping therapy. Apply facial oil to the skin before progressing with the cupping therapy. The whole process takes few minutes and gives excellent results. Start off by applying cup to the face and then pump out air to create vacuum. Gently glide the cup over your face as per the massage routine discussed in the manual.

The positives and negatives of facial cupping and similar facial treatments

  1. Facial cupping enhances the beauty of skin by draining out stagnant fluids and ease out puffiness.
  2. It helps in removal or reduction of facial muscles’ tension.
  3. Facial cupping helps in the loosening rigid muscles that are usually associated with TMJ.
  4. It eases the expression lines and also aids draining of sinuses.
  5. It enhances absorption of lotions and skin serums, thereby making the skin all the more beautiful.
  6. It can also help in dealing with scars, soft lines and wrinkles.
  7. Excessive pressure might break the skin capillaries leaving red marks which look hideous.
  8. The micro cups will leave marks which take time to fade away.
  9. It is important to keep the pressure moderate; it should not be too less as that will ruin the entire therapy whereas on the other hand too much pressure might damage the capillaries of skin.

Regular facials for improved complexion

facialFacial is oft reported to give skin a clear complexion associated with glow. But saddest part of it is reported to be rare treatment of skin with facials. Irregular facials give only temporary glow to the skin andskin gradually becomes a deposit of dead cells. Facts provide that regular facials from teenage will not only impart an outward glow to the skin but it will also cleanse, hydrate and moisturize your skin to the optimum level.

The article elaborates on different kinds of facials that are meant to give you a fair complexion, remove blemishes through therapies like micro dermabrasion or facial peels, through vacuum and other exfoliation techniques to remove the dead layer of skin from your face. Though facials are good for skin there are salons with garb of professionalism, who actually spoil your skin. In such cases it is better to go for professional beauty therapists using reputed brands or using ingredients from kitchen cupboard or inside the house rather than going to someone who cannot be trusted.

Why facial treatments are all that important

Facials are one of the most popular beauty treatments that a parlor provides. These beauty treatments are immensely popular for the simple reason that they are extremely beneficial for our skin. There are number of facials available with their own special benefits. Facials include variety of treatment such as:

  • Steam
  • Scrubbing
  • Creams
  • Masks
  • Peels

While facials become important after the age of 35, but still a person as young as 25 should go for it. Now a days, pollution, stress and unhealthy food habits leads to many skin problems and make it dry and lifeless. To get rid of this dull and dry look of the skin, regular facials are extremely important.

Depending on the type of skin an individual has, the therapist or expert will choose facial that suits the most and benefit the skin of the customer. ‘Basic Cleansing facial’ is basic treatment that will make our skin smooth and moisturized. ‘Deep Cleansing Facial’ is the best facial for those who have oily skin.

Various facial cupping and other facial treatments offered by spas and saloons

Spa and Salon offers special treatmentSpa and Salon offers special treatment such as paraffin facial is a rejuvenating cream that makes your skin look young and helps seal in anti-aging factors. Anti-oxidant facial uses cream mask containing vitamin and beta-carotene to remove pollution and dirt from skin, thereby leaving the skin smooth and fresh.

Aromatherapy facial is another type of facial treatment that uses essential oils to clear and improve skin functions. Acne facial treat skin related problems by using glycolic acid, a warm vapor mist and anti-bacterial mask to improve skin. Bio-lifts facial targets dark circles under eyes, tones up and tightens the skin on the face.

Products and facials for radiant skin

Facial costs vary, depending on number of factors. Facials were once thought to be a treatment only for women, now men get facials too that help them keep some of the external factors away and look as young and lively as in 20s.

Other Innovative Beauty Treatments You Can Try Out

Frequent innovations change the beauty treatment landscape so fast that keeping up with all the new beauty products and technologies becomes challenging. However, beauty conscious individuals must figure out new beauty treatments that are worth trying for them. Here are some of the innovative treatments that you can try out in 2017 for maintaining your alluring beauty.

1.      Dermaplaning

DermaplaningDermaplaning is a new procedure that involves gently scraping of the top skin layer to remove dull dead skin cells with a 10-gauge scalpel. The blade is used on clean and dry skin on the cheeks, forehead, chin, nose, and neck. The treatment results in a smoother and a brighter skin complexion. It does sound scary but you really need not worry if you are in the right hands. Besides removing dead skin cells, Dermaplaning also removes unwanted facial hair and makes skin a flawless canvas that is a requisite for makeup application.

2.      Eyebrow Microblading

As eyebrow is arguably the most important facial feature, people try out a number of solutions to keep them in shape and in desired appearance all the time. A permanent and result oriented solution for thing brows that people are lately becoming obsessed of is the eyebrow microblading. It is a form of tattoo artistry wherein pigment is implanted under the skin around eyebrow. With the help of a manual handheld tool, hair-like strokes are drawn that look like natural hair in the brows. Depending on your skin and lifestyle, the results can last up to three years and touch-ups can be done every six months.

3.      XAF5

XAF5Under eye bag reduction is a sought-afteranti-aging treatment. After plastic surgery, XAF5 is the latest innovative treatment. XAF5 is molecule that was traditionally used in the glaucoma medication. Now used as an anti-aging cream, it has turned out to be a magical eye-bag buster. It helps bind fatty cells under skin and helps them release fatty acids. With an approximate three months night use, it can remove eye bags completely. XAF5 is being tested for its efficacy in body fat removal as well.

4.      Microneedling

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a beauty treatment that dermatologists have been using for years to treat facial scars. However, due to the recent availability of various microneedling devices and at-home dermarollers, this particular beauty treatment has become so popular. It involves micro needles making microscopic holes in the skin. It seems painful but the treatment offers some great benefits. It enhances skin’s natural ability to heal on its own and improves collagen and elastin production as well. The holes on the skin that pinpricks make result in better serum and cream penetration, which makes skincare regimens effective.

5.      Lash Enhancement Tattoos

Lash Enhancement TattoosIf a fuller lash is something you have been dreaming to have for long, you can go for a lash enhancement tattoo. Also known as invisible eyeliner, it gives a fake appearance of fuller lashes through pigments placed strategically. Depending on your requirement, the tattoo can be as thick or thin. After numbing the targeted areas, a computerized pigmentation device does the job. Therefore, you need not worry about tattoo needles piercing in your eyes. Tattoo fills in gaps between hairs, which creates an illusion of darker and thicker eyelashes without looking fake. To accentuate the beauty of your eyes, you can get lash enhancement tattoos done on both lashes or just on one.

A final note on facial cupping and other facial treatments

Facial treatment is recommended once or twice a month. To keep your skin looking as young as ever, you need to take a very good care of your skin. However, make a note that selection of saloon determines the future of your skin.

Every year, some new innovative beauty treatments are introduced that offer promising results to beauty conscious folks. Such beauty treatments help people correct skin problems and to overcome inadequacies that their skin or features have.

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