Ways to get rid of stomach hair and other hair removal tips

get rid of stomach hair

There are many people who face the problem of unwanted hair growth on their stomach. This problem is more evident in those who have dark colored hair as compared to those with blonde hair. There are ways to get rid of unwanted hair growth. There are both expensive and affordable methods to suit the pocket size of all. Here is a list of few hair removal tips and  methods. Read through and get rid of unwanted hair on your stomach.

1. Tweeze away the hair

Tweeze away the hair

If your stomach hairs are not strong and dense, then you do not have to depend on expensive methods of hair removal. Instead, you can very well get rid of the hairs on the stomach by following the simple method of tweezing. Apart from being very easy to perform, this method is not at all expensive. To remove the hair, all you need is a pair of tweezers.

The tweezer will allow you to pluck out the hair from the root, thereby delaying hair re-growth and it will provide you with a smooth skin for longer periods of time. The only disadvantage of using this beauty tool is that it can be a bit painful and can also take up a bit of your time. After plucking out the sparse hairs from the stomach, you should clean the area and apply an ice cube or an anti-inflammatory solution, so as to reduce the pain.

2. Mask your stomach hair by bleaching

In order to camouflage the patches of hair on your stomach, you can bleach it. This method will not help in removing the stomach hair, but it will act as an effective way to mask its presence. Bleaching can be done by using chemical products as well as natural bleaches. Even though the natural ones are more skin friendly than their chemical counterparts, one may have to use them frequently in order to obtain satisfactory results.

You can prepare homemade bleaches by using products like tomato, papaya, and lemon, they have natural bleaching properties. While using commercially available chemical bleaches, ensure that you perform a patch test before using the product, so as to rule out the chance of allergies. Also read the instruction manual carefully and follow the necessary precautions, so as to avoid the occurrence of wayward incidents.

3. Use hair depilatory creams

hair depilatory creamIf you are looking for a painless hair removal, then using a hair depilatory cream is the best option. These creams will be available at a local drug store or a nearby beauty salon and will offer you a completely pain free hair removal experience. The depilatory creams work by dissolving the strands of hair and then removing them by their roots. The cream is to be applied on the patch stomach hair and is to be left untouched for 15 minutes. After the stipulated time period, rinse off the cream by rubbing the hair. To obtain a completely hair free and smooth skin, the above said method of application is to be followed with absolute precision.

Even though using hair depilatory creams is a popular hair removal method, it has a disadvantage. It is seen that the ingredients of the cream can cause allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, before using the depilatory cream, it is recommended that you perform a patch test on your skin, so as to ensure the safety of the product.

4. Wax off your stomach hairs

Waxing is the most popular method, which is followed for removing stomach hairs. This procedure will provide satisfactory results that will last for a long period of time. The only prerequisite to do waxing is that the hair to be removed should be at least a quarter inch long. Waxing can be done by using commercial wax kits that are available at drug stores. In another method, one can use a home made wax which is made by heating together brown sugar, water, and lemon juice.

Pro hair removal tips for stomach waxing

irritation-free-hair-removalSince the skin on the stomach is very sensitive, there is a high chance than you may suffer from inflammation of the skin and pain due to waxing. To avoid these discomforts, you can take some precautionary steps before you wax your hair. A few of these precautionary measures include

  • Applying a hot compress
  • Applying baby powder
  • Removing the dead skin cells by using a body scrub.

How-to’s for smooth and irritation-free hair removal

Hair removal becomes a task when none of the ways including waxing, shaving, epilation, or usage of hair removal creams tends to give you a smooth skin after an irritation free hair removal. Even after spending hours in hair removal you do not manage to get desired result, it is damn frustrating. No worries, as we have here a hair removal guide for you that will certainly give you an irritation free hair removal.

1.    Start with a shower

Woman Takes A ShowerThe biggest mistake many people make is to remove hair at any time, which is wrong. You should only remove hair when you know you are clean, as in after a hot shower. It leaves your skin dirt free, which means no infection. A hot shower also open your skin pores.

2.    Exfoliate well

For an effective hair removal, you must exfoliate your skin well. You can choose a number of scrubs to do so, or use a pumice stone, loofah, washcloth or a brush to gently and effectively exfoliate your skin. You can use any facial scrub to exfoliate your facial skin, for armpit, you can prepare a sugar scrub, and for legs and arms, the brush or loofah would do.

3.    Soften your hair and skin

soft skinFor a close and an effective hair removal, you are supposed to soften your hair and skin. Soft hairs are easy to pull while the hard ones are rigid and it takes quite an effort to give them a close shave or wax. It is a good practice to have a hot shower before going for a hair removal, or simply placing a cloth dipped in hot water on skin for sometime would also do. While shaving, you should apply a good shaving cream, as it softens hair and enables easy removal of hair without leaving any rashes or bumps on your skin.

4.    Before and after sun exposure is banned

If you do not want your sensitive skin to have a painful experience, avoid sun exposure before and after getting a hair removal treatment. If you expose your skin to sun prior hair removal, your skin might become too sensitive for a hair removal procedure. On the other hand, sunbathing soon after hair removal might leave your skin burnt. You should avoid exposing your skin to sun for a minimum of 24 hours after hair removal.

Some Useful hair removal tips

  • In order to facilitate hair removal from the skin you should drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juice.
  • Avoid using dull razor blades and change the blades regularly. Rinse the blades properly after each single use. Avoid using disposable blades.
  • Post shaving is as important as pre shaving. Hence, use after shave lotion such as milk and honey aftershave lotion.
  • Pulling the skin while shaving will help you have a close removal.

Bikini line hair removal treatment

One of the major concerns about wearing swimming costume is the bikini line. You may have the perfect figure to look ravishing in a bikini but a clean bikini line is a must. Bikini line hair can make or break the reputation of a diva and hence you must have a clean bikini line. Here are some simple ways of getting rid of bikini line hair:

1.    Laser hair removal

Laser Hair RemovalThis is a non-surgical procedure. One of its biggest advantages is that the hair can be removed permanently. This method is obviously less painful and much more effective. One can get rid of the hair forever. However, this can be a costly affair. The cost will depend on the area of the body which is to be treated and also the Spa where you go for the treatment.

2.    Electrolysis for hair removal

In this method the growth of the hair is destroyed by making use of chemicals and heat. You can make use of this treatment effectively for different parts of the skin. There may be side effects like reddening of the skin. There are no permanent side effects reported by this method.

One must note here that the number of sessions that may be required will depend on the individual. This method also helps in getting rid of the hair on permanent basis. One must remember that this method does not cause major discomforts. There may be just a tingling sensation.

3.    Sugaring

A mixture of sugar, lemon and hot water is used in sugaring and this method helps to remove the hair from the root. In this method, the mixture gets stuck to the hair. The skin is not at all affected. The residue that remains behind can be cleaned easily with water. One may need a few sessions of sugaring to get rid of the hair completely.

4.    Threading

Bikini-WaxThreading is probably one of the oldest ways of getting rid of the unwanted hair. This is not a sophisticated method but it is surely one of the most reliable methods. This method can, however, cause pain and discomfort especially if you need to treat sensitive areas like the bikini line.

Threading can be time-consuming and needs to be done again and again as it does not remove the hair permanently. One can combine this method with other methods like sugaring. You can remove most of the unwanted hair will one or two sessions of sugaring and then remove the stubborn ones with threading.

5.    Waxing

For the first timers, they may not be sure if they should go for the hot wax. But remember waxing for the bikini line is a normal thing for most women and even for your salon expert. So, there is nothing awkward about it.

Depending on your requirement there are different types of waxing available for the bikini line like a Brazilian wax, Hollywood style and much more. This technique can be a little painful but surely gives a clean bikini line.

6.    Depilatory creams

Use of these creams is probably the easiest alternatives. This treatment does not remove the hair from the root. This method only dissolves the hair on the surface. Therefore, one has to use the cream treatment again and again. Some of the creams may not have a very pleasant smell. However, this is one of the easiest ways of getting rid of hair on bikini line though only for a temporary period.

Depending on your preference you can opt for a treatment that suits you and your pocket size.

How to save your skin while removing hair

All of the gorgeous ladies out there reading this article are desirous to have a smooth, silky, glowing and ‘hair-less’ skin that feels extremely soft to touch and feel. But wait! Those hair bumps…. They are actually there to spoil your mood and the appearance and texture of your skin.

Now that summer is in its full form and many of you might be waiting to go to the beach to flaunt your perfectly shaped, beach ready bodies, why let these hair bumps ruin your excitement? Read below to know extremely quick and easy hair removal tips that would help you a lot.

1. Cleansing

CleansingSkin cleansing is an absolutely essential step before you start removing your hair. It is because impurities such as dirt and dust get trapped inside the skin pores blocking them which lead to the formation of bumps after waxing or using razors. Cleaning your skin with lukewarm water before using any of the hair removing techniques well help you have a smoother, bump free skin afterwards. Having a steam bath is also very useful.

2. Scrubbing

Ingrown hair is not just ugly and irritating but also causes skin troubles. Regular scrubbing will help you deal with this very easily since it fights off dead skin cells making the hair smooth and easy to remove. All you need to so is to take a few minutes time while you are about to have a shower.

There are several products like facial scrub brush, facial exfoliates with micro-beads, sugar scrub, stiff bristle scrub brush, loofah that can be used for this purpose. Although chemical products also are available, it is best nit to use them. The use of exfoliates depends on the sensitivity of the skin form which hair is to be removed.

3. Softening of the skin and hair


Softening the skin before shaving, waxing or removing them with an epilator or razor os very helpful since it opens all the pores making it easy for the hair strands to stand upright thus facilitating their easy removal. This saves time as well prevents skin irritation due to several rounds of the razor or epilator. Just like men, women too can make use of a good grade shaving cream that softens the skin and hair and therefore causes less pain and irritation.

4. Reducing friction

Friction due to cleansing, scrubbing and hair removing needs to be reduced in order to save the skin from rashes, bumps and irritation. For this, you can use a good quality shaving cream as mentioned above. Applying cornstarch powder to the area prior to waxing, shaving or epilating also is a good way to reduce friction.

5. Cooling the skin

waxingRubbing the skin with ice cubes prior to shaving also helps to remove hair easily.

Hair removal, be it any method you choose, is not a cakewalk. Many things can go wrong harming your skin pretty bad if you do not take a few precautions.Follow these tips to have a silky-smooth skin which is simply too soft to resist.

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