Is cold shower an anti-aging remedy? And Much More

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There have been numerous discussions that emphasize on the effectiveness of cold shower in lowering down the aging process in an individual. But there are controversies too in this respect that state that cold shower therapy can be detrimental for the skin and health as well. What is most important to realize in this context is that you need to know the correct techniques of cold shower in order to enjoy its benefits. It improves and tones the skin and muscles that fight aging process.

Cold shower: The anti-aging secret

By the term aging, only skin aging is not taken into consideration. It is the aging process of the various internal organs too that is hinted at. Therefore, the benefits of cold shower is felt in the improved functioning and betterment of the various organs as well as the skin of face and body.

1. Improves lymph drainage and blood circulation

blood circulationIt has been found out that regular cold shower improves the functioning of the lymphatic drainage system and sympathetic nervous system. Thus, the regular circulation of blood through the veins is ensured and the undisturbed lymph drainage system expels out toxins from the body. Consequently, the skin glows with youth.

2. Increase in brown fat cells

The brown fat cells, which have dense concentration of mitochondria, is one of the key elements in determination of aging process in human beings. A greater percentage of brown fat cells lead to youthfulness while a decrease in the same causes aging. So, it is evident that new born babies and infants have highest concentrations of brown fat cells in their body. Absence of cold simulation also leads to decrease in the concentration of brown fat cells untimely, thereby causing aging. So, if you wish to keep aging process at bay, get into the practice of regular cold shower.

3. Improves sleep

Improves sleepRegular adherence to cold water bath has also shown considerable results as an analgesic that soothes the nerves in the most natural way, without the fear of any harmful side effects. Thus, it also leads to an improved quality of sleep, that ultimately improves the texture of skin and prevents appearance of dark circles around eyes.

4. Better moisture retention and oxygen absorption

Studies further suggest that cold shower bath opens up the pores of the skin. This further leads to better absorption of oxygen by the skin and retention of moisture within the pores so that skin remains hydrated and does not develop wrinkles and fine lines.

Cold shower: Water blues

While certain medical researches underline the role of cold water shower as a natural anti aging remedy, but there are other views too that state that cold water shower can cause several health hazards as well. Such theories vote for the use of lukewarm water in place of too cold or hot water, otherwise which some complications may arise.

1. Eating disorder can be aggravated

depressionEating disorder is often caused by the extreme urge to remain slim and thus fight the natural process of aging. Medical reports suggest that if victims suffering from the same keep on using cold water therapy, it can aggravate the situation and even lead to mental stress and depression.

2. Disturbance in the metabolic activities

A healthy metabolic activity is the root factor of youthfulness. Although cold water shower helps in keeping the system regularized, but those who are underweight must stay away from cold water bath. Since majority of underweight people suffer from metabolic disorders so their body is incapable of producing enough heat to withstand the low temperature of cold water.

3. Muscle cramping and ugly stretch marks

Muscle crampingExercise is the integral part of staying fit and healthy. But those who are thinking to adopt the having of bathing in cold water, must stay away from the same immediately after a workout. Workout increases body heat and leads to the increase in the intensity of blood flow within the nerves and muscles. Thus, when you shift over to cold water shower immediately after the workout, it might disturb the flow of blood due to unnatural drop of body temperature. This will eventually cause muscle cramping. It has also been found out that following this faulty practice for longer time might also lead to ugly stretch marks, which is rather a stain on youthful appearance.

Have you ever wondered why you feel the need to instantly splash your face with cold water when stress on your head is becoming too much to handle? Well, that’s because cold water, quite literally, washes away the stress and ushers you into a realm of rejuvenation where you begin to feel fresh and relaxed. Here are few reasons to believe why cold shower is a skin miracle.

1, Enhances blood circulation

beautiful-bodyA cold water shower makes blood rush to the inside of organs to maintain their temperature and prevent them from freezing. Later, when your body acquires its normal temperature again, blood flows towards outside, making your skin looks fresh and radiant. It also eliminates the toxins and wastes from the body and thus improves immunity. Cold shower therapy, in which hot and cold showers are used alternately, is the best remedy to revive the inactive blood capillaries and to relieve any muscular pain that there may be.

2. Beauty benefits

A cold water shower closes all the pores on your body that might be open and prevents dirt from entering in. Best results are seen when you first use warm water to remove oil and dirt from your face and then splash it with cold water. It adds a dash of pink to your complexion because of increased circulation. It also adds radiance to your skin all over. Additionally, you could also give your body a relaxing oil massage before taking a cold shower. However, it must be kept in mind that the water must not be too cold for the body to bear that it breaks the blood capillaries.

A cold shower is a great anti-aging agent as it keeps your skin tight and replenished. It increases blood circulation in the thinner skin around the eyes, thus forbidding dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

Rinsing your hair with cold water keeps them healthier and bouncier. It works the same way as it does for the skin, that is closes the cuticle and prevents the dirt from entering in and also the oil from the glands from coming out. It makes hair stronger and shinier and also saves them from falling.

3. Mental relaxation

Mental relaxationWhile having a cold water shower; you primarily visualize fresh and green surroundings with waterfalls or springs of sparkling clean cool water flowing amidst them. Such thoughts play a important role; as they help to give you the much needed metal relaxation in a life so full of buzz these days. And, this definitely gets reflected in your overall beauty and health.

A cold shower perks you up from the murkiest of moods. It energizes you on your laziest of days; and alerts your senses instantly in the morning. Having a cold shower makes you healthier and prettier as well as revitalizes you. What more could you ask for from what seems just a shower? Go for the chill. Indulge yourself in a cold water splash.

10 reasons to take a cold shower

taking a cold showerThe daily bath is a cleansing and relaxing session. Everyone would have experienced the joy inherent in a bath. However, did you know that having a cold shower has many benefits and advantages? Before we delve into that, let us make clear what a cold shower is. A cold shower does not mean dousing oneself with cold water every day. That would become a torture in cold places and in cold months. A cold shower refers to the practice of having a bath in warm water and concluding it with a few minutes of a cool shower. Having said that, let us examine 10 benefits of a cold shower.

1. It acts as in instant mood booster


It has been the experience of many people that when they are tired, worn out and dusty, a cold shower revitalizes them and makes them feel fresh. It also removes sleep instantly making you alive, energetic and awake. There is a reason why this happens. Cold water, when it contacts your skin, induces the release of endorphins into the blood stream and the brain. These endorphins are ‘happy molecules’ and instantly put you in a good and happy mood. The shower also releases all the blocked energy in different parts of the body. Thus, it even relieves stress and tension, leading to a happy mood overall.

2. It improves blood circulation

It is a scientific fact that warm water brings a rush of blood to your skin while cold water makes the blood rush to the inner organs. If used in an alternating manner, the blood in the body is made to move and the overall circulation is enhanced. It has also been found that though alternating between hot and cold water is the best, even ending the shower with cold water is good enough. An improved circulation also means a reduced susceptibility to varicose veins, hardening of arteries and hypertension. Good blood circulation also helps the overall functioning of the body and thus makes you feel healthier and better.

3. It flushes out toxins from the system


Over time, any human body accumulates toxins. These toxins can come as food, as byproducts of metabolic processes or through wounds. They often get accumulated in muscles. When cold water falls on the body, the muscles contract and squeeze out these toxins. The circulation, which has also been enhanced by the cold water, ensures that these toxins are thrown out of the system. Thus, cold showers flush out the toxins from the body.

4. It makes your skin look much better

Warm water showers open up the pores on your skin. A cold-water shower cleans the pores and then makes them contract and close. This ensures that the pores do not get clogged and blocked by dirt and sebum. Thus, there is lesser chance of getting acne and pimples. The cold water also makes the blood vessels contract and constrict. This reduces the swellings on the body. The skin around one’s eyes is thin and tender. The reduction of swelling here makes sure that dark circles do not occur around the eyes.

5. It speeds us the healing process

The method by which a cold shower improves circulation and flushes out toxins from the system has already been discussed. Add to this the fact that a cold shower enhances the oxygen circulation in the system. All these ensure that the immune system is boosted. Thus, in the long run, the body becomes more capable of repairing itself and healing from illnesses.

6. It provides you with healthier hair

healthier hairYou would have definitely noticed the ‘cold air’ button on the hair dryer. There is a reason why this is provided. Cold air and cold water are good for the hair. Just like how it contracts the pores on the body, cold water also closes the cuticles on the head. Thus, dirt is not able to settle in the scalp and the hair gets stronger. Stronger hair means less loss and fall due to combing and other daily activities. Cold water also adds a sort of shine to the hair.

7. It improves focus

When you are having a cold-water shower, you can be 100 percent sure that all your attention is in the present moment. The mind is completely focused on the body and you will also notice the goosebumps that come on your skin. For a few minutes, all the worries seem to get flushed out of the system. The lethargy is gone and you are at your sharp and intuitive best. Thus, it is that some of the greatest insights come in a cold shower. Even the great, ancient scientist, Archimedes, came up with his principle of buoyancy when in a cold-water tub!

8. It is cheap and environmentally friendly

Cold water costs absolutely nothing. It saves power that is used to heat water. Thus, it also becomes a ‘green’ method of energizing oneself. It also has indirect water-saving benefits. It has been found that when one bathes with hot water, there is greater tendency to wastefully use more water than necessary. Cold baths, on the other hand, take care that only the necessary amount of water is used.

9. It provides many mental benefits

cold water showerFrom the olden times, Samurai warriors in Japan used to pour cold water on their heads in the morning. They believed that this would clear their minds and refresh them for the entire day. Instead of trusting the beliefs of the Samurai, why not go into the shower and have a cold one yourself. You will surely feel invigorated and relaxed.

10. It provides many spiritual benefits

Even in the spiritual spheres, a cold-water shower has been recommended, especially in chakra therapy. It is believed to clean the aura of all the draining and depleting influences. It is also thought to have the capacity to revitalize and energize all the chakras in the body. In particular, it opens up the chakra in the throat which gets missed otherwise. The western psychology also believes that a cold shower takes out all the negative thoughts from your system. 

The beauty note

Cold water as an anti-aging therapy can only be felt. Men can in fact include it in their anti-aging routine.If you know the perfect technique to direct it to healthier options. But lack of knowledge and novice attitude in shifting over to the regular habit of cold shower; can often bring about detrimental results for the health as well. So,more information in this matter is extremely essential.

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