Hot hair trend: Glam up this Winter with a ponytail

This Winter, style your hair in a ponytail to look hot. Ponytail is a hot hair trend for Winters. Ponytail can lend a sporty, bubbly, sober or romantic look by just a few little twists of your hands around your hair. For that sleek and stylish combo, read on and DIY the hottest ponytail styles.

1. Low slung ponytail

Low slung ponytail

As the name suggests, this style is made low, easy breezy and side parted. It is like you get up in the morning and clutch your hair low.

The celebs’ inspiration: Lindsay Lohan’s low and wavy slung ponytail, Diana Vickers’ day time low slung ponytail style and Nicky Hilton’s centre parting with clean finish to low slung ponytail.

DIY: The way of making a low slung ponytail is very simple as it seems; you just have to scoop the hair at the nape of the neck with the help of elastic or some trendy accessory like the Dries Van Noten’s golden clip.

2. Mid height ponytail

Mid height ponytail

This style is made a bit higher as compared to the low slung. The hair needs to be slicked and straightened preferably.

The celebs’ inspiration: Tulisa Contostavlos, Olivia Wilde and Sarah Jessica Parker (makes use of side parting as well).

DIY: The way to make this ponytail is to simply pull the hair straight back from forehead and tie with a rubber band.

3. High and preppy ponytail

High and preppy ponytail

This style gives a chic high look to the ponytail. One can add on accessories to make this hairstyle look better i.e. wearing on a trendy small cap.

The celebs’ inspiration: Nicole Richie (makes use of fringes as well), Kelly Osbourne and Katie Holmes.

DIY: Simply, backcomb your hair. Pull your hair up so as to get a high ponytail. Take an elastic band and tie your hair in a ponytail. You can take cute hair accessories and make the high and preppy ponytail get a cuter look.

4. Retro ponytail

Retro ponytail

It is an ultra volume ponytail that gives a flirty and playful look.

The celebs’ inspiration: Reese Witherspoon.

DIY: The way of making such a ponytail is to backcomb the hair volume again and again in order to get fluffiness and then hairspray it to keep it fluffy.

5. Just rolled out of bed ponytail

Just rolled out of bed ponytail

As its name suggests, it is actually made by just rolling out of the bed. This is a messy and still sensual type of ponytail style.

The celeb inspiration: Cynthia Rowley

DIY: The way of making this style is to first wash the hair and then blow dry them. This makes the hair look messy; hence very slight gel is applied and then ponytail is made. The tail can be drawn to one side with some loose tendrils.

6. Tausled ponytail

Tausled ponytail

As mentioned, the hair are kept a bit tousled and then tied.

The celeb inspiration: Blake Lively

DIY: The way of making it is the same as done by Blake Lively along with some pulled out front locks of hair to get a delicate look.

7. Sleek and tight ponytail

Sleek and tight ponytail

It is probably the most proper ponytail style. At the same time it gives sexy look as well.

The celeb inspiration: Beyonce.

DIY: It can be made by pulling the tail of the hair high, tight and sleek and leaving behind no loose strands. Also, the hair must be straight with no single frizz.

8. Braided ponytail

Braided ponytail

This style of ponytail gives a chic look. It is an easy ponytail that is usually high.

The celeb inspiration: Alessandro Ambrosio

DIY: It can be made simply by making a simple sleek ponytail at first and then braid the tail of the hair till the end.

9. Side swept ponytail

Side swept ponytail

This style gives a classy and gorgeous look. This ponytail style can be made by sweeping the bunch of hair to the side bottom of the neck giving natural curls to the hair thus adding to the beauty.

The celeb inspiration: Miley Cyrus

DIY: This is the easiest and fastest way of changing the hairstyle without much effort. This does not require any skill. Also, ponytail styling is suitable for bad hair as well. You never know that maybe the very next day you end up discovering your own ponytail style.

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