Easy facial exercises for a slim face and a beautiful smile


Beauty lies in the beholder. While we agree, we also consider a very simple fact. Your smile is an amazing enhancer of your beauty. To have a nice and graceful smile is half the battle won. But have you ever considered facial exercises for improving smile?  Most of you surely haven’t. But just as the body needs exercises so does your face. In fact in terms of effectiveness of facial exercises, its effects are similar to a facelift procedure or a toning procedure to enhance elasticity. A perfect smile doesn’t come easy so let’s learn how.

6 Facial Exercises for Improving Smile

1. Exercises involving the smile

get hold of a mirrorWhen we talk about exercises we must consider a basic biological fact that the face is made up of muscles which can be and need to be worked to be kept in shape. The smile itself can be a good exercise to reduce laugh lines and have a pretty and expressive smile.  To start off this exercise, get hold of a mirror. Stand or sit in front of it as it suits you and maintain your lips and face as relaxed as can be. Then perform the following exercises:

  1. For the first step you need to maintain your lips together and while doing so you need to perform a lateral stretching of your mouth.
  2. Let the edges of your teeth be exposed by further expansion of the lateral stretch and by parting your lips.
  3. Now for the third step you need to further stretch beyond what you did in step two. Now let half your teeth be exposed. Main this position for ten seconds.
  4. After this display your widest grin, to the best of your abilities. Make sure all your teeth are on display and again maintain this position for ten seconds.
  5. Once you are done with the entire process, repeat steps three two and one in order and reverse your extended smile slowly.
  6. The above exercises can also be done differently by using your index finger in manipulating the smile differently. 

2. Removal of unwanted facial lines

Removal-of-unwanted-facial-linesThe lines on your face often act as the villain while making you appear aged. While the lines are caused due to several reasons we will tell you how to get rid of them. The fish pose practiced in yoga helps specifically in this domain. The areas around the mouth often develop these aging lines and this exercise if performed the right way will lead to substantial reduction in those lines. Time to look younger and have a perfect smile.

  1. Suck in your cheeks and roll the lips out. Simply this puckering pose can be a great help in what you want to achieve.
  2. Now while you are practicing this pose, try to smile.(during puckering)
  3. After a while the face muscles will let you know that they have been worked. Continue being in this pose till you feel the pain.
  4. A point to be noted while performing this exercise is that it can be performed the one time in a day only. Otherwise you simply risk straining of your face muscles.

3. The Silly Rabbit pose

The Silly Rabbit poseThis exercise is a great facial exercise for improving smile if the toning of cheek muscles is a priority. This can be performed just as well in the presence or absence of a mirror. In fact we recommend that if you are someone easily amused by a funny face, avoid having a mirror for this particular exercise. Now perform the following steps.

  1. Do not open your lips and yet put out a smile as widely as possible.
  2. Just as a rabbit does, you need to wiggle the nose. While performing this exercise you will notice that the cheek muscles will be involved in the smiling process while smiling with your mouth closed.
  3. Now all you need to do is to maintain the position for about 5 seconds.
  4. The entire process can be repeated for around ten times for the best results. 

4. The face lift

youthful appearanceWho does not crave for a youthful appearance? Since you all do, know the muscle which is the most responsible for having the youthful appearance. The muscle is called the quadratus labli superior. The better you can develop this muscle the better your chances are that you will evade sagging. So wait no longer. Follow the given steps and the quadratus labli superioris will reduce laugh lines. 

  1. Open your mouth very slightly and relax the upper lip for this exercise. Now while flaring your nostril you need to force a wrinkled nose pose.
  2. Now simply pull the upper lip up and maintain the pose for about ten seconds. Once completed with the task, let go of the pose very slowly.
  3. This entire can be repeated by you for 10 times for best results. 

5. Practicing the lion pose

Practicing the lion poseThis is an exercise that would activate all your facial muscles and will help you to reduce laugh lines.

  1. To begin performing this exercise, drop your jaws and let the mouth be opened very wide.
  1. Now with your tongue out, try pushing in a downward direction towards the chin using as much force as you can muster.
  1. The entire process is to be continued with a constant breathing and a lion like sound emanating from your throat. This can be repeated five times every day.

6. Some other methods that will act as good facial exercise for improving smile 

good facial exercise for improving smile 

  1. Smile at people on a regular basis. Make it a habit. Smile back at those smiling at you and smile at those who are not.
  2. Keep up with a regular practice of fake and real smile. Apart from teaching you to smile with your mouth closed, it also will give you a perspective how each one feels.
  3. Practice the habit of deep breathing while putting out a smile. This would ensure that not just your face muscle but some other body muscles are also put to work. 

6- Facial exercises that will slim down your chubby face

Facial exercises that will slim down your chubby faceWho doesn’t want a perfect jawline and perfect shape face? Chubby chicks and round face not only makes your face heavy but also makes you look older. To help you work on these areas, there are some simple exercises to get that perfect toned shape. Regular exercise can slim down on extra fat and make your face healthy and attractive. Try out some facial exercise to get that even toned face.

1.     Smile, please

beautiful smiling womanA smile is the best things you can have. It does not only make you look beautiful, happy and bright but also regulates your face muscles. A smile can prove to be an excellent exercise for your face and it can do wonders by making your face a toned one. It’s the exercise you can do sitting at your office desk and working on your system. All you have to do is smile widely with your lips sealed. Close your mouth and smile widely as much as you can. Hold this position for ten seconds and bring it to the normal and relaxed point. Repeat the exercise regularly and on a daily basis. It will definitely strengthen the structure of your face and also makes you happy.

2.     Slim Fat Cheeks

A flat and slim cheek is the trend of this season but how to get that perfect chipmunk cheeks? Try this easy facial exercise, while in a sitting position; tilt your head and look towards the ceiling pushing your chin out. Try to suck cheeks inside as much as you can. Hold this position for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat it 10 to 15 times. As you hold this position, you will get stress on your cheeks and muscles which will help to burn the fat and improve the shape of the cheeks.

3.     Pout like a fish

Pout like a fishPout like a fish to work on the overall cheeks simultaneously; it is also one of the best and enjoyable options you can have. All you have to do is pout like a fish, sucking your cheeks inside and to resemble like same. Try to develop the outer corner of your lips into a smile. Hold this position for ten seconds and after relax for a while. Repeat the exercise for 4 to 5 times. This exercise not only gives stress on your cheeks but also strengthens the jaw making it flat and oval in shape.

4.     Jaw Release

Jaw release is important as it helps in reducing the double chin and stretches the muscle near your lips, jaws and cheek area. Jaw release will give you pointed, a prominent and beautiful cheekbone appearance. For this exercise, you just have to act as if you are eating something with your mouth closed. First, close your mouth and move your jaws in a way that it looks like you are chewing your food. Do this for a couple of seconds and after open your mouth as big as you can with your tongue positioned in your lower teeth. Hold this position also for some seconds and after repeat this. The muscles near the jaw area and cheekbones will get the stress which you can feel while doing the exercise, and tone up the cheekbones.

5.     Roll your neck

Roll your neckGot tired of the Double chin? This is one of the common problems that most of the people experience. For this, the best exercise is the neck roll. Neckroll slim down your chin, jawline and neck muscles. It removes the wrinkles, tightens up the neck skin which becomes saggy as you age. Again this is the exercise you can do anywhere while seated. Keep your head and spine straight and look straight. Now roll your head in circular motion. Your body posture should be straight for this. Roll your head in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Do this for few minutes and follow his regularly. This is the best exercise for neck and face which makes maintaining the flexibility of muscles.

6.     Pronouncing X and O

This is one of the best and easy exercises to slim down the facial fat.  It’s fun and at the same time helps you burn fat easily. All you have to do is pronounce X and O stressing your mouth and cheeks. Make inflated motion as much as you can while pronouncing these two letters. Repeat this exercise ten times a day and you will see the results. The movement will exhaust the face and the jaw muscles as many times you do and hence help to get a perfect shape.

Additional tips

Apart from doing face exercise, there is some additional tip which you can include in your daily regime, it will not only help get that toned cheek but also gives a perfect glow to your face. Some of them are:-

·         Water intake:

Proper intake of waterProper intake of water which is a natural energy drink in itself can make you full and help you lose weight. It makes your system clean by removing excess toxins. When you toned down and lose weight, ultimately it will show up into your face too.

·         Try to be happy:

Happiness is the key. Stress can at times prove to be very bad for your health. It accumulates fats in your body. Reducing stress level can help you make a healthy body so that you can work on it.

·         Proper sleep:

Better-sleepThe right amount of sleep is very important in order to balance your hormones which are important in weight loss as well. So 8 hours of sleep is a must have.

·         Be regular:

The most important things in achieving a perfect and toned face is you have to be regular and consistent in whatever you do. Exercising for one day or drinking enough water for a day will not help you in anyway. You should be regular in whatever you do. Commitment is very important to reach to that desired goals.

Conclusion on Facial Exercises for improving smile and slimming a chubby face

We can never stress enough on the importance of a smile, and so now that you will practice it more often why not do it right. Perform this set of facial exercises for improving smile and you will be the one whose smile becomes the focal point of your beauty features. Slay it with a smile then.

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