Manicure tips to give your short fingers a longer look


Did you know that you can make your short fingers look longer? Yes, it’s possible, just by manicuring them in a way to create the look of long slender fingers. Just as makeup is used to make your lips look fuller, or nose look longer or smaller, your fingers too can look like those of a hand model, with the help of some cool manicure tricks. Get ready to wow everyone with your beautiful, long fingers using the tips we’ve collected for you.

Before manicuring your tips to get that longer look, you must care for your hands, to make them smooth and soft. Use hand lotions and oils from time to time to moisturize your hands. Fabulous skin and well-manicured nails will make your hands look exceptional. Buy a good quality manicure kit, with which you can do your magic.

File them in an oval shape


The shape of your nails can affect the size of your finger. Oval shaped nails can make your hands look slim and slender. You have to grow your nails in a way that their length is more than the widest part of your nail. When you file, file them in a way that the edges are round and the nails taper into the sides, to make your fingers appear longer. Avoid the square shape as it will make your finger look stubbier.

Push the cuticles back


Use cuticle oil to soften the cuticles. Then as gently as you can, with a flat manicure tool or your fingers, push them as far back as you can, to reveal the most of your nail bed. Don’t overdo this, as it might hurt your finger, stay away from cuticle scissors as they might make the surrounding skin around your nails irritated and red. Besides, there’s a good chance you may slice your skin, so avoid cutting your cuticles and stay safe. After you have pushed back the cuticle, make sure that you polish right up to the end of the cuticle, so that your nail and finger appear longer.

Use the right color nail polish

The color you choose can make a huge difference. The key to creating the perfect optical illusion is the color of nail polish you use. Avoid any color which brings out the red undertones in the skin. Nudes are the best choice if you want to elongate finger, as they make your nails an extension of the fingers. If you have a fair/light skin, a pinkish beige nude shade, and toffee or caramel beige shade for dark skin will do the trick. A shade which is lighter than your skin’s tone will continue the finger line, making your finger look thinner and slimmer. You’d be amazed how this simple but clever choice of color can make a difference to the length of your fingers. Don’t use bright red, white or turquoise, as they would only draw attention to your fingers.

Play with patterns

Play with patterns


Using the one accentuated style, i.e. making one finger stand out from the others, will emphasize your manicure design and distract attention from the length of your finger. You can easily do it by for example using glitter polish on one finger and matte on the others. Paint your nails in vertical stripes in one or many colors as another ploy to distract attention. Or painting thin vertical lines on top of a base color will help to make the nails look longer, and thus your fingers too.

Use these really effective tips to create a slender and slim look for your hands. Regularly moisturizing your hands will keep them smooth, soft and supple, making them look great always.

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