Wedding Invitation Design: Things to Keep in Mind


Once your wedding date has been finalized, you would want to share it with your friends, relatives, colleagues and anybody you wish to be a part of the festivities. While a lot of people share digital invitations these days, traditional wedding invitations still enjoy tremendous popularity.

There are many companies that design and print wedding invitations on behalf of couples who are set to tie the knot soon. You should reach out to a well-established agency to get your wedding invitations made. However, you must supervise the process and ensure the invitations that come out are worth sending out to your loved ones.

Here are some of the things you must consider while getting your wedding invitations designed:

1. Budget


These days, a lot of people prefer getting super-fancy wedding invitation cards made to announce to the world that the most important day of their life is around the corner. Before you decide on the expensive elements that will be a part of your invitation card, you must finalize a budget. Your budget will drive you towards shortlisting the ideas for your wedding invitation card. 

2. Wedding Style

Before finalizing your wedding invitation card, you must be sure about your wedding style. Some couples prefer an intimate wedding with close friends in attendance. And, there are many who dream of having a lavish wedding with pomp and show. The style of your wedding should reflect in your wedding invitation card. 

3. Guests’ Sensibilities

Since you will be sending wedding invitation cards to your guests, it is important to keep their sensibilities in mind. The cards should appeal to them and make them want to come to your wedding. For instance, if most of your guests are conservative, you have to keep this in mind while getting the cards designed. 

4. Trending Designs

To ensure that your wedding invitation doesn’t look outdated, you have to keep yourself abreast of the trending designs of the season. What seemed fashionable five years back might not be in vogue now. If you don’t have much knowledge about designs you should ask the agency to show you a few of them. 

5. Colours

It is very important to be sure about the kind of colours you want to be used in the overall design of your wedding invitation cards. When you assign the task of designing your wedding cards to an agency, you have to brief them about the colour palette or theme you wish them to have. If you disapprove of a particular colour, you must ensure it is not used. 

6. Quantity

Wedding cards are expensive. So, you must ensure that you don’t order more than you require. A lot of people falter when it comes to deciding the number of wedding invitation cards they should get printed. Make a guest list first and go through it carefully while placing an order for your wedding invitation cards. 

7. Personal Message

A professional agency would do its best to ensure your wedding invitation cards look attractive. However, you should make them a little more special by adding a personal message for your guests. Write something that comes from your heart and that you genuinely feel. You could, perhaps, write a message about why the presence of your loved ones is important to you. 

8. Accompaniments

Today, most people don’t mind spending a lot of money on their wedding invitation cards. This is one of the reasons why invitation accompaniments have become so common these days. While some people prefer sending dry fruits, some send a basket full of assorted goodies. You could also have a different set of accompaniments for different guests. 

9. Customised Invitations

If you have some old friends or people who are very close to your heart, you can make them feel special by sending them customized wedding cards. These cards would be different from the ones you send to most of the other guests. While getting a customized wedding invitation card designed you should add certain elements that the receiver would like.

After hiring a professional agency, you must ensure they do complete justice to your vision and produce wedding invitation cards that make you and your guests happy. If you have been looking for a company to get wedding invitations made, you should get in touch with

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