4 natural moisturizers to treat dry, flaky skin

Natural Scrubs

We all want to our skin to glow but in the process of looking good, we sometimes undermine the importance of moisturizing our skin which undergoes torture from sun, pollution on a daily basis. You may argue that you have premium brand moisturizers to take care, but little do you realize that price tag doesn’t guarantee healthy skin. Set free of chemical based moisturizers and know about some natural and simple ways to let your skin breathe!

1. Milk


Remember how your mother used to emphasize on the importance of milk consumption. Here’s one glaring proof of its usefulness, you will find many over the counter products with milk base, especially moisturizers. But why invest in expensive solutions when you can extract its benefits sitting at home. Yes, mix milk with sandalwood powder or gram flour and nicely slather this healthy face pack on your skin.

Heard of milk bath that the royals used to indulge in? Milk can also be added to your bathing water for a healthy glowing skin. But make sure milk is finely removed else it can give bad odor on drying.

2. Plain Yogurt


Natural yogurt is an extract of milk and has the same useful properties of moisturizing and smoothening your skin. Not only is eating yogurt a healthy habit but this thick paste can also be applied on your face for at least 10 minutes and you will have the result to see in your mirror! It is well known to remove tan and dead skin from your body. And for enhanced results, combine your regular yogurt with other natural ingredients to prepare a face pack.

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil

Must have heard from health experts – eat and apply olive oil! It is one of the healthiest food items in the world and is used for cooking as well as for beauty purposes. Olive oil is prepared from the olive fruit which is prescribed to be eaten for a healthy body. Coming back to the oil, it’s best to massage your body with olive oil before bath to get rid of dull and dry skin. It penetrates right through your skin to the bones and nourishes every layer of your body. It is the only oil that nourishes your bones too. However, make sure it’s well removed after bath to avoid odor. Some even suggest mixing it with sea salt or little lemon juice for best results.

4. Egg yolk and Honey

Egg yolk and honey

When combined, egg yolk and honey can spell magic on your dull skin. Remove the white of the egg as it is useful for oily skin, not dry skin. The recipe would be to mix egg yolk with few teaspoons of honey and apply it evenly on the face. Let the pack remain till it dries. Then wash off with warm water and revive your lost glow. You can even use yogurt with honey for exfoliation.

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