30 Tips for best manicures

Nail manicure

We live in a fashion conscious world where people make an effort to look glamorous and toned. Every part of the body is weighed upon and taken care of. This also includes hands, and especially nails. Properly maintained nails which are long and clean makes our hand look gorgeous and slender. For beautiful nails, it is very important to take care and not use them roughly.

You can get your manicure done from the parlor from time to time. However, nails are a delicate part of our body and have to be constantly maintained by us so as to keep them clean and unbreakable. Here are a few tips to help you get best manicures.

1. The shape

The perfect shape for anyone’s nails is squoval which combines both square as well as oval. Many women ignore this and file their nails without considering its shape. The top of your nails must be filed in a way that it mirrors the nail base’s curve. Square nails makes the hands look chubby whereas pointed nails make them look delicate and slender.

2. Same length

Take care to shape all the nails in equal length. Irregular nail shape looks brusque. File your nails properly and line each nail with the one next to it to ensure same length. Keep a nail filer handy for last moment touch ups in length and shape of the nails.

3. Do not shake nail polish

Most of the women tend to shake the nail polish bottle well before using it. Avoid this as shaking causes air bubbles into the nail polish making the liquid uneven. This uneven patch reflects on your nail. Instead of shaking the nail polish, roll it between your palms so that it mixes well.

4. Swipe cotton soaked in nail polish remover

Always apply nail polish remover over your nails before applying any nail polish. You can do this through a cotton dabbed into the remover. Squeeze the cotton dipped into the remover and apply on nails. This would remove any previous marks or nail polish from your nails and keep them strain free.

5. Hold the nail polish brush properly

Many people tend to hold the nail polish brush in a wrong manner. The proper way is to hold brush in between middle finger and the thumb, resting the forefinger above the cap of the brush applying proper pressure.

6. Apply thin layers

Apply the nail polish in thin layers; do not dab good amount of nail paint on the nails in the very first layer. Always start with a thin base coat. Apply the nail polish in three parts of the nails; first being the middle one, second and third being the left-right side. Always wait for the first coat to dry out completely, only then start applying the second layer.

7. Use orangewood stick for mistake fix up

Once you are done with your manicure you can fix any mistakes that you might have made by using an orangewood by dipping it in some nail polish remover.

8. Use blow-dryer for drying nail polish

To dry the nail polish more fast, make the use of a blow-dryer. However, ensure that it is at a distance of minimum 12 inches from the hands. Also ensure to set the blow dryer on cool level.

9. Apply cuticle oil

If you have to leave the house or the parlor before your manicure is dry, apply a coat of cuticle oil on the polish. The cuticle oil will ensure that nothing sticks to your nail polished hands.

10. Use lemon juice as a remedy for stained nails

If you suffer from the problem of stained and yellow nails, you can use a slice of lemon and rub over the nails properly. Alternatively, you can also use lavender oil. A peroxide toothpaste can also be used. These remedies will help you get rid of yellow nails.

11. Use hot towel for a spa feel

Dampen a towel with water and put it in the microwave for a few minutes. Take the towel out and wrap it around the hands after applying good amount of moisturizer on them. This will make your hands supple.

12. Avoid fake nails

Real nails are any day better than the fake ones. The fake ones look artificial and also demand a lot of maintenance. Real nails are much classy and look better.

13. Use your own tool kit

In order to avoid any germ transfer do not share your manicure kit with anyone else. If you are heading to a parlor take your own kit for usage.

14. Do not cut cuticles

Never cut your cuticles as they protect the nail bed. Tell the beautician also to take care about this while doing your manicure.

15. Choose buffing over nail polish

Nude nails looks much classier than the painted ones. Just buff your nails with a buffer and be ready to flaunt those gorgeous hands.

16. Avoid fast drying

Try to avoid the fast drying of nail polish; you can do that only when you are in a mad hurry. Such coats tend to chip early and you might also have to shed extra dollar for quick drying.

17. Swipe topcoat polish everyday

For a freshly manicured look, swipe a topcoat of nail polish every day before stepping out of the house. This will just take your five minutes and your nails will look neat. This will also prevent the polish from chipping.

18. Use nail buffer for chipped polish

Make use of nail buffers for repairing a chipped nail. All you have to do is to make the edge smooth with buffer. Swipe the nail polish on the chipped region. After this portion dries out, apply nail polish on the entire nail.

19. Avoid filing post shower

Avoid filing your nails after a shower because the nails are very soft at this moment.

20. File in one direction

Always make sure that you file your nails in one direction.

21. Remove nail polish properly

Dab a cotton ball in nail polish remover and than press it on the nail for sometime, this will help you in removing stubborn nail polish easily. Use good amount of nail polish remover to remove polish easily.

22. Wear rubber gloves

Protect your manicured hands by wearing good quality rubber cloves during performing any household chores like cleaning, gardening, etc.

23. Use cuticle oil for dry cuticles

If you suffer from the problem of dry cuticles make use of cuticle oil. Keep this oil in your bag and apply whenever you feel there is a need. Cuticle creams are not as effective as the cuticle oil.

24. Quit your nail biting habit

Stop biting your nails as soon as you can. Get manicure done every week for at least 3 months, this will kill your habit of nail biting as the manicured nails taste disgusting. This habit also tend to ruin the shape and texture of your nails so the sooner you get rid of it the better it is.

25. Exfoliate

Exfoliate the skin every day in the shower, this will keep the hands supple minus any dry skin issues.

26. Moisturize

It is very important to keep the hands moisturized to prevent dry flaky skin. Moisturized skin looks healthy and appealing.

27. Do not over grow nails

The length of your nails should ideally be about an eighth to a quarter inch past the finger tips. Very long nails tend to look tacky and are also unmanageable.

28. Use subtle colors

Do not use loud raunchy colors on your hand nails, it looks gross and extremely unappealing. Use neutral shades of nail polish and if you opt for a french manicure make sure that the edges are thin.

29. Avoid excessive nail art

Nail art looks good occasionally, but do not over indulge in this fashion. Moreover it looks good on teenage girls only and seldom looks appealing in working and professional women.

30. Do not scrape off the nail polish

Some people have a bad habit of removing the nail polish with their nails only. Avoid using your nails as tools. This is not a healthy habit and is also bad for your nails.

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