Weird and effective beauty remedies that you would have never heard of

effective beauty remedies

Great hair and great skin are confidence boosters that make a difference for a person. Now a days, men and women pay a lot of attention on their looks. Cosmetic treatments can be very tricky and if it is not done correctly, it can be disastrous.

 Hydrating Face Mask

Although the slow process of natural therapies and remedies may be time consuming, but you will get to see positive and permanent results. There are some remedies and beauty hacks, which may sound very unusual, but they have proved to show positive results. Here are a few effective and weird beauty remedies and hacks that you may want to consider as a part of your home made beauty regime.

Natural ingredients for various skin problems

The use of Coal Tar

Coal tar has proved to be very effective as an exfoliate. It is a perfect way to take out the dead cells from your skin. It also helps to prevent bacteria from penetrating into the skin and reduces the growth of skin cells.

Urine Therapy


Another weird but effective beauty remedy is the use of urine. This is ideal for people who are prone to acne problems. Using a urine mask ever day for 10-20 minutes can give your skin the conditioning that it needs.

Banana Peel

The chemical content in the banana peel called Lutein is a great source of different minerals and vitamins. It also helps pimple prone skin and even curbs inflammation. With this beauty treatment, your skin will be nourished with magnesium, potassium, Vitamin A, B and C.

Here are a few weird tools that you can use for your beauty regime 

Brow shaping tool for your eyebrows


If you want to give your eyebrows a nice shape, then using the brow tool will help you out. You can give your eyebrows a definite shape and give it the symmetrical look. This is perfect for people who have natural arched eyebrows.

Nail Polish stencils

If nail art is your passion, then you can surely pursue it well with nail art stencils. These stencils come in various shapes and sizes and are ideal for DIY nail art. They save you a lot of time and money and give you the freedom to be as flexible as possible.

Heated curler for eyelashes

beautiful eyes

Instead of using mascara, people who want to go as natural as possible have the benefit of using the heated curlers for eyelashes. This tool is specially designed keeping in mind the sensitivity of the eye region. You can finally say goodbye to the pinching and twisting of your eye curler.

Wonderful but weird Hair loss treatments that you may think about 

Onion juice for hair loss

suffered from hair loss

Although you may not favor the strong smell that comes with onions, but this is a perfect hack for hair loss. The antibacterial properties of the onion juice are perfect to clean the bacteria from the scalp. This also helps to promote your hair growth.

Tabasco sauce for hair growth stimulation

Tabasco sauce is not just an ideal way to spice up your food and drinks but apparently, it is also a perfect way to spice your hair growth. You will have to be careful while considering this beauty hack since the burning sensation may last a few days.

Yeast Infection Cream


Although the scientific evidence of how yeasts infection cream can boost hair growth is still to be known. However, some beauty bloggers have used this unusual hair loss treatment and have seen good results. The theory behind this beauty hack is that it is effective due to the active ingredient called miconazole nitrate.

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