How to restore the shine and grace of your sun damaged hair

sun damaged hair

If you are out during the daytime for a very long time, there is a big possibility that the sun can have bad as well as good effects on your skin and hair. No doubts you should get your dose of Vitamin D naturally, but you need to ensure that you take enough of sunlight. However, it can also have damaging effect on your hair. Extreme sun exposure can make your hair feel very dry. This is one of the major reasons why your hair can be damaged. Let us look at the different ways and factors of the effect of sun exposure on your hair.

The significance of Sun exposure

sun damaged hair

Your hair can turn out to be brittle, dry and weak due to the excessive exposure of the sun. You also have the chances of developing split ends, which can hamper the healthy growth of your hair. Apart from that, if you have used any chemicals on your hair, damaging effects can be much worse than you expect. Not only does your hair look faded and dull, but can also look very frizzy.

Proper protection is necessary to prevent hair damage

If you don’t take steps to protect your scalp, it might get damaged. The fact of the matter is that you cannot use sunscreen on your hair so it is very important that you consider products that can safeguard your hair. It isn’t that hard to do it, if you use a scarf or a hat so the damaging sunrays will not become a matter of concern for you.

The scalp can lose the Hydrolipidic film

sun damaged hair

The Hydrolipidic film is a natural coating that is present on your scalp, it helps to fight any bacteria from the outside. Unfortunately, due to extreme exposure of the sun, you can end up damaging the Hydrolipidic film, which also results in hair damage.

Epithelial cells are affected due to the sunrays

Epithelial cells help to promote hair growth, but they are very sensitive towards the sun’s UV light. Although the UV rays provides you the natural dosage of Vitamin C and E, but the basic fact is that extreme exposure to the sun can end up damaging them.

So, what can you do to protect your hair from the damaging effects of the Sun due to extreme exposure?


Now that you are aware of some of the reasons that can affect your hair growth, let us look at a few solutions that can help you tackle this problem from the root.

In order to ensure that you are scalp and hair are not damaged due to the sun, make it a point to keep yourself hydrated at all time. Water on its own can really help your body and hair in many ways. By drinking clean water throughout the day, you will find that your hair will be healthy since it helps to naturally flush out the toxins from your body. This is also a proven with remedy that is recommended by many experts since it helps to keep your hair hydrated from inside.

Regularly oiling your hair with coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and using medicated products will help your hair from being damaged due to sun exposure.

Before you step out during the afternoon, make it a point to cover your head so that your scalp is not directly exposed to the sun, which can cause damage to your hair.

Taking a hair spa once in a fortnight is also an effective way to keep your hair healthy and maintain its shine. While you do have the option to do this at home, however, getting a professional hair spa will work miracles and boost the growth of your hair as well as prevent them from getting damaged.

Eating foods that are naturally rich in vitamin E and help provide your scalp and hair with the necessary nutrition. It is another perfect way to prevent your hair from being damaged.

Final note

In order to look beautiful and have a healthy hair growth it is very important to take all the necessary precautionary measures that prevent your hair from being damaged due to the extreme exposure of the sun. As much as there are a variety of products available in the market, there is nothing better than opting for natural techniques and remedies. This is because; they help to boost the scalp’s natural ability to protect your hair from being damaged.

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