Augmented reality is all set to venture into the beauty industry

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is the new buzzword that has set the internet on fire. As we go deeper into this term, we find that augmented reality is not restricted to only gadgets or tech, it has ventured into fields, which you would have never thought about. One of the latest ventures on this front is the beauty industry. The technology of augmented reality is truly defining the beauty industry and contributing towards its advancement.

Trial and testing days are gone

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The days of trial and testing are slowly ending, thanks to skin and face mapping technology that is specifically being customized for the beauty industry. This form of technology is being designed to help people towards making the right choice while choosing beauty product for themselves. Through this technology, you will get to know which anti-aging treatment, hairstyle, cosmetics, colors etc is right for you. All this is possible through the different beauty related apps that are presently hitting the market.

Developers spend a lot of time developing augmented reality applications

The amount of time that is being out into the testing and research of these apps is immense and challenging. To top it up, even the demand of such apps are growing rapidly as they gain popularity. You can save so much of money as you get to know well in advance if a particular product will suit you or not, thanks to the different beauty related augmented reality applications. Deep learning technology and married artificial intelligence is not just revolutionizing the beauty industry but also giving customers a chance to shop wisely and choose the right kind of beauty product based on factors like

The quality and condition of their skin

The tone and texture of the skin

The kind of effect the product has on the skin

Today smartphones are not just used for the communication purposes, they are helping people out in so many ways. Customers are not just engaging into their smartphone for chatting or browsing, but through augmented reality applications, they can also get to know which products are in the market and how they can benefit from them. Even the e-commerce sector stands to gain with the sales of beauty products hitting the right note.

Your days of waiting in the line is gone

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There was a time when people used to wait for quite some time to get the expert advice of a dermatologist or cosmetologist to take care of their skin. Through augmented reality, the long wait and time-consuming task of going to a physical clinic for their skin related problems will soon be over. Just by sitting in their own comfort zone, consumers can take care of their skin and choose products wisely. What is even better is that apart from smartphones, you also have applications that are designed for desktops.

The growth of the global cosmetic market is unbelievable

Over the years, we have seen a growth in the cosmetic market globally; however, the statistics and numbers that were shown last year went to a whooping $500 billion. Today, technological and unconventional innovations in the industry are becoming popular and are no longer termed as a small business. Instead virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality is progressing so fast that it is putting everything else aside. Consumers stand to benefit from the various applications and innovations in so many ways just by choosing technology that is convenient for them.

Some examples of augmented reality applications

Here are a few lists of augmented reality beauty applications that you can surely try to understand how you stand to benefit from this innovative form of technology.


An application that is ideal for people who are a lot into video conferencing, this app is designed to apply virtual makeup to your video image. Through this app, the need for real make up takes the back seat.

Makeup Genius

L’Oreal as launched its own app called Makeup Genius, which is magic mirror on your smart phone. Through this app, you not only get to know the different products the company has to offer, however, it also lets you know how they will suit you.

Beauty U

Another name that deserves to a mention is the augmented reality application from CoverGirl. This app is designed to analyze your skin, thanks to its facial tracking and scanning technology. It also helps you to understand what kind of shades will suit you and provides consultation based on questions that the person would need to answer.

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