12 Home Remedies for rapid hair growth

Home remedies for rapid hair growth

Ever taken a shower and seen quite a bit of your hair wash away in the drain? Or woken up in the morning to see strands of your hair stuck to your pillow? Or spent hours in front of the mirror trying to cover your bald patch? If you’re lamenting over a future bald pate, then you need to buck up and do something about it. There are quite a few natural remedies which you can try out in your own home. These remedies are usually very effective and are sure to give you a long lustrous mane if followed correctly. Listed below are a few simple home remedies for rapid hair growth.

1. Onions

Rubbing onions on your scalp or adding minced onions to your shampoo is one of the best remedies for accelerating hair growth. This will also give a healthy shine to your hair.

2. Grape seed Oil

Grapeseed oil is said to boost hair growth. Massage some of the oil daily before you sleep to get the best results.

3. Egg White

Applying raw egg white half an hour before shampooing will definitely help rapid hair growth. Mix some egg white and lemon juice and apply to hair for strengthening the roots of your hair.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has many medicinal properties which are effective in hair growth. Mix fresh aloe vera gel with honey and apply to your hair. This will definitely yield effective results.

5. Birth Control Pills

Crush four or five birth control pills and mix them in your regular shampoo. This will help your hair grow faster and increase the volume considerably.

6. Coriander

Massage coriander juice to your scalp to reduce hair loss.

7. Olive Oil

A hot oil massage, preferably with olive oil will lead to shiny, healthy hair and visible hair growth.

8. Mustard and Henna

Applying a mix of henna and mustard oil will reduce bald patches.

9. Avoid Hair Dyes

Avoid synthetic hair dyes and color which result in hair loss. Instead try natural alternatives like henna or herbal dyes.

10. Hair Braiding

It is said that repeatedly braiding wet hair before you sleep at night will lead to visibly longer hair in a matter of two or three days.

11. Don’t comb wet hair

Combing wet hair will result in the weakening of the hair roots and lead to a considerable amount of hair loss.

12. Healthy Diet

A healthy diet will do wonders to boost hair growth. Add leafy vegetables and fresh fruits which are full of vitamins and minerals. Having a protein rich diet will also be beneficial in boosting hair growth.

Regularly following these home remedies will do wonders in boosting hair growth and reducing baldness. So you’re one step further to bidding your hair woes a firm goodbye. However, if these are not effective then it is best that you consult your doctor who will be able to diagnose whether you have a more serious condition which would require medication.

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