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5 Refreshing ways to wear long braids

Braids have come a long way from the plain simple ones to stylized milkmaid braids. However, this fashion season braids have taken a completely new avatar, i.e. tousled, long, unkempt and romantic. Braids can give you an entirely new look this year with a

4 Quick tips to manage greasy hair

Hair can be a great asset when it is clean or a huge damper if it is greasy. Greasy hair could be the result of anything from hormones and stress to genetic reasons or product buildup. You must take special care of oily hair and scalps as they can lead to

Keratin Treatment for hair?any adverse effects?

My hair is really frizzy in nature and when i have bad hair days it is the worse. Using a ironing hair straightener does not help much, as after some time my hair comes to its previous nature . And then when this happens my hair is dificult to control

12 Tips for applying hair color at home

Hair coloring can be quite a challenging task if you are not a professional. However, by coloring your hair yourself you can save a handsome amount of money and also get the desired look. Hair coloring can be quite an ordeal for some and the consequences

How to fix a wig

Artificial hair or wigs can help in changing your appearance completely. It makes you look different than any other normal day. By using a wig you can go for a complete new hairdo for an evening date or for a family function. It is very easy to fix a wig

15 Simple beach hairstyle ideas

When you are spending a day by the pool side or you are heading to the beach, you need to be dressed up in the simplest form. Hair styles for such occasions are important, especially, if you plan to take a dip in the water.Taking into consideration the wi

Ojon Shampoo for colored hair?

I am having dark brown hair.they are long and volumnous and very thick.I earlier had black hair which are now colored to the lovely dark brown.For giving it a shine ,i have used many shampoos ,with no effect.then i got to know about Ojon shampoo.I want

12 Home Remedies for rapid hair growth

Ever taken a shower and seen quite a bit of your hair wash away in the drain? Or woken up in the morning to see strands of your hair stuck to your pillow? Or spent hours in front of the mirror trying to cover your bald patch? If you’re lamenting over a

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