15 Simple beach hairstyle ideas

Beach Hairstyles

When you are spending a day by the pool side or you are heading to the beach, you need to be dressed up in the simplest form. Hair styles for such occasions are important, especially, if you plan to take a dip in the water.Taking into consideration the wind and the water, wearing a hairstyle that takes minimal effort, without any complication is the best. Whether you have long hair or short hair, thick hair or thin hair, having a couple of easy but chick hairstyle options are essential when you are on the beach. Compiled below is a list of 15 simple hairstyle ideas to help you adorn a stylish beach look.

1. Pigtails


Pigtails need not just look great on little girls, you could be an adult and carry it off extremely well. Tie them up on both sides with simple hair bands and your hair would be in place nicely. Other than the fact that they are easy to wear, you could also end up looking adorably cute with those pigtails flying in the wind.

2. Flowers

Floral Look

Wear a simple flower on your hair using a hair pin or hair slide and it would make even the most casual beach attire look gorgeous.

3. Hair Wrap

Hair Wrap

If it is a windy day at the beach then a hair wrap is the best option. It keeps the hair in place without the wind blowing it all over your face and also protects heat-styled hair or extensions from water. Tuck your hair under a chic and stylish wrap to get the celebrity look spotted these days.

4. Chignon


A chingon style brings out the glamorous as well as a causal style, depending on how you wear it. Wear a low chignon that’s double wrapped and your hair would be under control without looking too severe.

5. Scarves


If you want to cover your hair, but just partially, then a scarf would be ideal. That way you don’t have to twist your hair under the hair wrap completely, but can do a more chic pirate look by using a neckerchief sized scarf around your head. Simple, but works like a charm.

6. Braids


Go the Boho-chic way by plaiting your hair. Simply braid a few strands of hair of varying thickness to one side and finish it off with some colorful elastic bands for a vibrant touch.

7. Head bands

Head Band

If you want a more fancy style for your hair then wearing a head band around your forehead could be an option. Get bands that are stylish with leopard prints or a color that would match your swim suit to look fabulous in the sun.

8. Baseball caps

Baseball cap

You just can’t go wrong with a baseball cap. It would not only protect you from the heat, but also secure your hair from the wind. The sporty look is definitely a great way to dress up this summer.

9. Cornrows


Get your hair braided professionally into cornrows and you wouldn’t have hair issues. It lasts for a long time, is neat and your hair will look gorgeous no matter what heat, humidity or salt-water experiences you have to endure. If that’s not enough, the cornrows will also keep you cool and refreshed.

10. Satin bands

Satin bands

If you have unmanageable or sweaty bangs that you want to keep away from your face and forehead, but at the same time want to look chick, then wear satin headbands that contrast your swim wear or sarong.

11. Cowboy hats

Cowboy hat

Get a stylish cowboy hat to show off your Southern or Western roots. The large hat will not only block you off from the sun, but also make you look equally swanky.

12. Straw fedora

Straw fedora

Straws are so sun friendly that it has become a beach accessory. Spot a straw fedora and you would be stylishly in the shade. You could also personalise it with your own hat band to stand out in the crowd.

13. Double Bands

Double head band

To get an easy, but polished look, wear a double band to keep that hair tucked behind. Colour coordinate it with your bikini and you have a winner.

14. Sunglasses

Sun Glasses

Almost everyone takes a pair of sunglasses to the beach. So use those gorgeous shades as a head band and hold back your hair

15. Simple braid

Simple Braid

If you dont want to go over board with the cornrows, then a simple braid along the centre can do the trick. It will prevent your hair from being tangled in the wind, and also let out a sporty look.

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