Give your thin hair the bouncy look with these hairstyles


There are various reasons why a person may have thin hair, a few factors can be due to their lifestyle, constant medication, genetics or because they use too many hair products. No matter what the reason may be, having thin hair can make you look dull and take away the look of your face. No doubt, there are various hair treatments in the market, which can help your hair to grow back, but these treatments can be very expensive and time consuming.

Another drawback about such treatments is that, they can have various other side effects. If you look at the natural ways, they do take time but have effective results. Just by styling your hair in the right way, you can get the look that you want and buy yourself the time that you need for restoring your hair back to their original form.

Getting yourself a good haircut is necessary

good haircut

Before you decide to style your hair, it is important that first you get a good haircut which adds the natural bounce to your hair. This will also help you in styling your hair easily. Here are a few hair styling tips that will help you get the bouncy look and also add some volume to your hair.

Step cuts can never go wrong

Step cuts is a simple and effective hack. You will not only get the bounce that you need, but it will also help you in getting a hairstyle that’s easy to manage. To add that extra look to your hair, you can consider getting highlights done which will give out a better look. Blending in dark and light colors will do the trick and make you look good.

Side parting with a wavy look

Wavy hairstyle

Another nice hairstyle that you can choose would be to take a side parting. For the bouncy feel, you can take the hair curling iron or rollers and give it a wavy look. This will not only save time but is an ideal quick fix when you have a rough day.

A side braid with hair left loose

To give a creative and different touch to your hair you can leave your hair and just make simple braids on top. For this hairstyle, you would need to part your hair in the center and then choose a little hair from the hair crown and braid them. Instead of leaving them loose, you can take them all the way back and pin them up. Do the same thing on the other side. The braids act like a hair band and give you a different kind of look without doing too much.

Full Balayage Bangs with long hair cut in layers

 my hairstyle

In this hairstyle, you can get bangs done in the front and take small layer cuts for the rest of the hair. This is ideal for women who are always on the run and cannot spend too much of time setting their hair. The best part about this look is that it not only reduces the thin look of your hair, but, through the bangs, you get a better way to style your hair.

Fish braid with a deconstructed look

Fish braids are in fashion now, they are a perfect way of giving yourself a new hairstyle. This is a simple hairstyle that does not take too much of time. By giving it a deconstructed look, you will give the visual effect of a bouncy hair without having to do too much. To add in some more beauty to your look, you can also consider using small hair accessories like flowers or beads, which you can place, in the center of each braid.

Unicorn hair color with waves or curls

curly hair

If hair coloring is what you like, then get yourself a unicorn hair color done instead of a regular one. This look not only has a good feel to it but also if you get it waves or curls done along with it, it will add an extra beauty to it. The light color pallets will help to highlight your hair in the best way while the waves or curls add the bounce.

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