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Narciso Rodriguez Perfume: Top 7 Fragrances

Narciso Rodriguez is famous for his clothing brand for women, but over the years he has diversified and ventured into arenas like perfume development. In order to create some of the most enticing fragrances, he has used his ideology of combining together

Narciso Rodriguez Perfume  for Him Eau De Toilette

Top 10 skin toners

After returning from the busy schedule or parties, the skin of the people is most affected and is damaged. So, the need to tone up the skin is felt to remove the makeup and dust thus, varieties of skin toning methods are applied. Skin toners have become t

Obagi Nu-Derm Toner

Cartier Perfume: Top 10 Fragrances

There first fragrance Pathere De Cartier Perfume, was introduced in the year 1986 Cartier is known all over the world for its wrist watches. Possessing Cartier is like possessing a prestigious award. Loius Cartier is the man behind the creation of the fi

Eau De Cartier Essence D Orange

Tips for a bad hair day- tame a cowlick and try these tricks

Cowlicks are mostly formed in the crown area of the head. If you’re looking for a solution to fix these crazy strands of hair, here are few ways of how you can manage your unmanageable hair. 1. Hair waxing, electrolysis, or plastic surgery Now a day i

treating the hair

Bvlgari Perfume: Top 10 Fragrances for Men

Perfumes represent and carry the style statement of the user in a very attractive and aromatic manner. To get the best fragrance that matches desired personality and carries the same in a very attractive manner is what a person wants. There are many compa

Bvlgari Aqua Marine Pour Homme Cologne

Chanel Perfume for men: Top 10 Fragrances

A good fragrance is like a blooming flower that fills you with confidence and freshness. Fragrances have a long lasting affect on our lives so much so that by just having a whiff of some exotic scent a whole memorable picture comes to our mind. We can eas


Revlon Lipstick: 10 Best Shortlisted for You

Revlon is a well known cosmetic brand. It is best known for producing high standard lipsticks. The company continues to evolve its lip color range in order to cater to the needs of fashion conscious women. Revlon offers some of the most trendy and chic co


5 Alternatives to Brazilian blowout

A majority of girls have a dream of getting a Brazilian blowout. But, the biggest problem associated with it is that it is way too expensive. The dream is not fulfilled if you don’t have a Hollywood salary as the cost starts from $150 and reaches upto $

Alternatives to Brazilian blowout

Victoria Secret Perfume: Top 10 Fragrances for Women

A good fragrance helps a lot in boosting confidence. It is like a blooming flower that fills life with freshness and optimism. The fragrances tend to leave a long lasting effect on mind so much so that we can easily relate some incident or place or person

Victoria Secret Mood Yearning Eau De Perfume Spray 75 ml

Creed Perfume: Top 10 Fragrances for Women

A woman in general likes the products that enhance there mood and perfumes come in the top of the list that soothes and calms them. It carries the style of the wearer in a unique manner and enhances the overall persona by offering a stimulating fragrance

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