Narciso Rodriguez Perfume: Top 7 Fragrances

Narciso Rodriguez Perfume  for Him Eau De Toilette

Narciso Rodriguez is famous for his clothing brand for women, but over the years he has diversified and ventured into arenas like perfume development. In order to create some of the most enticing fragrances, he has used his ideology of combining together timeless sensuality with modern elegance. He once got inspired by an amazing woman he met. She used some form of musk scent and since then, Rodriguez got intrigued to create the same fragrance for women. He has been successful with that and each of his perfume uses variants of musk. Given below is a list of 7 Best Narciso Rodriguez Perfumes, take a look.

1. Narciso Rodriguez Perfume for Her Eau De Parfum Spray

A very elegant and refreshing fragrance, this perfume for women has a sensual touch that will make you addictive. The heart note of this fragrance includes Rodriguez’s signature musk scent. This is followed by the base notes of olfactory lacework chypre, which imparts depth to the perfume. It comes neatly packed in a very feminine bottle and its pink color too complements the spirit of womanhood.


Mysterious and sensual, the fragrance of the perfume will keep you enticed for long and keep you surrounded by people.


The perfume is suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive.
It will not blotch your clothes and you can use it on them without any fear.
This perfume is is packed in a solid spray bottle, which will preserve the fragrance for long.

2. Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau De Toilette Spray

Rodriguez has always believed in having a definite story behind each of his perfumes. The intensity of musk in most of Rodriguez’s perfumes is due to fact that he got inspired by a woman, who he could never forget. This perfume too has the same musk touch, but with some added flavors like honey flower and radiant amber and tactile woody pulsations. It is packed in a very attractive black color bottle, which adds to the mystery element of the fragrance.


The warm tones of the perfume and its sensual aroma will mesmerize you and keep you enthralled.


The perfume is skin friendly and will be good for even the most sensitive skin types.
It will not blotch any fabric and can be safely used on dresses.
The packaging and the bottle of the perfume is so designed that it will ensure preservation of the scent for a long time.

3. Narciso Rodriguez Essence Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Narciso Rodriguez PerfumeThis perfume has very concentrated three levels of scent, with each level clearly distinguished from one another. The initial or opening notes of the perfume include flowery essences, which is followed by some spicy scents. Finally depth is imparted to the perfume by woody accents combined with amber and musk. Also the perfume has some hints of citrus and also aqua along with alcohol and a few other accentuating scents that combine together to give a very refreshing perfume.


The fragrance of this perfume is very pleasing and at the same time very mysterious, which will make you grab one.


The perfume has a light scent and is perfect for daily use.
It is skin friendly.

4. Narciso Rodriguez Perfume for Her Musc Collection

A very sensual and captivating fragrance, this smoky pink perfume is sure to mesmerize your senses. Once again the musk depth has not been evicted; in fact, with this fragrance it has been given a new dimension. Spectacular aroma of the flowers and the deep musk make the scent irresistible.


The fragrance of this perfume is very exotic and addictive.


The perfume is skin friendly and will not cause any irritation.
It will not blotch your clothes.
This perfume comes in a pink metallic bottle.

5. Narciso Rodriguez Perfume  for Him Eau De Toilette

To complement a rough and tough personality, you need a perfume, which will have masculine fragrance. Therefore, Rodriquez thought about experimenting with the musk signature and created this very unique fragrance for men. The fragrance is  more towards woody notes to further give it a more masculine appeal. Other than this, there are musk notes which contribute in imparting depth to this perfume.


It has a very sweet and refreshing smell.


The perfume is very long lasting.
You could wear this scent daily as it is not too strong.
The bottle of the perfume has a sleek and contemporary design and will make a perfect gift.

6. Narciso Rodriguez Essence in Color

Another exotic fragrance for the women by Narcisco Rodriquez, it comes with an edgy touch, which is very appealing. The three-level fragrance has depth and intensity and spreads across with harmony. The top notes of the perfume are very light and will go unnoticed. The heart notes composed of iris and rose make a pleasant scent. This is followed by the base notes of musk and amber, which give it depth.


The color of the bottle is very appealing combined with an extremely captivating fragrance.


It has a great staying power.
This fragrance is perfect for daily wear.
The perfume packing is very attractive and will adorn your dressing table well.

7. Narciso Rodriguez for Her Purse Perfume Roll-On

Narciso Rodriguez PerfumeAnother musk fragrance for women, the most special aspect of the perfume is its roll on style. There are three main dominating pulsations that make the perfume. These include, honey flower, radiant amber and finally followed by tactile wood scent.


This perfume is a perfect blend of variety of ingredients which creates an intoxicating fragrance.


The perfume comes in a roll on packaging and is very convenient to use.
It is suitable for any skin

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