7- Celebrity hair styles that are trending right now


The famous celebrity hairstyles are what everyone craves for. But celebrity hair trend keeps on changing and they experiment with new and unique hairstyles with time and trends. There are some famous hairstyle trends from which you can take inspiration in order to have a perfect celebrity look for yourself. Let’s look at some of the recent celebrity hair trends which are eminent right now and you can get one for yourself.

1.     Parted Bangs

Parted-BangsBangs are the most stylish and Inspirational celebrity haircuts of all time. This is an instant style statement which is easy to maintain. In this hairstyle, the fringe is cut sharply which instantly make your hair thick and sharp. Parted fringe is the hairstyle where your bangs are parted in between at the center and side part is brushed away. But it’s not necessary; you can style it as side swept bangs too. The size of the blunt completely depends upon your choice and according to your face type. If you are worried about the length of your hair or it will suit your hair length, do not worry as this gorgeous celebrity hair trend will make you look exactly the way you want to look.

2.     Long bob

Long-bobLong bob hair trend is the big celebrity hair trend right now and is here to stay. The name says long bob but it’s not long hair, it is short hair trends. You can call it with various names like lob cut or Demi bob cut. In this hairstyle, you can keep your hair length just near or above the shoulder. You have Blunt cut, straight or wavy, long bob gives you freedom and styling option to try. It can go with any face cut either whether it’s round, oval or straight. Not only face, but long bob suits along with any hair textures and that are also the reason it is popular these days. This is the reason as so many celebrities have tried out this haircut time to time as it is the most flexible hairstyle trends.

3.     Platinum blonde


Platinum blonde is the newest hair trend right now and definitely the latest celebrity hair color trends 2018. Platinum blonde hair trends are the lightest of the blonde color and shades and are best suited in fair skin tone or medium skin. Though it is not so easy to get that look but so many celebrities have tried out this newest hair trends in their hair. Time to time, they have surprised their fans by trying this dramatic coloring jobs. Also, it needs special care and you need to maintain this lights shades or it will not give you perfect platinum blonde shades.

4.     Blunt ends

Blunt-endsThe blunt hairstyle trends are the best natural hairstyle look. It looks best in wavy hair and gives you the soft feeling. If you are too much worried about trying something new on your hair, this is the perfect one that you can try anytime. These hair trends are very easy to maintain. A blunt cut on wavy locks is more laid back and relaxed. It doesn’t matter whether you have long hair, short one or bob cut, it can make any hairstyle hair make better by finish cuts, and it makes the blunt end sharp and uniform by providing volume. This all provide your hair with new life as it chops off your split ends making it healthy, stylish and converting it into a nice hairstyle.

5.     Brushed back hair

Brushed-back-hairThe hair trends of the ’80s are back with this celebrity hairstyle trends. This is currently the best and favorite hairstyle trends of celebrities. You will see the pushed back hairstyle in every function, events, and parties. This look goes with flipped back hair with a deep side part. The wet hair makes it look more promising, stylish and ready to rock red carpet look. Compliment it with blue eye makeup and you will feel like a star in its own. This hair gives volume to your hair and adds a natural look to your overall personality. With this hairstyle, you need minimal makeup, just a beautiful eye makeup will do the needful for you and you are ready to rock the party.

6.     High ponytail

High-ponytailGone are those days when you used to have high ponytail only for gym and running sessions. This smart high ponytail hairstyle is back in action adding a lot of spark and elegance into your personality. This is one of the hairstyles which don’t need any particular hair length, hair type. It is suitable for all the hair length and hair type. One of the advantages of the high ponytail is it goes best with any outfits. It doesn’t matter whether you wear them with a dress, a pencil skirt or your Saturday night drink party. One of the ways to get ready within a second. To give it a unique touch, wrap the strand and tie inside your pony with a band, secure it with some nice accessories to give it a classic touch.

7.     Ribbon highlights

Ribbon-highlightsRibbon highlights are the new celebrity hair color trends 2018 which you must have witnessed in so many red carpet parties. The idea of this color trend is to provide your hair with sun kissed effect on your hair with a yellowish color. It gives a nice warm and calming look to your hair. This highlights suits best for the brown hair, as it adds warmth and looks pretty. As these highlights are light in color, it’s effortless to maintain the hair and unlike any other highlights, it won’t give you a separate line at the roots as your hair will grow.  Just make sure you take a little care and apply shine gloss to make it look prominent and beautiful.

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