8 Popular celebrity hairstyles which work in real life

Celeb inspired hairstyles

Looking for a new hairdo, but the list of different types of hairstyles is confusing you? Then read on to find out the all time favorite celebrity hairstyles that never go out of fashion and which work great in real life situations. The list of the 8 best hairdos is here.

1.Single length hairstyle

This style is for those who are looking for something that is not too extreme, yet, makes your look more versatile and your hair simply great! If you are one of them, then nothing better than a single length hair cut. This is a flexible cut and you can style it whichever way you want. Whether you curl your hair or simply keep it straight, you can play with your hair as you want to. This hair cut suits all face shapes.

2. Bangs the way

Bangs can take away close to 10 years off your face and give you a girly, feminine look. No matter how old you are, you can never be too old to carry off this hairdo. A little fringe can conceal a broad forehead and fine lines. This goes well with an oval shaped face.

3. Beach hair

This hair style is a combination of blow drying, air drying and a large barrel curling ironing that creates a balanced style for any hair length. You don’t have to be a beach girl to flaunt this style. This style confers a beach-y, casual vibe and is great for carrying off slinky, bohemian clothes.

4. The bob

Ever since it was introduced, the bob has never gone out of fashion. This cut has fans around the world. Even among fashion and entertainment celebrities, this style is immensely preferred. Of course, the most famous wearer of this look is Katie Holmes.

For attaining the classic bob cut, one should have shoulder length hair. And, if you have curly hair then it should be a little longer so that the length compensates for the shrinkage. Ask your stylist to slightly razor the tips of your hair so that they flip out a bit. Ideally, one should have longer locks in front with angled and blunt edges, and gradually it should get shorter towards the back. This hairdo flatters all face shapes, from round to oval or square. This hair can also plump up finely textured hair, giving it volume.

5. Braids ahoy

A braid might remind you of your school days when your mother used to do up your hair. This hairstyle is not just for kids anymore. Braids are making appearances both on and off red carpet, and are a perennial trend on the runway. A braid has many forms, from simple to French braids, from cornrow to pigtails, it’s the most versatile of styles.

6. Classic Hollywood

If you are fond of the classic Hollywood movies then there is good news for you. The vintage Hollywood hairstyle of perfectly coiffed waves, is back. It looks fabulous on all face shapes. But, getting this look needs a little patience. Dry your hair as usual and part it on the side. Curl a single one inch section with curling iron, rolling it forward. Repeat this for the rest of your hair. But this look might dehydrate your hair, so the excessive use of curling iron is not recommended. Therefore, you need to use a good shampoo followed by a good conditioner. Follow up with a leave in hair moisturizer or silicone serum for a shiny and hydrated look.

7. Curly hair

If you have curly hair and envy the people who can get different hairstyles that you cannot, then here is some good news for you. Naturally, curly hair needs less maintenance and you can flaunt the unkempt look, portraying yourself as a busy girl. All you need to do is eliminate the fizz by sealing the cuticle. Simply iron your hair and you are ready to go. If you have straight hair, then wash your hair and deep condition it. Blow dry and curl them with a curling iron to get the ripple effect.

8. The gray trend

Surprisingly, the gray shade has emerged as a big trend over the past few seasons. You can see its effect both on and off the runway. If you have naturally silver hair, then this might be the time to flaunt them and not go in for artificial hair coloring. It can rather be both flattering and chic. Many celebrities have flaunted this style and you can be the next head turner in the gathering. This hue can make you feel sophisticated and beautiful at any age.

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