Your makeup regime may be damaging your skin and causing wrinkles       

Your makeup regime

It is natural to have a beauty regime that one follows daily. While we pay a lot of attention to the way we look, we often tend to miss out on small things, which can have bad consequences. You might be using the best make up and products for your beauty needs, but there are some hidden dangers that you might not have thought about. Wrinkles and skin damage are some of the major concerns that every skin type face.

The sooner you look into it, the better it is for your skin. With age, this is something that is natural; however, if you are still young and your skin is already prone to such damage, you may want to look at your beauty regime and the products you are using. Let us look at some of the reasons why your skin may be prone to such problems

Using makeup products that are old or expired

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Just like any other product in the market, even make up has a particular life span. Using old or expired makeup will have a bad effect on your skin. One of the main reasons behind this is the bacteria present in such type of products. It is advisable to use your makeup products within the expiry date. You can prevent many skin issues if you throw out old or expired makeup since there is a big chance that they are contaminated.

Using products without proper advice

Another reason why your skin may be prone to damages is that a lot of us fall for the false claims made by a lot of companies. It is always better to take a professional advice before you decide to buy any product. Taking the help of a dermatologist is wiser than just trying out any product.

Using makeup that does not suit your skin

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A lot of times, we barely take out the time to actually scrutinize what we buy. Not every product that is there in the market is suitable for all skin types. This is why, before you buy any product, you need to ensure that it suits your skin and skin type.

You are overdoing it

Over exfoliating or putting too much of makeup for a long time can damage your skin. While it is good to look your best at all times, too much of anything can have a reverse effect. Even using too many products at the same time can cause skin problems. This is why experts recommend keeping your make up regime to the bare minimum

You do not wash your face properly

makeup regime Before sleeping or as soon as you get home, it is important to make sure that, you wash your face properly. Having a proper cleaning routine is necessary to protect your skin from being damaged. Before you wash your face, it is advisable that you use a makeup remover first.

Sleeping with make up on

Occasionally it may just happen that you may fall asleep with your make up on; however, doing this regularly can be dangerous. Make up contain various kinds of chemicals and compositions, which can have a bad effect on our skin.

Using old make up application products

Bushes, sponges and other such applicators used for your makeup have to be cleaned regularly. It is very natural for bacteria to grow on them, however, if you do not take proper care, you can end up damaging your skin very badly. It is also advisable to change your sponge every 3 – 6 months or so to prevent your skin from being damaged. For the brushes, you can use a mild shampoo to clean them and leave them to dry naturally.

Sharing your makeup

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Sharing your make up with other people is a something that you should avoid. This is the fastest way to damage your skin or catch an infection. Be it your friends or your family, it is a very unhealthy practice of using somebody else’s makeup. It is also not advisable since every person’s skin type and sensitivity differs.

Putting on or taking off make up harshly

While putting make up on or even taking it off, it is essential that you should do it gently. Harsh movements can damage your skin very badly. For example, if you are using a face scrub while washing your face, you need to ensure that you scrub your face gently. Similarly, if you are putting on eye makeup, you need to ensure that the strokes are gentle. Any harsh or rough movement on the skin can damage it very badly.

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