Revitalize Your Beauty Business by Offering Microblading


The choice to own a salon in Toronto is a courageous entrepreneurial move for someone who has an incredible talent for making people feel beautiful. It’s also a bold step for people who consider themselves talented in the business world. It can be very difficult to remain competitive in this industry because hairstyles, hot new trends, and client demands are constantly shifting, as the world moves quicker. But one recent trend is taking the stylist industry by storm and looks like it’s here to stay: microblading.


Because of the media frenzy created by stars like Kendall Jenner, Lilly Collins, and Cara DeLevigne, there is consumer demand for microblading (and for people who love vintage beauty, a nod for attractive thicker and darker eyebrows should also go to the artist Frida Kahlo!) All of these women display their own unique way of making the sultry and exotic look of thick eyebrows a powerful, fierce and feminine statement. Sometimes, being on the cutting edge of style, and managing a salon reputation, means paying attention to the littlest details.

Many veteran salon owners are hesitant to introduce microblading techniques into their repertoire because it has always traversed the line between beauty and medicine, but the truth is, with the right microblading training classes salons that offer the service are poised to capitalize on the inclusion of a huge new sector of clients. With certified training, stylists and aestheticians can gain access to a new sector of clientele, including not only modern style lovers, but those for whom microblading serves a more personal purpose.

For instance, there is a demand for microblading from many women who suffer from alopecia, or premature hair loss. Some women are also embarrassed by scars or poor beauty choices they may have made in the past. Owning a salon in Toronto that offers professional microblading is a way to make these women feel welcome in a salon environment, to make them feel like they have access to the same bold looks and trends as any of their female friends.


Dark, youthful eyebrows are now available to any woman who wants to join the latest style trends, which is why microblading is on the cutting edge of beauty treatments and general self-improvement. Certain training institutions are now providing classes in brow embroidery and pigmentation for stylists who wish to incorporate microblading into their salon’s list of services. Hands-on training in permanent makeup that is vetted by nearly every health and human wellness agency in North America can make these aesthetic treatments attainable to any salon staff.

In short, to boost the profile of your hair and beauty business, try venturing into services that not only attract those looking for new style trends, but also marginalized demographics looking to feel beautiful. Microblading is on the cutting edge not only because it follows the lead of today’s fashion superstars, but because it also promotes style freedom for a more diverse and appreciative clientele.

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