How to Take Care of Your Hair

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You know at least a woman in your life with the shiny and salon-worthy crowning glory that makes her the perfect shampoo commercial model. If you’d take care of your hair properly, apply leave-in treatments, massage vitamin E oil into scalp and not rubbing hair harshly with a towel…then you’d achieve that lustrous hair shine of which you’ve been dreaming for a long time. To get started, check out the following tips and restore life into your crowning glory.

Wash hair only up to three times a week

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The perennial question in the hair care industry – “How often should you wash your hair” – deserves an answer finally. Hair experts agree that cutting back on washing is a great move. They suggest not washing hair every day, regardless how much you want to.

What happens with frequent washing? The natural oils, which condition your hair, are stripped off by shampoo. These oils also protect your tresses – but they won’t be able to if they’d be washed away, right?

Plus, washing hair daily also leads to excessive oil production, making you want to shampoo daily. Avoid being trapped in the cycle. Don’t wash your mop more than thrice a week.

But then, the curlier the hair the longer you can go between washes; the straighter the hair, the faster natural oil can be wicked down. In the latter’s case, you’ll have oilier hair than your curlier girlfriends will. Lastly, you may not be able to go longer without washing if you have a very straight hair.

TIP:  The number of times to wash will also depend on the type of hair you have. It also varies on how active your scalp is regarding oil production. Ask your hairdresser about it or head over to this page OXO organic hair treatment for expert hair advice.

Wash hair properly

You must also shampoo from your scalp, not from the ends. Don’t simply scrunch shampoo into hair, as you normally do. It is not the right technique to wash your hair. Regarding the amount of shampoo, it depends on the hair’s thickness and length.

Additionally, you must aim at washing the scalp not the ends of the hair. This is the proper technique to shampoo. To promote the scalp’s blood circulation, give it a massage while shampooing hair. Doing so also helps in detoxifying the scalp.

Following this tip, you can achieve healthy looking hair. So remember, the way you shampoo and condition your hair can make the big difference in taking care of it.

Cut back on heat styling tools

Curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons shouldn’t be used daily. They can damage the hair shaft, leading to dull, brittle and dry hair. Instead, you can apply a texturizing hair spray, sleep with damp hair and wake up with shiny, smooth hair the next day.

Don’t wash with hot water

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Blasting hair with hot water can dry it quickly. It also leads to hair tangles and eventually breakage.

Before applying conditioner, towel-dry your hair

What type of products you use for your hair is as important as learning how to shampoo it. Invest in good leave-in treatments, conditioners and hair masks.

Especially if you have colored hair, you can keep its color alive by using good at-home hair treatments.

Curly and thick hair also needs good hair conditioner to keep it soft and shiny. For it, you need deep conditioning, not the typical two-minute conditioners. Deep conditioning works better regarding adding strength and moisture to your crowning glory. How do you do it? Apply the conditioner while taking a shower and leave it there. Cover your hair with a plastic cap, and then from the outside, apply heat with a hair dryer to condition hair deeply.

These tips are going to restore life into your hair. As you notice, taking care of your hair and scalp with good products, proper washing and minimized use of heat styling tools can do wonders. Follow these tips and take care of hair naturally today!

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