Ways and means of increasing skin resistance to Nickel allergy

There are several different types of skin infections that can affect your body. Nickel allergy is one such infection which can affect the skin adversely. Here are all the things that you need to know about Nickel allergy and also ways and means of keeping it at bay.

What is Nickel Allergy?

It is a type of dermatitis which occurs due to the continuous exposure of the skin to articles containing nickel. This allergy is mainly seen in places of pierced areas. Nickel allergy can cause itching and rashes.

Causes of Nickel allergy

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The most common cause of nickel allergy is obviously exposure of skin to nickel. Several beauticians,tailors,metal workers etc are at a higher risk of this type of allergy. In the case of nickel allergy, the immune system begins to act on nickel and produces chemicals to get rid of the nickel thinking it is causing harm to the body and this result in symptoms like rashes and itching.

Tips to prevent Nickel allergy

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Here are some simple tips to prevent nickel allergy

  • In order to pierce your ears do not use piercing guns as they have nickel. Always make use of sterile and surgical grade instruments. If you need to get a tattoo then too take into account this precaution.
  • The jewellery you wear should be made from yellow gold or stainless steel. Never opt for white gold as white gold contains nickel.
  • When you buy clothes to make sure they have plastic buttons. Metal buttons may have nickel which can result in the allergy.
  • Make sure that the accessories that you wear or carry such as glares,wrist watch etc also do not contain nickel.
  • In t hecase of people who are highly sensitive to nickel it is best to even avoid foods that contain nickel.
  • Household objects which may contain nickel should also be replaced with stuff which does not contain nickel

A change in lifestyle and home remedies to avoid nickel allergy:

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  • There are several soothing lotions and moisturisers available in the market which you can use on a regular basis in order to get relief from the allergy and its symptoms.
  • You can check with a dermatologist and even make use of corticosteroids occasionally against the allergy or you may also check for anti histamines.
  • Mix a little white vinegar with water and soak a cloth in the solution. Place this compress on the affected areas on a daily basis.
  • You may also apply a little aloe vera gel to the affected areas on a daily basis to get relief from the allergy.
  • Mix honey and lemon juice and add a little water and drink this mixture on a regular basis. This helps in improving the immunity.
  • You may also apply a mixture of lemon juice and honey to the affected areas. Lemon has antiseptic properties and honey is a natural moisturiser which will help in giving relief from the symptoms.

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  • You can also apply ice to the rash as the coldness of the ice will give relief from the symptoms.
  • Apply milk or fresh cream to the affected area as this will help in moisturising the skin and will give relief from itching and rash.
  • You can apply a mixture of sandalwood and rosewater to get relief from the rashes.
  • The paste of almond leaves is also known to provide relief from nickel allergy

Nickel allergy is fairly common and nothing to get very scared of. All one needs to do it take preventive measures to avoid the allergy. In case if you are suffering from the allergy you can opt for any of the simple remedies to get relief from the symptoms.

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