Tell-tale signs that inform you it’s time to see a dermatologist

Skin problems like acne, rashes are of common occurrence. In some cases the skin infection may settle down on its own in some severe cases one may need to advice and treatment from an expert. A dermatologist is qualified doctor for the treatment infections and conditions pertaining to the skin,hair, nails and mucous membrane.

Why see a dermatologist?

psoriasis on the hairline and on the scalp

Whenever we suffer from infections of skin,hair,nail,mucous membrane etc we try treating at home or at the most consult a general practitioner. It is important to understand that certain conditions may need expert advice. You need to see a dermatologist because they have the expertise to detect diseases like skin cancer,acne,psoriasis, nail infections etc.

They will not just detect but prescribe proper treatment. They have the expertise to attack and do away with the root cause of the infections. In addition to treatment of skin diseases and infections, they can also help in enhancing the beauty of your hair, skin,nails etc. They can help you get rid of the signs of ageing. They can also help in the removal of ugly scars due acne, operations etc.

Signs you need to see a dermatologist

suffered from hair loss

You may wonder when you should actually pay a visit to a dermatology clinic. At times due to the cost factor involved one might be a little hesitant. But certain conditions may need immediate treatment from a dermatologist.

  • Severe acne along with joint pain is an indication of fulminans which can even cause disability
  • Outbreak of cystic acne on clear skin needs immediate medical attention
  • Treatment of medical conditions like ochronosis which involves black and blue discolouration of skin as a result of acne treatment with hydroquinone. This condition is mainly observed in Asian skin type.
  • One may suffer from acne on back and shoulders which is called burrowing acne which can also cause disfigurement.
  • Acne outbreaks that result in loss of hair,abnormal growth of hair on the face and irregular periods in women requires medical treatment.
  • If you sweat abnormally then you need to see a dermatologist as it can be emotionally stressful and can cause embarrassment
  • If your skin repeatedly suffers from rashes then only a dermatologist can detect the underlying cause and treat the rash.
  • If you have skin abnormalities like unusual moles,rough patches of skin,scars etc
  • If you start losing too much hair suddenly or your nails appear abnormal
  • Suspicious growths, lesions, boils on skin

When shouldn’t you see a dermatologist?

skin check before cosmetic surgery

If you are the type who rushes to the dermatologist even when one small pimple appears on your cheek then hang on. There are certain conditions which you can deal on your own. Mild rashes or a few acne here and there can be taken care at home. You can make use of some normal skin care products of good quality to get rid of them.

What is important here that you give enough time for the product to show the results? Also, if hair loss and pimples are as a result of your erratic and stressed out lifestyle then there is nothing much that a dermatologist can do. In such cases, you need to make sure that you get rid of stress and have a proper and healthy diet. Refrain from alcohol and smoking.This will help in keeping your skin, hair and nails naturally healthy.

Some infections pertaining to skin,hair and nails can be taken care at home. But if you are suffering from any abnormal conditions then it is best to see a dermatologist.

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