Know the tanning beds: The pros and cons

People with fair skin have this attraction for a tanned body. They feel that a perfectly tanned body looks radiant and stunning. These days, people tan their skins by not just basking in the sun. There is a growing craze for tanning beds. But before you join the crowd it is better to understand all the finer nuances of using tanning beds.

Benefits of tanning beds

Know the tanning beds

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  • Now you don’t have to book an appointment with the sun. Any weather you can get your skin tanned with the help of tanning beds. You also get the benefit of a perfectly tanned body. There are no uneven dark and light patches on the skin.
  • We all know the importance of Vitamin D in calcium absorption which is important for strong bones. Tanning beds are said to provide this vitamin D and they thus increase the levels of this vitamin in blood
  • It is also found to give relief from skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis. However, the treatment for these skin conditions using a tanning bed should be carried out under the supervision of an expert medical professional.

Downside of tanning beds

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The side effects of tanning beds are as follows:

  • Tanning beds put you to a higher risk of getting cancer. Over exposure to these beds can cause ocular melanoma (cancer of the eyes) and melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma (both of these are types of skin cancers). Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer.In order to prevent cancer of the eyes use goggles when you use the tanning bed.
  • Tanning beds can have a detrimental effect on the skin. Skin can lose its elasticity and there can be rashes and itching. The skin can also get burned. Premature ageing of skin can occur.
  • Over exposure to the UV rays from these beds can affect the immunity levels of the body adversely. These rays can have harmful effects on the eyes. They can cause cataract and photoconjunctivitis.

Tanning in children and teens

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You must always remember that tanning is the skin’s reaction when it is exposed to the sun.Sun’s rays contain the harmful UV rays which are harmful to the skin. When we expose our body to tanning beds that time too we are exposing our skin to the harmful UV rays. Tanning in the case of teens and children is not recommended as their skin is delicate. Their delicate skin can suffer from sunburns easily.The skin of these kids is more susceptible to risks such as cancer and premature ageing of the skin. These rays can also damage the eyes of kids,bring down the disease-fighting capacity of the body and cause allergies. Therefore, one must avoid tanning in the case of teenagers and children.

Other useful instructions


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  • One must remember that tanning beds are only increasing the risk of skin cancer. They may not necessarily cause skin cancer. The important part here is to practice moderation that is exposing the skin to the UV rays for a moderate time.
  • There are claims that a base tan helps in protecting the skin. Frequent tanners can keep this in mind.
  • Always remember to protect your eyes with protective gear like glares when using tanning beds as these can have a harmful effect on the eyes.
  • Make sure that you expose your skin for short periods which will help prevent sunburns.
  • Always follow skin practices based on your skin type and don’t forget to consult a doctor before you expose your skin to indoor tanning.

Indoor tanning using tanning beds is being used extensively by people. Though it does have few benefits one has to understand that it has plenty of drawbacks as well.

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