Top 5 Plastic Surgeries That Men Ask For

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The 21st century has resulted in many changes in attitude. One of the major ones is the acceptance of the metrosexual man. This is a man who is very careful about how he looks, smells and appears. The attitude has been especially accepted by men who live in urban areas. They are willing to invest money and time in their looks. They have done this to the point where they are getting plastic surgeries performed to improve their appearance.

They are investing in procedures so as to get rid of the unattractive qualities that they may have. Despite the industry receiving many women seeking plastic surgery, men are flocking to cosmetic surgeons too. Read on to learn about the procedures that most men ask for.

A Nose Job


Also known as a rhinoplasty, many men are visiting the cosmetic surgeon asking for this famous procedure. Most men who are in their twenties are getting this procedure done which can be performed within the nose or simply on its exterior. The cosmetic surgeon at North West Independent Hospital basically separates the skin and the cartilage of the nose and proceeds to break this cartilage and then reshape it to the desires of the client. After changing its shape, the cosmetic surgeon proceeds to cover the bone with the flap of skin that had been cut open.

Once this has been achieved, the cosmetic surgeon places a splint on the nose to keep the new shape in place. In addition to the splint, the surgeon can place nasal packs or plastic splints to keep the septum stable. This is the part that separates the air passages of the nose. Men want to have perfect, movie star noses. Thus, they go through this procedure to look better and more confident. One of the risks of this procedure is infection, bleeding as well as the likelihood that the nose will not look perfectly balanced. The average cost of this procedure is $6,026.79.



Many of the men who seek this procedure are in their thirties. The beer belly has begun to creep in and they want it gone, fast! In this procedure, the surgeon simply inserts a tube into a localized area of the body where there are deposits of fat. After that, the tube is used to suck out the fat until the area is flat and shapely. One of the risks of this procedure is bleeding and fluid loss. However, it has the advantage of being capable of removing a large amount of fat at a time. The procedure costs from $2,628.37 to 47,112.06.

Surgery for the Eyelids

Man's eye

This is sought by many men who begin to develop large bags under the eyes. They are normally in their late 40s and 50s. Their skin has just began to sag under the eyelids so they go and request the surgeon to cut open the skin under the lower eyelid and remove the excess fat. The surgeon also trims the skin so it lies taut over the cheekbones giving the client a youthful look. This procedure can also be done on the upper eyelid. If you have both eyelids done, you will pay a total of $6481.25.

Ear Repositioning

Ear and hand

Also known as Otoplasty, this is a procedure where the shape of the ear is adjusted using surgical means. It is quite fashionable among men in their twenties. If a man has ears that stick out too much, this is the ideal procedure for him. The surgeon uses non-removable stitches or cartilage from another part of the body to hold the ears closer to the skull. For $2,738.14, one can get this procedure performed. Older men may want ear procedures that alter their look or make hearing aids more concealed and comfortable too.

A Facelift or neck-lift

portrait of a man stretching out his cheeks

Believe it or not this is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure among men. Many of them are in their 40s and 50s. By this age, they often have droopy cheeks and neck skin too. The skin has lost its elasticity resulting in the droopy look. For those who have this problem, a face and neck lift is the ideal solution.

The surgeon simply makes incisions along the problem areas. After that, they suction any unsightly fat deposits in the neck or the face. Finally they trim away the excess skin before stitching it back on. Fat can be moved under the neck to various places around the jaws so as to sculpt a perfect jawline. After the procedure, the man can look up to 10 years younger. These procedures can be done for $7,130.61.

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