The 5 best alternatives to eyebrow tattooing


For those who are not satisfied with their natural eyebrows, eyebrow tattooing is one of the most popular or common solutions. This process involves pigmentation of the brow line and is a permanent commitment.  Besides this, it also poses certain risks and health hazards that some people may not be comfortable with. If you too are someone who has sparse or thin brows and are looking for an alternative to eyebrow tattooing, then the following is a list of the top 5 options.

  1. Artificial eyebrows

False or artificial eyebrows are a better solution than eyebrow tattooing since they are temporary or semi permanent in nature and produce an impressive outcome. Products like WUNDERBROW work amazingly by making eyebrows appear darker, thicker and fuller. They are hair like fibers whichare applied to existing brow hair and look 100% natural. It is a safe solution which does not cause any side effects and also sticks in strongly.

  1. Eyebrow pencil/pen

Another easy, cheap and better alternative to eyebrow tattooing is eyebrow pencil/pen.  Most eyebrow pencils these days are waterproof and give you flexibility to draw or darken your brows the way you like. Thus you can enhance their shape and colour according to your preference without facing any side effects or complications.

Young woman applying eyebrow pencil

  1. Eyebrow transplants

Eyebrow transplant is an invasive procedure which too works as an alternative to eyebrow tattooing but works very effectively.  It involves sedation and then surgical removal of hair and its follicles from just above the ears and then transplanting them to the brow region.  It is a permanent solution but may not pose the problems that eyebrow tattooing can sometimes bring along.

  1. Eyebrow stencils

Eyebrow stencils also make for another effective alternative to eyebrow tattooing. They are reusable and pre shaped coverings which are aligned to the existing brows and then filled in either with eyebrow pencil, powder, pen or mascara.  There are many stencil designs available which can help you achieve exactly the kind of brows that you want.

  1. Eyebrow mascara

Brow mascara is basically a gel like substance which is applied by making use of a brush or a wand through the eyebrows to fill and define the perfect shape. This product adds more enhancements to existing brows and is a pocket friendly solution for the problem of thin brows.

These are the best 5 alternatives to eyebrow tattooing but you can also go for many other methods available on the market these days. WUNDER BROW however is the best, most convenient and most flexible way to make your eyes appear bigger and more beautiful.  The fibers are available in many colors and you can easily match them to the color of your existing brows for the most natural effect. This solution does not cause any pain, rashes or allergies and can be removed off whenever you want. Once fixed, you don’t have to worry about darkening your eyebrows day after day.

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