Why People Lie about Getting Botox

Many people have been getting a new procedure that enhances their features and makes them appear youthful. It also helps with other medical conditions one may have. Although the procedure is so popular and still growing, a lot of people insist on lying about even getting it done. What gives? Why do people lie about getting Botox done?

For the first part, Botox, which is also scientifically known as Botulinum Toxin, is a mostly pain-free procedure that requires shooting a needle into the affected area of one’s skin and paralyzing the muscles underneath at a place like the Therapie Botox Clinic. It paralyzes the muscle by blocking the signals from the muscle to the nerves. When the muscle can no longer make contact with the nerves, it causes wrinkles and lines to relax, and almost visually vanish and disappear.

Botox does not only help with wrinkles and cosmetic procedures, but it also helps with other conditions such as recurring migraines, constant sweating, rapid blinking, and more. If the treatment is so well done and popular, why do a lot of people insist on lying about getting it done in the first place?

People from all over have recently been dashing to many places that offer Botox treatments. Many that get it done to treat wrinkles normally lie about getting a procedure done – even to the point of saying that their smooth face is “all natural” and the wrinkles someone may have seen on them last week was just their “imagination”. Lots of people lie about getting it done as much as a three year old lies about stealing a cookie from the cookie jar and scribbling with crayons on the wall. Those who know that people are constantly lying constantly wonder exactly why they do it. They assume that they are too embarrassed to admit it or too prideful to consider telling the truth.

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Some lie about it because they don’t want people to assume that they are older than their unwrinkled face appears. Others want to look outright younger than their age when they get it done, partially because our society normally praises older people who do not appear to be old. Lots of people are simply embarrassed to confess about getting a beauty treatment carried out.

People generally want to say that they naturally look younger, not that they look younger due to a cosmetic procedure that they’ve gotten injected into their faces and paid for! Some think that if they tell the truth about getting the procedure done, others would look down on them or talk negatively about them as a result. It’s strange and almost taboo about how ridiculously popular the Botox procedure is, yet how hush-hush and silent those who have gotten it are about getting it done in the first place.

Botox is a helpful procedure that helps correct many problems with people, especially those focusing on the facial area. There is no, certain one reason as to why people may lie about getting it done at all. There could be dozens of reasons weighted onto a person’s shoulders as to why they lie about it. For now, the world can only assume if someone who has a generally unwrinkled face is naturally unwrinkled or if they are hiding their own little secret. As to exactly why they lie, the world may never know.


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