Time saving beauty tips that make life easy

by DrPrem Jagyasi

While living a busy life, it is important to save time and utilize it in doing better things. In our buy schedule, it is sometimes difficult to maintain our health and beauty.

If you are working or go to school, you definitely have a busy schedule. For such people, who do not have time for maintaining their beauty, following below listed tips and tricks might help.

Trick to make lipstick last long

applying lipstick

While running late for office and working for whole day, it is not possible to apply lipstick repeatedly. If you like applying lipstick and want it to stick to your lips for long hours, you must wear a lip primer. Just before you put on your lipstick, apply some primer on your lips and then wear lipstick. Following this trick, you do not have to worry about coloring your lips repeatedly.

Use leave in conditioner


When getting ready for office, sometimes we do not have much time to spend on styling. At such times, it is possible to save little time while you are in shower. When taking shower, use a leave in conditioner instead of your regular one. For using it, first wash your hair with shampoo and rinse off. Now apply leave in shampoo and do not wash it. Let it dry on hair and style it the way you want. It will keep hair moisturized for long hours, at least until the time you come back home.

Shower a night before

Use showers for bath

When you know you do not have time to shower next morning, you can save time by taking shower one night before. Next morning you just have to wake up, get ready and go. Moreover, if you take more time applying makeup and choosing your outfit, it is a time saving and good option for such people.

Make hair bun

hair bun

Image Source : Slodive.Com

Choosing an easy and simple up do is great and saves a lot of time when you are running out of time. Making hairstyle is the most complicated task, especially for girls when running late for work or college. For such people making bun is a good option. Just take all your hair in one hand and tie it in a pony. Now just twist your hair, make a bun, and tie it with bobby pins, so that it stays in the place for whole day.

When you want to save your time, make sure you follow these beauty tips. These beauty tips, you can look beautiful and save your time as well.

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