How to Achieve Gorgeous Straight Hair, with No Frizz

Straight hair is a style that is never going to go away entirely. Even today, in the thick of one of the biggest straight-hair trends of recent memory, this look somehow seems timeless. It’s a natural look, but it’s one that is difficult to achieve for many. Naturally, many of us don’t have hair that lays flat. It poofs, puffs, frizzes, bulges, and heaps. You may have a cabinet full of products to help tame the hair-beast, but to no avail. You may think that the straight hair look is unattainable for you. John Frieda Hair Care products are here to tell you different.


If your genetics and hair follicles have left your natural hair taking shape like that of a sagebrush, there is an affordable line of products that are perfect for you. Many products on the market straighten your hair too much. They flatten it, smash it, leave it lank and limp, the opposite of healthful draping. This is not at all what you want. If you’ve had a bad experience with this sort of product, you may not want to invest in another line. Will it work? Will this give you the look of your dreams?


The Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth collection achieves the perfect look every time. It’s because they meet you at every stage of hair care. There are shampoos and conditioners which nourish and tame your hair before you even get out of the shower. There are lotions which you can put in before drying, which activate when you dry with heat in order to give you long straight hair without it having that flat “ironed” look. Finally, there is combable hair spray which sticks with you all day, but leaves your hair touchable and natural looking. Your hair looks and moves like there’s nothing in it. Even though it takes some work, it’s every bit worth it.


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