Some weird beauty tips that actually work

by DrPrem Jagyasi

As many people are habitual of giving advice to other people, some gives good ones while some other comes up with those that are a bit weird. We follow the good ones and just laugh over weird ones. Sometimes, even the weird advices can be helpful. Following are some weird beauty tips, which help in getting rid of many health problems.

Treat acne with ice cubes

Treat acne

While acne is troubling you, treating them becomes easy with ice cubes. Ice cubes are a way of treating acne and pigmentation. Just take ice cubes and rub them on face until they melt. Rub it all over, as it not only cures acne but also make your skin smooth and soft. Moreover, it safeguards your skin against adverse effects of sunburn. In addition, ice cubes make you look younger, as it helps you in getting rid of wrinkles.

Ice cubes are therefore a treat to the face, which makes you look younger getting rid of face problems. Do not follow this method intensively, because over exposure to ice can lead to ice burns and even frost bite. Now that is a mark you definitely don’t want on your face.

Use hot lash curler

beautiful eyelashes

Every girl wants to have those perfectly curly eyelashes. To get one, you must make sure the curler is hot. Curling lashes with hot curler will make your lashes like you ever wanted. Just before you curl them, be sure to heat it little bit, to get curlier and nice eyelashes. For heating your curler, take your hair dryer and blow some hot air on your lash curler, just about five seconds. Do not overheat lash curler, as it can burn your lashes. Just five seconds of heating is enough.

Get rid of bad breath with parsley

bad breath

With the availability of so many mouth fresheners in the market, it is easy to choose one of your choices. Before you choose them for avoiding bad breath, you must know their consequences on health. Most of the mouth fresheners have chemicals, which may affect the health of a person.

Moreover, mouth fresheners being a cosmetic, does not last long. People who want to get rid of bad breath must eat parsley. Just take two or three leaves of parsley and chew it for some time. Parsley is a natural mouth freshener, which will get you rid of bad breath and that too without any side effects on health.

Treat sunburn with tea

Treat sunburn

With the advent of summers, tanning becomes common. Even after saving yourself with sun protecting creams and lotions, you will have burnt skin. To get rid of tanning, you must use tea, not for drinking, but for taking a bath. Taking bath with strong black tea will help in getting rid of the dark and tanned skin, as tea has tannic acid that helps in reducing the swelling and darkness from the skin.

Following weird beauty tips can be a great help sometimes. When people give you some advice, just make sure you do not ignore all of them.