Ways you could be using your hair products wrong

A good hairstyle makes or breaks the complete look. While hair is important to complete the look, one must make sure to take proper care of them. While styling your hair, it is essential that you are doing it rightly.

While using hair products, make sure you know the right way to do it. Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team suggests clever tricks that can prevent your hair from damage and keep it shiny and smooth.

Holding hair in curling iron for long time

curled hair

For getting perfect curls, it is essential to do it the right way. You can damage your hair just by holding it in a hot curling iron for very long time. Continuous heat on the hair can damage it making it rough and frizzy. For lustrous curly hair, make sure you are not holding your hair too long in the curling iron.

Treating hair with wrong shampoo

wrong shampoo

Many people just do not bother about the shampoo they use, every shampoo is the same for them. Knowing hair type and using shampoo that suits your hair is important. Using any shampoo will damage the hair and thus people end up blaming their shampoo for the damage. As people have different types of skins, they need to use a shampoo, which suits their scalp for getting healthy and smooth hair.

Cleaning hair with hot water

lady Cleaning hair with hot water

Many people wash their hair with hot water, which is not good for hair at all. Hot water just damages the strands making them lifeless and dull. For people who want to get rid of split ends and frizzy hair, consider washing hair with cold or Luke warm water. Washing hair with cold water will help in locking moisture of the hair, thus making it more smooth and soft.

Untangling hair with dirty brush

Untangling hair

When you wash your hair, your scalp is quite clean and fresh. And as you untangle your hair with the dirty brush, you are just filling up your scalp with the dirt and dust. Washing your brush while you are bathing is a good idea to keep it clean. When you are going for shower, take your brush along with you and clean it. Next time you comb your hair, just look at the hairbrush, if it is clean or not.

Holding nozzle of hairspray too close to the hair

uing hairspray

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People damage most of their hair while styling, as most of them do it wrong. When you have done styling and putting hairspray to hold your hair, holding its nozzle very close may damage your hair. Hold it 12 inches away and you will get silky and smooth hair.

With the increasing trend of styling hair, people use many hair products. Some of them just do not know the correct way to deal with their hair. When using hair products read the instructions carefully before using it and avoid damaging your hair.

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