Simple tricks for skirting the embarrassing facial hair problem

Facial hair, especially for women is ultimate beauty taboo. Normal facial hair growth in women is not a problem but when the growth exceeds its normal growth rate, it creates a big problem for women to hide them in order to look beautiful.

There are many facial hair removal procedures available but only a few manage to serve the purpose right. Expert partners along with Dr Prem Jagyasi suggests some treatments that seem to be the best when it comes to the removal of facial hair in women:

Use Epilator

Epilator isolated on white background

Facial hair is embarrassing for women but using epilator makes facial hair removal fast and effective. It is a small gadget removes even the smallest facial hair with ease and gives a facial hair free appearance for about 6 weeks. Epilators are available for body hair removal as well but the ones for facial hair removal are different. There are more details found here on facial epilators and how to choose the right one for you.

Wheat bran scrubs

Wheat bran scrubs

Wheat bran is the remaining product after you refine wheat grain. Very healthy it is, as it is full of nutrients required by our body and it is an effective remedy for facial hair removal. You can make a number of facial scrubs with wheat bran and remove unwanted facial hair without harming your skin in any way.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment

Laser treatment has become a popular name for permanent hair removal. As every hair removal method has some advantages and disadvantages, the laser treatment also has some risks but there is no match to its ability for removing hair permanently.

It is an expensive treatment, which is why it has not become a mainstream treatment. If you decide going for laser hair removal treatment, ensure you choose a clinic that has a good reputation and has expert doctors in this field.

Oat Meal Scrub

Oatmea, milkl and brush on white background

Oatmeal scrub has a grainy texture that helps exfoliate skin pretty well. Oatmeal when used as a facial scrub offers significant benefits to your skin including hair removal. You mix some honey, turmeric, lemon juice drops to oatmeal powder, and a perfect facial hair removal is ready to be used. This pack hydrates your skin, bleach your hair, and removes them as well, leaving your facial skin smooth, soft, and glowing.

Our facial skin is the most sensitive as compared to the overall skin on our body so whenever you pick a facial hair removal method, check for its associated risks and then only decide.

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