Things you need to know before you dye your hair

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Chemical Processing

Beautiful and attractive multi-colored hair is the hottest fashion trend now. Girls with amazing rainbow colored hair can be found everywhere on the social networking websites such as Instagram and Facebook. These colors are attractive and beautiful. If you too plan to dye your hair latest, you should first keep the things listed below in mind. These are important things that should not be overlooked before you finally color your hair.

  1. Investigate in detail

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Before you give it a call, it is very necessary to find a professional colorist who would dye your hair. You can search and find about your colorist’s clients on the internet and social websites. It is important that you choose a color that perfectly complements you and your style. It should be such that it goes well with your natural skin color. Simply copying others is going to do you no good.

  1. Share your hair history

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In order to have a long lasting and perfect hair color your stylist needs to know how and when you would visit the salon for touch ups and what kind of look and color are you desirous of, your styling routine and your current hair products. This would help him suggest and plan the best for you.

  1. Go with dirty hair


It is suggested that you go to the salon with your second or third day washed hair so as to avoid damage caused due to bleach.

  1. Virgin hair

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Hair that has not been colored is best to give a new color since they are healthier and these makes dyeing easy.

  1. Use darker colors

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If you want to color you hair and if its your first time, you should go for darker hair colors as the process is less damaging than that required to color on lighter shades.

  1. Find the right product

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Your hair product should be such that it does not damage your skin. It is suggested that people with sensitive skin should use foam based products since they do not drip on the face and the forehead.

  1. Stay away from the pool

Three Women Having Party In Swimming Pool Drinking Champagne

We know playing in the pool is the most enjoyable thing for you ladies which you should avoid doing immediately after coloring your hair. It is because the chlorine in the water will strip away the hair color. Sit on the side and enjoy from being away for at least two weeks after dyeing.

Coloring your hair is although a very fashionable trend, but it can cause some damage. Here are some ideas to keep your locks safe.

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